Tannehill turning heads early in Dolphins camp


Dolphins first-round pick Ryan Tannehill missed two days of camp due to a contract hangup. But the No. 8 overall draft pick maintains confidence that he’ll get a legitimate opportunity to win his team’s starting quarterback job.

The first step in upsetting veterans Matt Moore and David Garrard would be outplaying them on the practice field. And Tannehill is off to a promising start.

Per Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, it’s been “hard not to notice” how effective Tannehill has been throwing the football through a few days of training camp. Volin says Tannehill has shown “good velocity, accuracy, and anticipation.” Coach Joe Philbin relayed that Tannehill had 53 “competitive snaps” in Sunday’s practice — just a day after he signed his contract — and the rookie passer completed “over 40” of his throws.

“For a rookie quarterback,” Philbin confirmed, “I think he’s doing very well.”

Throwing with the “accuracy and anticipation” observed by Volin is a key for Tannehill after his reportedly interception-filled OTA and minicamp season.

Whether the Dolphins give Tannehill a realistic look as the Week One starter remains to be seen. But his beginning to camp has been promising after missing time, and he offers Miami its best chance to elevate the performance of the players around the quarterback, with an ability to make strong-armed throws into tight windows and extend plays with athleticism.

Tannehill may not start on September 9 at Reliant Stadium, but you can take it to the bank that he will start games at some point this year.

31 responses to “Tannehill turning heads early in Dolphins camp

  1. As long as they don’t throw him in when he is not ready, he should do fine. I still think it would be best to let him sit this year and get one year learning under his belt.

  2. I don’t care about Miami but I’m kinda rooting for him to do good. The Dolphins are in a tough division and could use a break.

    Although if you’re a Heat fan you can go to hell.

  3. Skoobfl,

    I hope your saying Mario Williams because he now plays for Bills in AFC East and plays Dolphins 2x a year. Otherwise, were you living under a rock this off-season? Mario Williams is no longer a Texan. Besides, whoever the QB is on Sept 9th has many more pass rushers to worry about than Mario. JJ. Watt, Brooks Reed, Connor Barwin, Whitney Mercilus, The Ninja, Cushing, and more.

    27-7 Texans

  4. I don’t get the decision here……..winning in the NFL is about three things:
    1. Having an elite QB
    2. Protecting him
    3. Having the ability to get to the other team’s QB

    Miami should be decent in two of the three areas – still waiting on #1. If it is even close between the three QB’s – start Tannehill! We already know what we have with Garrard and Moore – they are serviceable at best and will not make mistakes!

    Tannehill has the highest upside and if he can’t take the heat – is he really a franchise elite QB anyways?!?!?!?

  5. cause for optimism in Miami? sure…. but its another world when you have to make the reads against hidden sky coverages and zone blitzes but hey you have to walk before you can run… and they would be in real trouble if he wasnt completing these passes in shorts..
    not that im saying he cant be good..

    as far as whitemike55 up there? what the hell are you talking about.. how did this become a post on the texans….and yeah im pretty sure the other guys comment on mario williams was because he is a Bill….ugh you sound like a Jim Rome follower…

  6. Hey, everybody looks good first week of camp while wearing one of those red, “don’t touch me” jerseys. Wait till Mario or Terrell Suggs gets after him then we’ll see.

  7. @patskrieg
    Henne was handcuffed by the coaching staff. His strengths were ignored in the play calling. They showed no confidence in him and he was not allowed to audible which forced him to run plays he knew were doomed the second he lined up under center. That no doubt caused him to play very tentatively. That said, he made far too many mistakes. Not saying he was/is great; just that he is better than what his numbers suggest.

    As for Tannehill, if the competition is close and the kid has the mental fortitude to handle it, then start him. As long as the O-line can gel he should be fine. If the O-line shows signs of struggling again sit him for a while. There is nothing that looks worse than a “shell-shocked” rookie QB. (Gabbert, Carr, etc., etc.)

  8. This famous quote sums up the situation well:

    “We’re talking about practice. I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we’re talking about practice. Not the game…but we’re talking about practice man.”

  9. If the Dolphins aren’t turning any heads why would Tannenbust be doing any different. They will bask in mediocrity for a few more years.

  10. Don’t throw him in until he’s ready, Don’t throw him in until he’s ready. What? Matt Moore won 6 games last year and the last time Gerrard was a starter he went 8-8. When are they going to be ready?

  11. “As long as they don’t throw him in when he is not ready, he should do fine. I still think it would be best to let him sit this year and get one year learning under his belt.”

    I disagree. You don’t learn anything about playing QB sitting on the bench. There have been plenty of bum quarterbacks who still stink after warming the bench for years.

  12. skoobyfl says:
    Jul 31, 2012 9:00 AM
    Mario Williams is licking his chops.

    Oh man, what a moron. I dont know whats more pathetic, a mental midget running off at the mouth about something he obviously knows nothing about, or the 50 or so people that liked it. Just goes to show that the football IQ of some of PFT readers is pretty abismal. Williams is a Bill now, and has been all off season.

  13. Developing a young QB is all about the coaching staff and system fit. No doubt he is a first round talent… for the simple fact that he was drafter IN THE FIRST ROUND. Many QBs end up surprising (Ryan, Flacco… hell Brady who was a 6th rounder) and others don’t (Russel, Carr) because of the system and lack of development and talent around them. It doesn’t take the perfect storm but a pretty good one to make a star QB.

  14. “I remember hearing a similar Dolphins fable about a young Chad Henne.”


    That means nothing. Tannehill has superior physical skills to Henne, and most importantly, has coaches mentoring him that actually know how to develop young QBs.

  15. Looking forward to the season no matter how it goes. Just glad there will not be any fist pumping field goal celebrations anymore.

  16. The only reason they are turning heads is because the ball keeps sailing over the wide receivers.

  17. If tanehill outplays both garard or moore then he deserves to be starting week 1. But don’t just give him the starting spot then he ends up like gabbert in jacksoville he looked like he wet himself everytime he seen a blitz. If not within reach of a playoff spot towards the end of the season he’ll get to play anyways. Go dolphins

  18. it would be nice to see the Bills and Phins at the top of the division (like it was in the 90’s) when the jets and pats were bottom feeders…
    we need a divisional shake up.
    im just not sure about either teams wr’s as a whole…fitz and tan need solid receivers to help them out to be successful

  19. Dolphins have not been a passing threat for quite some time they need a lot of help and It’s not in the QB position. Rebuild mode like the Lions 4 or 5 years ago. Takes time

  20. I never understood why sportswriters come out with their opinion of whether someone looked good in camp or not. What is the sportswriters qualifications??? Has he developed a qb himself or has he seen Manning or Brady when they were young. The kid hasn’t even had a full week of practice with pads yet. I hope he does amazing in the league but I will wait until preseason games before I start talking about how great he looks. No reason to hype this kid up after 2 solid practices. Why is this even a story…..how is the depleted receiving group looking, are we gonna sign someone now that Hartline is sidelined for a while???

  21. Why are people so interested in seeing this guy sit the bench. Everybody is so sure that Tannehill needs to sit on the bench for reasons I dont understand. To take notes from David Garrad and Matt Moore? Yeah makes a lot of sense. Matt Moore had a good season last year. However when did he go from backup QB to the best QB we have? Is this not the same Matt Moore everyone cried about when we signed him a few years ago? I like Moore because he does his job. A serviceable backup QB. I’ve always been a Garrad fan but I just think Tannehill will outperform him. For years I read fans complaining about not having a young QB to develop. Now the Phins have one and majority of fans want to wait til next year to see him play. This is football MAN UP! The kid has talent and more importantly confidence. Let Tannehill play and gain the experience. Put the Ipad down and go throw the rock Ryan. Let it fly and leave it all out on the field. “Rookie QB on the Miami Dolphins takes team to Playoffs”. Headlines would be awesome. Go Phins!

  22. If the competition is close you have to think that they will start him. Though I have very little doubt that they will start him too soon as I recall Ireland making a comment in a interview saying that they started one QB before he was ready and they were not going to make that mistake again.

    From the reports I have seen, Tannehill has not handled pressure well. That is something they need to work on before he gets thrown into the starting line up.

  23. @turnmymicup,
    I understand what you are saying and I think you may be right (except that Moore was signed last year). I think the reason that some fans are apprehensive is that we have been waiting so long for a competent young QB to step up and lead the team. Many fans do not want the team to screw it up–again. The issue with Tannehill seems to be the amount of experience he had in college coupled with the fact that there could have been a skewed positive view of him by his old coach. Others say that if he was a good QB, he wouldn’t have played WR until his junior year. I like the kid. He has size, athleticism, arm strength, brains, confidence and leadership skills. I think his experience as a WR (in this system) is an asset rather than a liability. He lacks experience (and yes, he won’t get that holding a clipboard). He knows the offense better than the other QBs but the other QBs know the ins and outs of being an NFL QB better than Ryan. Again, he will gain that through on the field experience. I would bet that if you asked a majority of the fans that seem to want him to sit, they would tell you that they don’t want him in until he is ready (so he doesn’t get ruined like Carr) but they want him ready as soon as possible. Personally, I think he could be there week one but ONLY if he is playing as well as the other QBs and the line has been shored up. If the QB is going to get shelled this year, I would rather it not be the guy for the future unless the staff is certain he won’t meltdown.

  24. No, there never were any fables of Henne “turning heads” in practice/training camp. I remember a certain Bill Parcels even sold him short before the season started. The only person to ever show much faith in the guy was the know-nothing owner Ross.

    Henne, while I acknowledge will never be better than mediocre, was held in check. An extremely conservative Tony Sparano football team with a lackluster Dan Henning and Brian Dabol for OCs would even give Brady a 20 TD season.

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