Jets need “monster” year from Shonn Greene


The Jets plan to re-emphasize the “Ground and Pound” offense in 2012.  But they’ll need running backs who won’t allow themselves to be pounded into the ground.

More specifically, they’ll need Shonn Greene to have a career year.

I’m asking for a monster season,” running backs coach Anthony Lynn told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “I think he’s one of the best power backs in the game.  Why wouldn’t you?”

And there’s no better time to have a career year than a contract year.  Greene will be a free agent in March — unless, of course, he gets an extension or ends up on the short end of the franchise tag.

Lynn says Greene was “frustrated as hell” last year as the offense strayed from “Ground and Pound” to “Chuck and Duck.”  Unlike receiver Santonio Holmes, however, Green didn’t “Piss and Moan.”

“I said, ‘Whatever y’all need me to do, I’m going to do,” Greene told Mehta. “This a team sport.  Nobody should be selfish.  Whatever we got to do to win games, that’s what everybody should do.”

Greene still had 253 carries last season, along with 30 touches via receptions.  Lynn said that he believes Greene knows he’ll get the ball between 300 and 350 times in 2012.

So will this be the breakout year for a guy who showed promise in the 2009 postseason but whose career high is only 1,054 yards rushing?

“If I knew, I’d be in Vegas,” Lynn said. “But we sure plan on it happening this year.”

If it happens, Santonio Holmes likely won’t be happy.  And he likely won’t keep quiet about it.

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  1. Shonn Greene is 26 and only been in the league for 3 seasons – sorry if he didnt get 1500 yards in a season yet Florio but he is a good runner and this year will be the year to show what he really is gonna be. He will never be Barry Sanders but I think he can be a good NFL back in the new NFL that doesnt have many feature backs

  2. If Greene goes down cuz of all those touches they plan on this year, just give Timothy the rock and watch him part the seas

  3. Stay clear of Big 10 RB’s. There haven’t been many that have become impact players over the last 10-15 years. Shonne Green was the top Big 10 runner last year, and he was ranked 13. They just don’t play with a lot of speed in the ground game up there. That’s something yo gotta have for the NFL.

  4. Defenses will crowd the line to force your (insert crappy QB here) to throw the ball. Good luck…

    Jets will be lucky to be a .500 team this year. Writing is on the wall Sexy Rexy.

  5. Jets season is shaping up to be a disaster. Greene had a great playoff game three years ago. He is not who you build a offense around, unfair to him. His o line better at pass blocking. His qb situation gets them on sports center but please neither getting u the ring. 7 wins and adios to Rex and Sanchez

  6. “I think he’s one of the best power backs in the game. Why wouldn’t you?”


    Why? Just look at the Stats. The statistics prove that Greene was one of the worst power backs in the league. His yards after contact was one of the worst in the league. His Elusiveness rating was very low. This is why the Jets used him so little as a short yardage back lat year.

    Greene is a one speed, with little direction change and who is unable to see holes very well. He has some explosiveness but its just straight line. But the most disturbing thing about Greene is goes down to easily when contacted. He is in his contract year so we should see the best he has but he is a mediocre back that could not start on many teams.

    The Jets have a lot of backs with issue but promise. McKnight added some weight during the offseason and has looked good so far. Can he run between the tackles and get over his fumble problems?

    Powell after being invisible all last year has had a very impressive start to camp. The rookie

    Ganaway is big and stong with some moves and is the favorite for the short yardage role. Of these 4 one will hopefully emerge and have a good season.

    But I doubt any of these backs will make up for the production of LT. LT he had 42 receptions for 450 yards last year and was the Jets best blocking back serving as the teams 3rd down back. The Jets really need 1-2 of these guys to step up this year.

  7. i’m a biased jets fan but i think greene will have a solid season. why? mangold and slauson should be healthy after dealing with injuries all year, bounce back season for dbrickashaw, and an OC who is not trying to wow everyone with the most sophisticated offense in the history of the league.

    oh, and btw greene averaged over 4.6 yards per carry the last 10 games of the 2011 season.

  8. With only one WR and a QB that regressed last year Shonne’s going to get a lot of attention. It’ll be tough for him to do anything without any threat to throw.

  9. I’m a Jets fan and I believe Shonn is one of the worst starting RB’s in the league. Lacks any sort of lateral quickness or explosion you see in the elite backs. He gets what’s there and nothing more. For a “power back” he doesn’t really get tough yards. I’ve wanted to buy into the hype but I’ve finally realized he’s just not that good.

    And he’s not a very good receiving back. It would help Sanchez a lot if he could check down to a RB instead of forcing passes in there that aren’t open. Look how many of Flacco’s completions are to Rice. Sanchez doesn’t have that luxury.

  10. No running back has ever had success playing with the JETS current backup qb. Not in high school. Not at Florida. Not in Denver. If that guy gets on the field, Shonn Greene can kiss his incentive bonuses goodbye. You can look it up if you don’t believe me.

  11. barry foster led the conference in rushing playing behind a run-first offense and a stellar o-line.

    stephen davis analogy might be more accurate.

  12. In a league where the rules are all in favor of high powered offenses and passing; the Jets hired Tony Sparano to be their offensive coordinator.

    So funny

  13. you actually need the threat of a qb that can complete passes to make the run game go. so sorry jets fans, but niether guy under center will strike fear in the opponent.the wildcat is a gimmick that can be used a little , but defence coaches are aware and ready. sounds like 7-9 and goodbye rex and/or sanchez.

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