Chad Johnson’s entertaining a new crowd, but question remains


The Dolphins media is finding out first hand what others already knew.

Chad Johnson (nee Ochocinco) is funny.

Johnson held court Wednesday, and came across as humorous as ever. Even his critics who think he’s a clown have to concede that he’s a largely harmless clown.

So today went, with him joking around a range of topics from “I’m thinking of going into porn,” to “Anyone here smoke weed? He was, by all accounts, as charming as ever.

But as Dave Hyde of the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel points out, the pertinent question regarding Johnson remains a serious one:

Can he still play the game?

After changing his name, he’s very much back to Johnson being Johnson. He’ll show up in orange or gold cleats. He’s painted his fingernails black. Quarterback Matt Moore asked him what he was doing on his day off, and Johnson replied: “I don’t know, but I’ll probably be open.”

That’s good, for a team that lacks juice, and just so happens to be starring in a reality show. But what if he can’t play any more?

If it doesn’t work, he’s a different kind of headache than Brandon Marshall was deemed to be, and he’s cheaper to boot. That makes him even more expendable than Marshall was.

We’ll find out this fall if he’s still productive, but if the touchdowns don’t come with the jokes, he’ll stop being nearly as funny.

23 responses to “Chad Johnson’s entertaining a new crowd, but question remains

  1. Good for Chad. He can go back to his undisiplined self and send 1,000,000X more tweets than receptions.

    If he can’t succeed playing with a future HOF QB at least he will be entertainment for HBO. Hopefully there are lots of IHops and MckyD’s to make Chad happy since the playoffs arenot in his future ( and neither is the HOF)

    As a Pats fan he was nothing but a major disappointment but then again, it obvious he is not very bright.

  2. How can the average fan not hope this guy plays well. I can’t recall a single off the field incident where he put himself or anyone else in harms way. Yeah he’s a self promoter, but he is great to the fans. And he is very charitable w/ his name, his image & his time.

  3. OK, OK, you’re very funny, in fact, let’s all agree that you are The World’s Oldest CLOWN!! Here’s the punchline BOZO: If you play and produce the way you did up north…The joke will be on YOU!!

  4. Ummm, née? No. Née means “born as”. And is the feminine article. His birth name is Chad Johnson. He just took on the rediculous name for show.

    Johnson is done. As a phins fan, it pains me to see them wasting time and money on him. However, he will entertain, no doubt, on HBO.

  5. Chad Johnson is not “nee Ochocinco.” “Née”–not nee–means “born” in French and applies exclusively to women (hence the double e at the end of it; if it were about a man, it would be a single e, “né”) to refer to a maiden name.

    Perhaps you were thinking of “A.K.A.” But it’s definitely not “nee.”

  6. he’s grown on me too…it only took most of his career. valid point should be made that his antics haven’t cost the teams hes played for…only cost him a ton in fines. i wonder what’s left in the tank. he looked awful last year…

  7. Oh, silly bostonians.. Wonder where their humor was when LeBron was busy hitting dagger after dagger into the heart of New England.. Its been a tough year chokin on that chowda, huh?

  8. If he can be half as much a distraction to the opposing offense as he is to the team itself, the Fins will be all set.

    While I give him credit for behaving with the Pats, he couldn’t learn the plays. Yet despite that all they needed him to do was run straight and deep and beat the CB.

    He couldn’t in 2010 with the Bengals, couldn’t in 2011 with the Pats and I doubt he can in 2012 with the Fins.

  9. I still have his original Bengal jersey. Even though he was a diva at times, he was an all around good guy. Never in trouble with the law and provided good laughs.

  10. good thing tannehill isn’t playing this year – Chad is a fun player and a great quote, but do you really want your rookie franchise QB worrying about feeding his diva WR’s ego instead of learning how to lead a team by distributing the ball? The future is now Miami. No more screwing around. This will be another wasted year if the best we have is Garrard to Chad.

  11. I expect Chad to have a pretty decent season actually. I suspect the Dolphins passing offense isn;t nearly as complex as the Patriots and with Chad getting married he’ll hopefully spend more time at home, and thereby studying his playbook. I think 50+ catches, 600 yards, and 5 to 8 touchdowns isn’t out of reach for him.

    Of course now that I’ve said that he’ll surely get let go on the last cutdown to 53 and it’ll be played out dramatically for the cameras. 🙂

  12. fincity305 says:Aug 1, 2012 9:32 PM

    Oh, silly bostonians.. Wonder where their humor was when LeBron was busy hitting dagger after dagger into the heart of New England.. Its been a tough year chokin on that chowda, huh?


    Let’s not forget about those Red Sox! Even my “lowly” Orioles chalk those games up as wins. Boston better get used to the cellar, in multiple sports.

  13. Funny that fans of the Dolphins are sticking up for Chad. I am sure you were defending him last year when he was with the Pats as well.

  14. Dolphins need sign wr plaxico burress… And wr Terrell Owens …. They would make the big three and the heat they bring would make any of them dudes playing qb step up the rythym… With Bush those 5 professionals whom all have been in the league quite sometime would breed consistency and a good chance of scoring enough to win with the front 7 they got on D….

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