Jerry Jones, Dez Bryant finally talk


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may still be “pissed” at receiver Dez Bryant.  But Jones is no longer too “pissed” to talk to the third-year wideout.

According to the Associated Press, Jones said Tuesday that he and Bryant spoke extensively for the first time since Bryant’s recent arrest for allegedly assaulting his mother.

The Cowboys have yet to make Bryant available for interview.  At some point, the league likely will tell the Cowboys and/or Bryant that media availability isn’t optional.

Jones may be angry not only at Bryant but also at himself.  Burned by the decision not to roll the dice with Randy Moss back in 1998, Jones went the other way with Bryant a dozen years later, taking a risk on a player who has generated plenty of headlines for off-field issues since entering the league.

I’ll ask Jones about the Bryant situation and other Cowboys-related issues when he joins The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday.  The show airs from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ET on more than 270 radio stations, on DirecTV’s Audience network, on various regional sports networks, and at

31 responses to “Jerry Jones, Dez Bryant finally talk

  1. Jerry Jones, Dez Bryant finally talk

    Did they stop to talk at the Glory Hole?

  2. Bryant hit his mom. What exactly do you say to a guy who is such a bag of issues that he tore into his own mother…

    Every time I read that I am shocked at how Jones has this guys back…

    “yeah but you have to look past the repeated domestic violence and abuse of his own mother he really is a stand up guy just misunderstood.”

    Certain things you don’t get to balance out. Beating up your own mom is on that list… I’m sorry but Jones needs to come out and make sure we all understand he has no tolerance for this kind of stuff otherwise the guy is an enabler.

    This has nothing to do with wanting the cowboys to win or not, it has to do with enabling a repeat offender. Playing football is a privilege and not a right. You represent the league as well as your team with your actions on and off the field (fair or unfair). A guy like Bryant doesn’t stop until there are serious consequences, and unless Jones ensures there are some how much more is he gonna let happen? Broken bones? The guy is out of control….

  3. Can we officially squash the whole America’s team nonsense already, only ones outside Texas who care are old bandwagoners from the 90’s… every year that they inevitably choke is quite satisfying for the whole country

  4. Well, there goes any hint of cleverness with my previous comment. The comments were blank before I wrote…if I had known that everyone before me wrote something about “glory holes” I would’ve kept quiet!

  5. As a leader, don’t you think Jerry should have talked to Dez right after it happened. Wouldn’t you want all the facts first?

  6. Dez found out his mom was on the other side of Jerry’s glory hole and had to take matters into his own hands.

  7. Ha ha ha! Jerry Jones is the new Al Davis. I actually have a little sympathy for Cowboy fans. They have no chance to win diddly jack until Jones goes.

  8. @firedup1

    You are right, that’s what any great leader would do. However, one must question the who really leads the them. So, that answers that. But then of course it’s “America’s Team” and no person shall question ol’ wise Jones.

  9. Personally, I’m not a Cowboys fan…

    However, if I were, and I lived in Texas (which I do) it would piss me off that the Cowboys hold training camp in California, granted, they’ve done it for a long time, but maybe the fans in DFW or San Antonio would like to see their team in camp ?

    Just always got on my nerves, most Californians hate Texas anyway..

  10. firedup1 says: Jul 31, 2012 11:21 PM

    As a leader, don’t you think Jerry should have talked to Dez right after it happened. Wouldn’t you want all the facts first?

    Nah, bro. Ask Jimmy about that.

  11. So Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant shared the same glory hole while discussing his mom. Thats forked up son. Is it gay to use the same glory hole your friend just usedor does it only matter what is on the other side?

  12. Hopefully a Cowboys hater shows up soon to make a glory hole joke, but not just a run of the mill joke, something funny about Jerry’s gloryhole and Romo the choke artist, that would be grand… Grand and original.

  13. Personally, I never bought into the whole “America’s Team” thing with the Dallas Cowboys. I think it was the cheerleaders that helped create that more than the team.

    The Cowboys are a franchise in such disarray that it is like watching a train wreck unfold. Jerry Jones is the Matt Millen of owners.

  14. Tony Romo “choked” when Jerrah told him about Dez’s glory hole and that Rob Ryan asured Jerrah that his defense would be able to “hold ’em down” when the time came.

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