Carl Banks doesn’t understand the uproar over Pats visit


Some New York fans took it personally when word got out yesterday that legendary Giants linebacker Carl Banks was at New England practice, decked out in full Patriots gear.

But Banks, who also serves as a color commentator on the Giants radio broadcast team, said he had the blessing of his bosses, and considered it a “great honor,” to help Bill Belichick coach.

Banks played under Belichick when the current Pats boss was a Bill Parcells assistant with the Giants.

Banks posted an extended Twitter message (well beyond the normal 140 characters), saying he didn’t understand the “outrage.”

“#4PATSSAKE why the outrage.. LMAO.. For those who don`t know Yes I am a LOYAL supporter of Bill B Bd my best friend and coach Pepper Johnson.. So when they asked me to come to camp to assist with some areas in which I have a particular skill set that can help his players get better during camp I said absolutely. I grew up in his D both with @giants and #Browns and helping with the Nuances is a great honor. And BTW I am here with the approval of my Bosses @giants so please exhale.. Plus they’re AFC lol”

In the world of twitter acromyns, that translates roughly to: “Hey, look over there Giants fans, it’s Jerry Jones.”

16 responses to “Carl Banks doesn’t understand the uproar over Pats visit

  1. I get it.
    As a Pats fan, I was equally upset watching Chris Simms throwing s to Patriots WR’s the other day.
    Nothing good can come of that.

  2. I definitely don’t see it as a problem. As a Giants fan, I’m a Carl Banks fan as well. He’s a smart guy, and I see no reason he can’t work with the Pats. It’s not like he’s going to a division rival or holding a grudge against the Giants. If it’s a chance for him to do something he wants to do, more power to him. It should not and will not have any negative impact on the Giants.

  3. You can be a loyal Giants fan/front office man and give respect to the Pats. Their are undeniable links between both organizations and I think playing nice together in the off-season has benefits to both organizations.

  4. Carl is and always will be a Giant but guess what folks he has to make a living.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to him and he is all class and Giants all the way.

  5. I’m a Patriots fan, and have been for over 30 years. As far as I’m concerned, after the last two Championships, Eli Manning and the G-men are our Kryptonite here in NE. That said, I respect the Giants organization, and have no problem with Banks helping out BB. Not only do I recognize what kind of ties Bill has to those players and coaches, but I know that if it were not helping the Patriots players right now, Banks wouldn’t be there.

  6. Not hurt by this. Bb was a member of the tuna coaching staff in ny during banks time and back when he played the pats sucked and wernt the rival of the giants they are now.

  7. I understand sme Giants fans gtting upset. Let’s face it, for the most part we root for laundry. When a player we feel is a big part of our franchise (or its past) goes and does something with another team som fans will feel betrayed. But on the flip side this was an opportunity with a coach and former teammate (BB and Pepper Johnson) that he obviously had and still has good relations with. It was also an opportunity to do something a little different in his career and pass on some knoweldge to younger players. Nothing wrong with that specially given his pastrelationsip. Also, kudos to the Giants brass for giving Carl the ok on this. It’s not like it is something that will hurt the G-men, and if it were am sure they would have declined to give consent. Nice to see coaches remember the guys that helped make them successful and call back on their experience and knowledge to help the guys there today.

  8. You guy’s just don’t get it. That’s what makes BB the best coach in Football. He’s willing to take advise and help from people who can help his team and put his ME ME ME ego aside. That’s something allot of other coaches can’t do.

  9. Pats and Giants, oddly, go way back. Lots of Giants fans in NE (since they were the “local” team before Jets/Pats existed) and lots of connections with coaching staff and players over the years.

    It is what it is.

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