Schwartz says he wasn’t criticizing McCarthy


The Lions and Packers finally can confine their rivalry to the football field, and not the shooting range.

Coach Jim Schwartz says that he never meant to say anything bad about the Packers and their decision to skip a day of OTAs in order to go skeet shooting.

“We had no sporting clays today or no amusement parks or water parks,” Schwartz originally said.

Though we didn’t present Schwartz’s remarks as a slight against the Packers, who went skeet shooting, someone took it that way, prompting coach Mike McCarthy to respond.

“I don’t know what the problem with skeet shooting is; I thought that was probably one of the best events we’ve ever had here. . . . I actually got a chuckle out of hearing someone else worried about us taking our team skeet shooting,” McCarthy said.

Schwartz has now responded to the, um, response.

“You know what’s really funny?” Schwartz said Tuesday, via Anwar Richardson of  “I had no idea that it was even that.  I had players who were saying, ‘Hey coach, somebody went skeet shooting.  Somebody went to a water park.  You know what’s really funny? [Lions P.R. chief Bill] Keenist sent me that article, and the day that article came out, you know what I was doing?  Skeet shooting.  I thought that was the funniest thing.”

Schwartz ultimately wasn’t offended by McCarthy’s response.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Schwartz said.

The broader point is whether it makes sense, with decreased offseason workouts, to sacrifice one of only 10 OTA days for a team-building exercise.  The fact that McCarthy would and Schwartz wouldn’t possibly suggests that one guy is loose (winning a Super Bowl tends to do that) and the other guy is a little tight.  Or maybe Schwartz didn’t feel the need to reward a team with players who have created off-field issues this year.

Or maybe, given those off-field issues, Schwartz didn’t want to put guns in some of his players’ hands.

18 responses to “Schwartz says he wasn’t criticizing McCarthy

  1. Great line at the end about the guns… hilarious. The Lions are like the Snooky of the NFL. All their press is about how drunk/high/stupid they are. HA!!!!

  2. Schwartz seems so uptight over nothing and a bit jealous of McCarthy. His passive-aggressive comments speak to this. And stop with the tough guy act … Jim Harbaugh already exposed you for being soft. Worry about fixing that horrid secondary and your team’s disciplinary issues.

  3. McCarthy has done this with every one of his teams….bowling, home run hitting contest, paintball….just a way to blow off some steam and have some fun during the dog days of camp.

  4. Keep that hate coming people. Relevance isn’t always a bad thing. Can’t wait for NFC North football so we can put all this petty gossip behind us!

  5. The only thing the Lions are gunning for is another playoff birth. Once a team is in the tournament, anything can and does happen.

  6. Well I thought it was a good article until the very last dumb comment that you made. I mean seriously, we have 1 player that has an off field issue involving a gun and is no longer there, and you make a comment like that about the other 90 players on the team. but yet you can have a player beats the heck out of his own mother and not make any remarks on that. go ahead make mistakes you all did last year, you kicked us around and underestimated us at every turn, go ahead get a big head and go to sleep on us again this year and see what happens.

  7. It strikes me that the phrase, “You know what’s really funny?” is mostly used by angry people with no sense of humor.

  8. “Schwartz has now responded to the, um, response.” – Florio

    um, no he didn’t respond to McCarthy’s response. He responded to a reporters question. You see how you all twist things?

    “Or maybe, given those off-field issues, Schwartz didn’t want to put guns in some of his players’ hands.” – Florio

    Seriously? I think you you know how silly that comment was, don’t you? What do any of the current Lion players have to do with guns??? Berry was an issue and he is now gone. Nice picture you are trying to paint. smh

  9. Wait…days off to go to a freaking WATER PARK? A WATER PARK???? Please, someone give me a job where I go to a few OTAs, a training camp, and work 4 days a week from September -December for many millions a year. I promise I won’t ask to go to a water park, or skeet shooting, or Disney World. I swear.

  10. “Though we didn’t present Schwartz’s remarks as a slight against the Packers…”

    sure you did. You guys write anything negative you can against Detroit so the loudmouth Bear and Niner fans crawl out from under their rocks and make ridiculous comments.

  11. My take on Schwartz comment was, the Packers are stupid for wasting a training day by playing games. I think Lombardi started it years ago by having the team go bowling. I guess it’s each coach to his own. I imagine Schwartz wishes he’d kept his mouth shut, the press make a mountain out of a mole hill. I think if any of us were in their shoes and we needed something to meet the deadline we might type anything that comes along also.

  12. Jim wasn’t even talking about McCarthy.McCarthy and the Packers fans here seem a litle insecure and sensetive. Lets play the games and see what happens.

  13. Why do lion fans hate 49ers fan, I don’t get it…did the 49ers do something wrong. Come week 2 I guess lions fan will hate niners fans even more.

  14. “Why do lion fans hate 49ers fan, I don’t get it…did the 49ers do something wrong.”


    Most fans hate 49er fans because they’re obnoxious front-running aholes. They disappeared for about 10 years, but once they have a decent year, they’re everywhere.

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