Tebow addresses accuracy, ambitions


Tim Tebow is capable of throwing an accurate ball.  He’s just not capable of doing so consistently.

But he says he’s not bothered by criticism of his throwing ability.

“First of all it is not my place to try and debate and make myself look good,” Tebow told ESPN New York’s Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruoco, via SportsRadioInterviews.com, after Smith told Tebow that Smith doesn’t have confidence in the way Tebow throws.  “That’s not my place at all.  I appreciate you complementing me saying that I have an impact and that I can win football games.  I really appreciate that and just as far as getting better throwing I’ve been working extremely hard on that.”

That’s classic Tebow, turning the backhand into a bouquet.  And then, after saying it’s not his place to make himself look good, he tries to make himself look good.

“I feel like in my career I’ve done some good things.  I think second in the history of college football as far as my rating. . . .  did pretty well,” Tebow said.  “Definitely some things I am working on as far as mechanic-wise to get better in the NFL and improve.  You can see that in certain situations I’ve done that.  In certain situations I have tried to be very careful with the ball and not have a lot of turnovers and so there are some situations where I probably should have forced some more balls in there.  There are some situations where I feel like I have done some good things. I am just going to continue to get better, but I appreciate the complements and the rest I use as motivation.”

Tebow also addressed the fine line he’s walking between supporting starter Mark Sanchez and “absolutely” competing with Sanchez.  Smith say it’s a contradiction.  (And we agree with Smith.)

“I disagree with you that it’s contradicting yourself,” Tebow said.  “I think there are things that are more important than football games.  Your relationship, how you treat people, and relationships in general, that’s more important to me than football games.  We spend a lot of time, we’re passionate about it, but ultimately football is not the most important thing, but as far as rooting someone on, supporting them?  You can do that with still trying to go out there and do your best.  And if your best is better, than so be it.  If it’s not then you have to do the other roles you are asked to do.  I don’t think you have to have an attitude where you have to say, ‘I don’t want someone to do their best.’  Absolutely not.  I want them to do their best.  I just want to do my best and continue to develop to the best that I can be and if that’s good enough to go out there and be a starting quarterback then that’s great.  If it’s not I am going to ask whatever role I am asked to do.”

Tebow doesn’t know what role(s) he’ll be asked to do.  “I gotta be 100 percent honest.  You know, I’m not sure,” Tebow said.  “I think for me it’s whatever I’m asked to do, I do it with all my heart.  I try to do a great job at it.  We’re in day four, so just continuing to learn.  We’re continuing to learn the coaches, they’re learning us, learning the offense, learning installs.  So it’s so early in the process that I have to say I can’t give you a straight answer on that.”

He can honestly say he’s not sure about his role(s) because he’s honest in his ambition to become the starting quarterback.  If he’s not the starter, then he’ll be the Wildcat quarterback and the personal punt protector and a member of the kickoff team and a member of the kick return team and maybe a fullback/H-back/right tackle.

But Tebow wants to be the starter.  And that will serve only to fuel the media and the fans who want to see Tebow play if Sanchez struggles.

And that’s why the Jets would be better off if Tebow were to stand up and say that he fully supports Mark Sanchez, that Tebow accepts the team’s repeated statements that Sanchez is the starter, and that Tebow will do whatever he is asked to do as the backup quarterback and whatever else the team asks him to do.

But Tebow is less likely to do that than he is to run wind sprints in the rain with his shirt on.

36 responses to “Tebow addresses accuracy, ambitions

  1. You guys are really obsessed with the JETS. What’s it gonna be like around here when we win the Super Bowl this year?

    I can’t wait for the tears from all the pathetic, low life, loser Jet haters.

  2. No matter how hard people try to back this guy into a corner and get him to say something he always takes the high road.. The media in this country is pathetic.

    If there were more Tim Tebows out there the world would be a better place.

    As a football and Broncos fan I am very happy to have Manning in town, but I will always root for Tim Tebow and wish him only the best. He truly understands that while football is great. There are bigger things in this world and he hasn’t lost sight of that.

  3. Stephen A. and Tim Tebow????

    I gotta check out that interview.

    It’s better than the unnecessarily employed Skip Bayless interviewing him because it would sound like a teenage girl interviewing Justin Bieber.

  4. I feel, I’ve done, I think, My rating, I am, I’ve done, I have, I probably, I feel, I have, I am, I appreciate, I use …

    Anyone see a trend here?

  5. Yes, Cuda, when in an interview where the only topic is “me”, it is hard to talk about any other things. So, in this case, I think the use of I and my are appropriate. Unless you want him to refer to himself in the 3rd person like Ricky or The Rock.

  6. If you had ever been on a sports team, you would know that you can support the guy ahead of you while still competing with him. Why is it such a bad thing that a backup quarterback would like to be the starter?

  7. Tebow is a 1950’s football player. Unlike 90% of the rest of the players in this league who would just cry and complain and ask for a bigger contract if they had to play another positions, Tebow is man enough to play 5 different positions… but hey, this is America, almost 70% of us Americans don’t believe in God so we all have to bag on Tebow……

  8. Tebow is just praying for the day the Jets release him. A team without morals and accountability had no choice but to bring an outstanding dude such as Tebow. He’s getting lotsa money, so it should be ok.

  9. As a person, Tim Tebow seems to be a very decent youngman, However as a QB, He need lots of practice, Jet Fans the only reason Management bought in Tebow, was to capitalize on his popularity, Mark Sanchez has delivered the Jets to 2 AFC championship Games & They have a better chance of success with him instead of Tebow…

  10. If the Jets wanted a QB to blandly be supportive of Sanchez, they could have brought in anybody. Clearly they feel he needs to be pushed and feel pressure to grow. Tebow wasn’t brought in to support Sanchez, he was brought in so Sanchez could finally feel like his job isn’t completely safe and maybe start playing to his draft position.

    And Tebow is NOT being inconsistent in his statement. He said “I want Sanchez to be his absolute best, I’m not rooting for him to be terrible. I just want my best to be better than his best.” Which is a common sentiment among athletes, BTW.

    Not sure why Mr. Florio feels the need to take “subtle” shots at Tebow throughout his posts on the matter.

  11. They were asking him questions about himself. What’s he supposed to say? “Tim Tebow wants to do his best, people can hate on Tim Tebow all they want but Tim Tebow can’t focus on that and has to go out and improve to be the best Tim Tebow he can be”. Answering in the first person is the only way to go.

  12. Going by just reading thi article and not hearing the actual interview, Steven a Smith proves again why he sucks. First off he’s a basketball guy why is he interviewing a football guy. Secondly, the only reason he has the balls to tell Tebow HE doesn’t have confidence in the way Tebow throws is because he knows Tebow wont do anything other than what he did again this time. More trash journalim from Screamin A Smith.

  13. I have zero confidence in his skills as a full time QB, but he has every right to say his goal is to become the starter.

  14. Tebow’s a great guy, good football player and a bad QB.
    The Jets have some problems beyond the backup QB. Sanchez regressed last year, the running game was lousy, not much of a pass rush, question marks at Safety and only one WR. They should at least try out Braylon or give Plax a call.

  15. Tebow may not be a great quarterback right now, but this kid is one hell of a football player. The negativity towards this kid is funny. I don’t like that he constantly flaunts his religion and I think there are some critical areas he needs to improve to be a good NFL QB. However, as a teammate, competitor, and leader it is very hard to argue that this is a guy you should want on your team…but many will. This guy is a football player like those of long ago. He does what is asked of him without whining. He wants to help his team in any/every way possible. That’s what I want to see from every player on the team that I root for. I wouldn’t necessarily want him to be my starting QB right now, but i definitely would want him in the locker room and on the field in any way that can help. He is the opposite of those guys that would rather have big personal stats in a loss than a small role in a win. The media has created the Tebow phenomena and the zealots on both extremes love nothing more than to perpetuate it and then complain about it.

  16. Tim Tebow is a 24 year old with starts and wins under his belt. He would be a total loser if he just accepted being a backup to a bottom tier starting QB. It also wouldn’t help Sanchez any. If a QB can’t stand competition from his teammates, he’s never going to amount to much anyway.

  17. The Jets are going to use Tebow in any role he makes the team better. They know he’s not going to be the starting QB otherwise they wouldn’t of asked him to get his weight up to 250 if he was. They’re going to use him as a battering ram in whatever situations arise, and thats what he’s good at only. He’s built like a rugby player. They have no obligation to him, they didn’t draft him and only gave up a 4th round pick. Thats why they can use him on special teams and whatever other position they want. What do they care, use him till the wheels fall off. Tebow knows this I think but doesn’t care cuz he’s in NY, the best place to get his image and message out. Its a trade off.

  18. And exactly what are Stephen Smith’s credentals for criticizing Tebow’s throwing motion?

    Smith is a reporter, and should stick to reporting. I don’t see anything in his background that would remotely qualify him to criticizing anyone in any sport.

    Just because he works at ESPN he now figures he’s qualified?

    There are those who do, and those who can’t and Smith definitely falls in the latter.

  19. Tim Tebow is a running back. He runs with the ball much more often than he looks to throw it. If we judged him by football skills alone, he would be a TB/FB/TE, but unfortunately, there are those out there who want to turn the NFL into an American Idol popularity contest.

  20. Keep bashing Tebow, all he ever did was make everybody eat their words.

    If you think Mark Sanchez is the answer for the Jets, you haven’t watched enough of the Jets. As long as Rex is the head coach he is going to demand a strong personality from his QB. Sanchez has and never will be that man, Tebow carried an offense on his back last year right past Rex’s defense.

    2 losses in a row and Tebow takes over, LOCK IT IN

  21. The only way to reconcile Teblow’s pathetic throwing motion is to understand that Teblow throws like a girl. If Teblow wants to start he should head on over to the Lingerie League, sounds like his recent photo op he was trying to look girly. Teblow is a mediocre excuse for an NFL QB at best, so sad so many make much ado about a nothing football player like Teblow. No amount of praying will ever improve this fool.

  22. Not a Jets fan. Couldn’t care less about ’em. However, I’m tired of my intelligence being insulted everytime someone at ESPN says the much-maligned Mark Sanchez is unfit to quarterback the Jets and needs to be replaced by Tim Tebow.
    The Jets’ defense and running game tanked last season, which led to an 8-8 record. Sanchez, meanwhile, had a better season statistically than Ben Roethlisberger, throwing 26 TD passes to Roethlisberger’s 21.
    Roethlisberger has been regressing since the 2005 postseason, yet no one is suggesting he should be replaced.
    If the Jets actually feel Sanchez needs to be replaced, they would have brought in an actual quarterback to challenge him. Tebow is not an “actual quarterback.”

  23. It’s time to give mike some credit for being enough man to let people’s posts go through. Recently, there has been one new person that does not fall into this category, and that is pathetic.

    Mike, another reason why you are a man among boys.

  24. Tebow’s progress is the only noteworthy news out of Jets camp worth reporting to the average NFL fan. Florio, your snide commentary throughout the article proves you are just a hack providing poor info-tainment.
    At least you’re not curing your readers’ insomnia with some legalese lingo about Vilma’s crusade against the injustices of the NFL and Roger Goodell.
    So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice!

  25. In a league where that lack proven backup QBs, he is being over scrutinized for just be popular. I hate Jets, not Bronco, not Christian but Go Tebow. You are model for those who hate stereotyping. Go Tim.

  26. If the Jets backup qb is really unselfish and really doesn’t want the spotlight on himself, he really shouldn’t be doing interviews about himself and he really shouldn’t use “I” or “me” 12 times in eight lines. OH, and he probably shouldn’t be an underwear model, either.

    I’m still astounded by how the facts about Tim Tebow are so different from the urban legend perpetuated in the media. If Santonio Homes gives that same interview he would be skewered but teflon Tebow once again is above criticism.

  27. I visited Jets Camp few days ago and watched Tebow’s Quarterbacks Drills. His throwing motion was not a very sharp and too tight-shouldered. His weight was too heavy for Quarterbacks. He has a real long way to go but he won’t help to develop himself to success. It’s time for him to focus other positions instead of quarterbacks or release.

  28. having actually listened to the interview, Stephen A. offered the same critism he always said about Tebow. And as always Tebow handled himself with class. Sometimes Florio is so stupid it sickens me, why should any back up come out and make a statement of full support for the starter, yet in essence that’s what Tebow did. Saying he wants Sanchez to play his best because that would lead to team success. If in fact Tebow was brought in to push mark sanchez, it is on sanchez to step up or step off. So if sanchez has a bad game tebow needs to constantly support him through the media come on man.

  29. Can’t find the position he will play? When you have to search for it to contribute and work on mechanics that he learned/used since being a pee wee, then it is hopeless. 45 other players know their positions and know how to play them, he belongs in the arena league, HE STINKS

  30. i can understand not liking his mechanics but to personally attack him is absurd!!! hes a good person who does a lot for many people.. you bashers should think about why you are really attacking this man…most likely its jealousy.
    perhaps you all should strive to be such a good role model for children and adults alike. you are sad sad people

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