Marvin Lewis gets a contract extension

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Marvin Lewis might not be a big fan of Twitter, but he seems to like life as the head coach of the Bengals.

The Bengals announced Tuesday that they have come to terms on a contract extension with Lewis that will run through the 2014 season. Lewis became the longest-tenured coach in franchise history by leading the team for a ninth season in 2011 and he’d be just the 13th coach since the NFL-AFL merger to spend 12 years with the same team if he remains in charge through 2014.

Lewis has compiled a 69-77-1 record during his time with the Bengals, a record that’s less impressive than the fact that he’s just the second coach in franchise history to lead the team to three playoff appearances. Lewis has also won two division titles, something that only Paul Brown and Sam Wyche have done with the team. Assuming he doesn’t get fired before the end of this season, Lewis will also pass Dennis Green for the longest tenure with one team by any African-American coach.

The Bengals have stressed continuity this offseason by giving extensions to coordinators Jay Gruden and Mike Zimmer as well. Lewis said Tuesday that he was relieved and flattered to have the extension out of the way, but also said that he knows there’s still work to do in Cincinnati.

“One thing hangs over my head. That’s to win a championship,” Lewis said.

If Lewis pulls that off, it will be one more piece of Bengals history for him to call his own.

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  1. @greasybeerfart says:
    Jul 31, 2012 12:33 PM
    “Must be tough being a Bengals fan.”

    It is.

    Almost as tough as being a Browns fan. The only difference is that you’re never completely sure the Bengals will fail, but with the Browns…

  2. They should have cleaned house a long time ago… Last year was a good\lucky rebound. They should make Gruden or Zimmer head coach and get rid of Lewis and his jailhouse ways.

  3. Dave Shula 19 – 52
    Bruce Coslet 21 – 39
    Dick LeBeau 12 – 33

    Years coached: 1992-2002
    Playoff appearances combined: 0

    I’ll take 3 playoff appearances over none in that same time frame. Let’s not forget, this is the Bengals we’re talking about. It takes a really good coach to get this team to the playoffs when you’ve got Mike Brown as an owner.

  4. Only 3 losing seasons out of 9 and 2 of those were 4 win seasons that’s why he has the losing record, idiots need to do their homework. The Bengals are so much better off right now than 20 NFL teams. So haters keep it up because you wish your team is where the bengals are at and going.

  5. You gotta give props to Brown. He is working on stability, made the playoffs, has drafted well recently. Got rid of the jokes like Chad Johnson, the other receiver with the long name and short game, replaced Carson Palmer, and put together a tough defense.

    I say hats off to Brown despite all the BS criticism he has to listen to. Good job.

  6. Now we know part of the reason why Carson Palmer wanted out. 9 years of failure and he gets rewarded, wow. I can hear Mike Brown say, ” i don’t care if we win, I’ll just sign this guy because he’s the best i feel I can get at a bargain basement price. ”
    I’m glad I’m a Ravens fan.

  7. If you knew what Lewis has to deal with you’d realize he’s actually a pretty good coach. It’d be like trying to do surgery with handcuffs on.

  8. I like someones comment about really good drafting by the “GM”. lol They must not know this franchise. Marvin is a mediocre coach at best. He’ll never get this team over the hump to win a playoff game let alone go to the super bowl. Marvin, however, would make a great GM I think. Promote Zimmer to HC and put Marvin upstairs and see what we do then. I bet things only get better from there.

  9. Talk about getting the maximum with the minimum talent…..this guy should of been fired years ago

  10. Why does anyone think he’s a good coach? So because the owners haven’t been competent enough to hire a good coach in the past, and next to those past failures he looks good, that makes him good? No. This guy has done nothing. The bengals are one of the most made fun of clubs in the NFL. They’re one of the least disciplined clubs next to the Lions, and Marvin Lewis always looks like he’s lost faith in almost every interview.

    I feel especially bad for the fans, and judging by some of the responses here I’d say the team is doing good at brainwashing them. If your team has historically been bad, and you find a guy who makes them mediocre, you don’t treat him like some kind of savior. He has done absolutely nothing for this club except make them mediocre. It’s an improvement based on what the Bengals fans are used to, but that doesn’t make it a good thing. Do you think he’d still be in Pittsburgh coaching this way? New York? New England? Dallas?

    Simply put, I defy anyone to tell me why he’s a good enough coach to hold a job for 9 years. Mediocrity, even though it’s an improvement over just plain bad, is nothing to celebrate or reward anyone for.

  11. terraj35 says: “very good drafting by the gm IMO”

    Owner Mike Brown is the so-called GM of the Bengals, giving his HC major input & oversight while holding final say. Lewis is actually the de facto GM (with the position coaches doing the bulk of the college scouting in tandem with the Tobins), having imported the Baltimore personnel/draft template when the Bengals first hired him.

    robert831 says: “get rid of Lewis and his jailhouse ways”

    Mike “the Redeemer”Brown’s most obvious influence on personnel is his long-standing commitment to collecting questionable character draft sliders & problem children, which subsequently casts Lewis into a reluctant Father Marvflanagan role. This extends all the way back to the Bengals’ inaugural season when Paul Brown’s rookie starting RB Jess Phillips (their 4th round draft pick) made the opening day lineup a couple of months out of a Michigan prison for bad checks … Brown is the one with the “jailhouse ways”.

  12. I agree with bengalsucker. I’m happy that he turned the franchise around but he is a very mediocre coach. Especially because both his clock management and replay reviews are absolutely terrible.

  13. “Brown is historically reluctant to fire personnel after multiple losing seasons. His first hire as head coach, David Shula, lost fifty games faster than any NFL coach in history (69 games). Shula’s successor, Bruce Coslet, resigned with a 21-39 record in 2000; Brown had yet to fire him. Current head coach Marvin Lewis has three winning seasons out of nine in Cincinnati, three playoff appearances, and a 78-79-1 regular season record (0-3 playoff record). Nevertheless, Brown agreed to extend Lewis’ contract shortly after its expiration at the end of the 2010 season.”

  14. Why would the browns or ravens be happy about this move? Since Marvin has been around, both teams have a losing record against the bengals. We still haven’t beat the steelers consistently, but it is only a matter of time. One of the youngest teams in the NFL will only get better.

  15. You would think you could get a better coach for that money, but Mike Brown is so cheap he wouldn’t pay for the airfare to interview them

  16. Personally, I’d like to see Brown bring David Shula back. It was fun watching him on the verge of tears before, during, and after every game.

  17. The Bengal Haters need to keep in mind that Marvin Lewis was one of the most sought after coordinators having lead the ravens defense to a Super Bowl. Brown knows he’s at fault for what he gave Lewis to work with. Despite all of the handicaps that Brown saddled Marvin with, even I realize (and I’m a Bengal fan going back to the Virgil Carter days in 1970), nobody and I mean nobody of substance will coach in Cincinnati. So to the haters, I get it, Marvin is the best coach actually willing to coach the Bengals by choice.

  18. Who is Cleveland’s coach, again?

    It’s so hard to keep track nowadays. Different one every two years.

    Oh, but I remember. It’s that monotone, shows no emotion, helpless looking PAT SHURMUR!!!


    Get a life, Cleveland fans.

    Did you know the Benagls are 1 of 10 teams in the NFL to make the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years?

    How have you done?

    They are also 1 of 15 teams in the NFL to make it 3 out of the last 7 years.

    Don’t forget, yeah Marvin’s only taken them to the playoffs 3 out of 9 years, but look at the other 6 years. 4 out of those 6 they were very competitive and in the playoff hunt til week 17.

    So from 2003-2011, they’ve had 2 bad years.


    (2008: 4-11-1 and 2010: 4-12).

    When’s the last time you’ve been competitive?

  19. It’s not hard to figure out. Marvin may not be a great coach, but he’s dragged the Bengals to the playoffs a few times. Anyone with a better track record than that has options and isn’t going to work for Mike Brown.

  20. Yeah…Ravens fans saying that the AFC North is celebrating. It wouldn’t be your team, Marvin has a career winning record against you.

    Also I’m not even going to argue anymore. WHen the articles were about Lewis not having a new deal yet, I argued. Now he has it, nothing to argue about. He’s the coach like it or not. And he’s going to show everyone in this season and beyond.

  21. look raisens fans last time your team made it to the superbowl he coach your D now you ppl try to talk trash on him……I think you guys realize you need him to coach them. good job for lewis he is a good coach and he impressed me last season with a rookie qb and a lockout and go to the playoffs. that’s impressive. it took the brown family to catch up with technology but there putting along. I guess we’ll find out raisen fans week one on Monday who dey are

  22. Shula, Coslet, LeBeau combined in the 11 seasons between Wyche and Lewis: 52-124, .295., 0 division titles, 0 playoff appearances.

    Lewis in 9 seasons digging us out of the hole that was the debacle of the previous decade: 69-77-1, .469, 2 division titles, 3 playoff appearances.

    He’s already 17 victories ahead of his predecessors with 2 less seasons coached, and he has them bested by 3 playoff appearances. By the time he coaches 2 more years he could well be close or over .500, with 5 playoff appearances and perhaps that elusive playoff win or two…or five would be fine with me. We’ll have to see what happens, but I don’t think a couple 10-6 or 11-5 seasons coupled with a playoff win or two is too far of a stretch of the imagination at this point.

  23. I clearly disagree with the concept that Marvin Lewis must win a SuperBowl in order to be considered a very successful Head Coach in Cincinnati. I hate using ‘IFs’ , but this example may be a decent exception. IF Coach Lewis had pulled off a SuperBowl win very early in his stay (2003-2005), I really don’t think that the over all culture would have changed. Mike Brown would have been convinced that his Owner Philosophy would not need adjusting. Cincinnati’s SuperBowl ‘Win’ would have been considered a fluke by most. And the locker room ‘Soap Opera Culture’ would continue. Coach Lewis would have a very difficult time…impossible time changing the relationship between he and Mr. Brown. Dysfunction would continue, Marvin Lewis would leave, and the madness would continue.
    Marvin Lewis has already been successful in this franchise. He has truly made ‘Cultural Changes’ that has the ability to produce ‘Dynasty-like’ products every season. I think that 2012 is the beginning of “..The Bengal Way..” era. A proud era. I also don’t see the Steelers or Ravens changing philosophies, either. This will make practically all roads to the SuperBowl in the AFC go through the AFC North. (Cleveland needed to change ownership, etc.) This division will host an era of a Trifecta rivalry not seen in the NFL. The games will be off the charts…especially after the Bengals win the SuperBowl…This Season.

  24. to all Raven fans ripping on Marvin Lewis……

    Have you knuckle-heads forgotten that this is the same Coach Lewis that coached your ‘all-universe’ defence to your Superbowl win ?

    yeah, thought so……

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