Ryan Mathews injured after causing two-car accident


Chargers running back Ryan Mathews got off to a slow start last year when he failed to pass a conditioning test.

This year, there’s another early obstacle to overcome.

According to Debbi Baker of U-T San Diego, Mathews suffered “minor injuries,” in a two-vehicle collision.

According to the California Highway Patrol report, Mathews was entering Interstate 8 when he lost control of his BMW and hit another vehicle. He was taken to a hospital after complaining of pain. The CHP said speed was a factor in the accident, but no one in the other car was injured.

Mathews was poised to have a breakout year, after finishing with 1,091 yards in 14 games last year. With Mike Tolbert gone to the Panthers, he was expecting a heavier workload, and said earlier this month he was “about to blow it away.”

Hopefully, he recovers in time to do so, and doesn’t throw away a golden opportunity.

17 responses to “Ryan Mathews injured after causing two-car accident

  1. He’ll miss a practice or two. Hopefully, he’s learned to slow the heck down.

    How sad that I’m thinking, “Well, at least he wasn’t drunk.”

  2. Yea because car accidents never happen on accident.. wasn’t like he was accused of doing anything wrong get off his back..

  3. arent they in training camp, so they shouldnt be allowed to leave, like hey used to do in the old days, hope everyone involved is ok

  4. Lance Briggs all over again…but the good news is it was only a BMW, not a Lamborghini….

  5. holy crap, lay off the kid. sounds like he was just driving a bit too fast getting on the 8, which he’d need to do to get home from training camp. lighten up, it’s not like it was 4am and he was drunk but you’d never know from most of these comments. look in the mirror before trolling the dude.

    glad matthews and the other drivers/passengers came out safely. hope this doesn’t derail his season.

  6. Unless he did something stupid to follow suit of some other NFL miscreants, and thusfar there’s nothing that says he did, this shouldn’t even be a story. Minor traffic accidents happen all day/night all over the place. Because he “works” for the NFL, this is a story? I guess I missed the story of the brain surgeon who jaywalked last May or the astronaut who had a fender bender last Feb. or the police chief who was in a minor accident just last week. sheesh…PLEASE, regular season, START ALREADY!!!

  7. gregm5s7 says: Jul 31, 2012 5:18 PM

    What a fool. This isn’t high school, brah.
    Then why are you saying “brah”?

  8. Wait a minute folks. I think the real person to blame is Arnold. If anyone lives or has lived in SD then you know the roads are “Jacked Up” (Key Shaun Johnson voice). So we can’t blame the BMW, or Matthews, I blame the Govanator!!!!

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