Jason Babin reportedly out 2-3 weeks after MRI on calf

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Eagles DE Jason Babin finally expelled his thermometer pill, allowing him to take an MRI on his strained calf Monday.

According to Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com, the MRI showed a second degree strain of the calf that will keep Babin out of the lineup for two or three weeks. That’s a bit longer than the initial diagnosis of a week, but it shouldn’t greatly impact Babin’s readiness for the season.

It could impact his ability to play in the second and third preseason games, however. Those games are scheduled for August 20th and 24th, the outer edge of the period that Babin is expected to miss and it is always risky for a player to try for a quick return from a muscle strain that could get worse if the original injury hasn’t fully healed.

The good news on that front is that Babin probably doesn’t need much time to get himself ready to go for the regular season. He played all 16 games in this defense last season and his spot in the starting lineup is totally secure. The rotation behind him isn’t set, however, so the Eagles can use Babin’s absence to take extended looks at players like Brandon Graham as they try to set up their season-opening depth chart.

3 responses to “Jason Babin reportedly out 2-3 weeks after MRI on calf

  1. As opportune as an injury can be since it
    a) keeps him fresh
    b) gives more reps to guys that need to prove themselves or learn the system

  2. I know it’s early but Brandon Graham is beasting up at Lehigh right now . Now let’s see if this guy can stay healthy get to the Quarterback once September rolls around

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