Adrian Peterson says it will be a mistake not to make him a fantasy first-rounder


As NFL fans finalize their fantasy draft boards, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson cautions against dropping his name from it.

Asked by Paul Allen of KFAN on Wednesday whether it would be a mistake not to take Peterson in round one of a given fantasy draft.

“I would think so,” Peterson said.  “The way I look at it, to each his own. . . .  This whole offseason, I’ve been hearing that.  ‘Adrian, should we take you?  Will you be ready?’  Hey, I’ve got faith that I’m gonna be out there.  Do you have the faith?  That’s how you’re gonna get your reward.”

Currently on the PUP list, Peterson also said he’ll be carrying the ball during the preseason — and taking it into the end zone in Week One of the regular season, against the Jaguars.

“Yes,” Peterson said, “I expect to score.”

Peterson said that he was ready to get back to work the day after having surgery to fix a torn ACL suffered on December 24, and that he expects the Vikings offense to continue to lean on the running game.

If so, and if Peterson truly is healthy, he’ll be scoring plenty of touchdowns this year.