Adrian Peterson off seafood for now, taking a new lunch risk


As he works his way back from offseason knee surgery, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has made an important change in his nutritional program.

Hot dogs,” Peterson said with a laugh of his new lunch routine. “And I’m going to stick to that.”

Peterson’s fortunate to be able to laugh, a day after suffering an allergic reaction to something in the Vikings’ seafood jambalaya. After making a pair of panicked calls to trainers, he was rushed to the hospital when his throat began to itch and swell, causing his breathing to be labored.

“How do I sum it up? Life, man,” Peterson said, via Dan Wiederer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Life is full of ups and downs and it’s all about how you bounce back from it.”

Peterson’s had an offseason of that, with the allergic reaction just the latest challenge. From surgery to repair his left knee to an arrest in Houston after a run-in with police at a night club, not much has been normal.

But lunch nearly derailing the comeback took it to a new level.

“It was pretty scary. I must say that,” Peterson said. “But I didn’t panic. After that second phone call, I was getting ready to run downstairs and do something differently. But those guys came pretty fast. And we got everything under control.”

What made it confusing to him was that he’s never had food allergies before Monday’s lunch.

“I eat seafood all the time,” he said. “Crawfish. Crab legs. I don’t know exactly what was inside the jambalaya. But obviously my body reacted to it the wrong way.”

He’s hoping he hasn’t developed a seafood allergy, but just to be safe, he’s going to stay away from any until he can go through a battery of tests.

That means his comeback attempt’s going to be fueld, for now, by hot dogs.

5 responses to “Adrian Peterson off seafood for now, taking a new lunch risk

  1. A new release by the non-profit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says the processed meat in hot dogs carries a cancer risk on par with cigarettes, USA Today reports. True? Well, there’s something you should know about the PCRM first.

    Although hot dogs are definitely not the gourmet snack of the health conscious vanguard—and pack a hell of a lot of sodium, which all doctors agree is dangerous—most docs still think dogs in moderation are okay. Just like most other things that are bad for you.

  2. But where in Minnesota is he going to get a decent hot dog?

    He could have them flown in from Chicago, but there would have to be some concerns about, uh, sabotage by Bears loyalists.

    A safer option might be our local legend, Pinks, right there on La Brea. Tougher to keep ’em warm, though, given the greater distance. Probably need to pack the chili separately from the dog and the bun, to prevent sogginess.

    Man, I’m hungry.

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