It’s over for Jeff Otah with the Jets


When the Panthers traded former first-round draft pick Jeff Otah to the Jets for a seventh-round pick, both sides agreed that the deal would only be finalized if Otah could pass a physical within a week. Now that week has passed, and Otah hasn’t passed, and so the trade is off.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets won’t be keeping Otah, an offensive tackle who has played only four games in the last two seasons because of knee injuries.

The Jets had hoped that Otah would be capable of competing with Wayne Hunter for the starting job at right tackle, but with Otah now gone from New York, Hunter will remain the starter on the right side.

For now, the Panthers have the rights to Otah, but if he can’t pass a physical, it’s not clear what kind of future he has. At just 26 years old, a player who once looked like he had a promising NFL future may be done.

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  1. A far too common occurence at every level of the sport. The human knee just wasn’t designed to play football.

  2. Otah made a huge impact while he was with The Jets! Rumor has it that he ate all the donuts BEFORE Ryan arrived for their normal team morning breakfast.

  3. What a shame. Otah could have been Hall of Fame if it weren’t for those unfortunate knee injuries. He was something to watch when he was healthy enough to play.

    I wish him success in life after football.

  4. I was really stoked thinking the Steelers would draft Otah. That seems to have worked out well for them.

  5. Mario Williams, Mark Anderson, Shawne Merriman will dominate the Jets tackles especially with a 2nd year Dareus and healthy K Williams in the middle.

  6. I remember the Eagles we’re seriously considering drafting Otah at #19 . Thank God they traded the Panthers that pick . It’s a shame when player’s that talented can’t get healthy . This guy’s lucky that he was drafted before that new CBA . He should be able to eat off of that signing bonus for the rest of his life

  7. ehhh I know the odds are against him but a 7th rounder could be a risk worth taking, the guy’s knee COULD be injury free….it’s unlikely but could be worth a pick used on players that usually carry around jock straps

  8. Hate to see any player forced out by injury, maybe he can heal up and play later on.
    Oh, by the way Jets fans, welcome to the Sporano offensive line magic show. It’s a curse, happy you have him now?

  9. “He should be able to eat off of that signing bonus for the rest of his life”

    If you’ve seen him recently, it’s apparent that he’s doing just that.

  10. This guy didn’t have the burning desire all the great players have. He seemed to be happy just being able to go to the club or just be able to tell ordinary people, “I play in the NFL.”

    The most appropriate next step for him is to go into broadcasting and be paired with Ron Pitts. He can gorge himself on the press box buffet and follow up Pitts and his mindles “I played in the NFL” play-by-play with similar color commentary:

    Pitts: “And the pass is complete for a first down, tackle by the safety. Hey, I played in the NFL, and I was a safety.”

    Otah: “Excellent protection by the line, Ron. You know, I played in the NFL too – I was a lineman.”

  11. Too bad for a talented player to get injured so soon in his career. Hope he saved some of that signing bonus.

  12. here’s a player who according to his panther teammates, never took rehab serious.he did not spend a lot of time in the training room the last couple of years to rehab that knee. however, you could almost be certain to find him in a charlotte nightclub 2-3 times aweek….well the panthers may not be happy to have him back, but I guarantee every pizza joint in town is.

  13. I went to high school with this guy and I’m not at all surprised. Our high school was a military style boarding school where all you had to do was follow orders and life was easy. Otah was lazy, he missed class all of the time, his shoes were never shined and his uniform was always dirty, he was insubordinate and he never put out during strength training/conditioning. He was literally just a massive guy who could push people around on the field and that only works up to a certain level.

  14. Otah Got No Motah…….
    Who will be the next candidate in operation ‘Wayne Down The Dwain’????

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