Drew Brees claims Goodell comments “blown out of proportion”


When Saints quarterback Drew Brees said no one trusts NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, it drew lots of attention. Too much attention, according to Brees.

Asked to elaborate on those comments today, Brees refused. And he suggested that the media made his comments a bigger deal than he intended.

I’m not going to comment further on it,” Brees said. “If there’s any dialogue that would need to take place, I would talk to the commissioner directly. By no means was that meant to be disrespectful. I was asked a direct question about how the players felt and I gave a very honest and direct answer. I think it was blown out of proportion a little bit when the headlines say I was blasting the commissioner. No, that wasn’t the case. That was really all I said and I really have nothing else to say about it.”

Brees may say he wasn’t blasting the commissioner, but reading the comments, it sure seems like he was blasting the commissioner. Brees called Goodell’s suspension of Saints coach Sean Payton “completely ridiculous.” Brees said “Nobody trusts him” and then repeated that for emphasis. And Brees said that when Goodell brings players in to talk about disciplinary matters, Goodell makes up his mind in advance and “the interview is just a façade.”

If that’s not blasting the commissioner, what is?

Granted, Brees didn’t rip into Goodell with the tenacity of James Harrison, but that’s because Brees is a more even-tempered man than Harrison, not because the substance of the criticism — that Goodell has too much power and exercises it without enough discretion — was much different. And it’s exactly because Brees is such an even-tempered man, and because he’s one of the best and most respected players in the NFL, that so many people took notice when Brees said no one trusts Goodell.

Brees’ comments weren’t blown out of proportion. They were an important statement reflecting how a lot of players feel right now about Roger Goodell.

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  1. So basically no one can trust what comes out of Bree’s mouth any more than Goodell’s.

  2. Cue the weeping and teethgnashing from fans of division rivals/teams the Saints have played recently in the playoffs.

    Oh wait, looks like I’m late to the party.

  3. If Drew Brees doesn’t like it now maybe he should have tried to negotiate some of Goodell’s power away when the CBA was being discussed last year.

    As far as I’m concerned Brees and all he NFL players lost their chance to whine last year.

  4. Can’t believe all the animosity towards Drew Brees. He stated his opinion, said what he honestly believes is true, submitted an affidavit under penalty of perjury, and stood up for his city, his teammates and coaches. He’s not been accused of doing anything wrong in this whole mess and for doing that the commenters on here call him names, impune his integrity, reference Katrina which is so far over the line I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, and basically hate on the entire team. You don’t have to agree with what he says but what ever happened to civil disagreement?

  5. Maybe Drew Brees is afraid that disciplinary action will be taken against him for his comments. After all, he doesn’t trust the commissioner.

    personally I think Roger Goodell is quickly becoming one of the worst things that has ever happened to the NFL. I don’t blame any player for not trusting him.

  6. Drew speaks the truth. It has been proven that Goodell does not speak the truth. The only support he has now is from the fans of other teams who are eager to see the Saints weakened, even if it’s not deserved. While the players on their own teams have the utmost respect for Brees and Vilma for standing up to the man who thinks he has absolute power. Some even have the courage to say so out loud.

  7. monkeyhouse77:

    you said it all…and just like i would’ve said it.

    he’s destroying the essence and nature of the game because i think those are the areas he understands the least. he’s well versed in litigation, public relations, and the importance of discipline and how it shapes perception, etc. whatever his amount of playing experience, i’m convinced that the essence and nature of the game never really hit home with him, or it was too much for him to handle. either way, he’s closed his mind to those aspects.
    if you believe he actually CARES about the health and well-being of these players, you’re a sucker. what he CARES about is whether or not he APPEARS to be concerned. he’s doing what he can to protect the league from further litigation going forward and making sure that history paints him as the “solution” and not another guy who sat back and did nothing. he’s destroying the brand and creating his own idea of what the brand should be. The owners keep him because he’s just as focused on making a buck as they are and i believe the union approved his dictatorial approach because they realized that part of the negotiation was not going to go in their favor unless they gave up more money, which wasnt going to happen.

  8. “Brees’ comments weren’t blown out of proportion. They were an important statement reflecting how a lot of players feel right now about Roger Goodell.”

    I think the majority of players, the more intelligent ones, realize that Commissioner Goodell is saving the game. It’s the less intelligent, short-sighted ones who lack the macroscopic perspicacity to understand this.

  9. So tired of this BS. Is this what we have to look forward to for the next 10 years? Players *****ing and complaining about the Dictator Goodell because the NFLPA got owned in labor negotiations?

    Brees, and other players like him, should put their money where their mouth is and head over to the UFL if they don’t like Goodell. Prop that turd up and stop crying.

    Better yet, fire the leadership of the NFLPA that put you guys in this position in the first place.

    Until then, shut up and play football.

  10. bearnmind says:
    Aug 1, 2012 8:31 PM

    Can’t believe all the animosity towards Drew Brees. He stated his opinion, said what he honestly believes is true, submitted an affidavit under penalty of perjury, and stood up for his city, his teammates and coaches. He’s not been accused of doing anything wrong in this whole mess and for doing that the commenters on here call him names, impune his integrity, reference Katrina which is so far over the line I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, and basically hate on the entire team. You don’t have to agree with what he says but what ever happened to civil disagreement?

    Went out the window during the CBA talks last year and basically holding the Aints hostage for that contract. Brees just needs to shut up and just do his job.

  11. I bet Aaron Rodgers doesn’t think like Drew does!!

    Only the players that have been in trouble probably feel that way and that is a really small number.

  12. @ ‘monkeyhouse77’ says…..

    ” I think Roger Goodell is quickly becoming one of the worst things that has ever happened to the NFL. I don’t blame any player for not trusting him….. ”

    32 out of 32 club owners disagree with you.

  13. What a clown !! He should be lucky Goodell doesn’t let it out that the refs were pd off by that low life Felon who is friends with Peyton. Take your tainted Championship and keep that hole under your nose closed !!

  14. Brees is an idiot. The longer he keeps flapping his lips about how unfair it all is, the worse it gets for himself and the Saints. Keep up the criticisms Drew, I am sure it will serve you well. Dial up Al Davis from the great beyond and ask him how poking the bear works out. This guy will from now on will never get the intangible breaks on the field when his team really needs them.

  15. It’s easy to blame the person of highest authority when something doesn’t go your way, but you refuse to believe you did anything wrong. If Roger Goodell wasn’t the commish, do you people seriously think that anyone else in that spot wouldn’t have punished the Saints?

    If so, then that’s the one I’d consider a bad commissioner because he obviously wouldn’t care about player safety.

  16. As much as people hate Goodell, he is arguably the best Commisioner in pro sports right now (Selig is the only one that has a case for being better). If this was the NBA, David Stern would’ve fined Brees (who can afford it) close to a million bucks for what he said.

    Andrew Brandt said on OTL that the Personal Conduct Policy was initiated outside the CBA- and then put in as part of the new one (Maybe someone that was part of negotiations can explain how it got put in).

    As far as close-mindedness goes, what would you call the players who refuse to talk to a commissioner who the steadfastly believe won’t change his mind?

    Pot? I’d like you to meet my friend, Kettle…

  17. For one reason or another every contract in the NFL can be VOID. Why not Goodell’s contract? The NFLPA should go after him hard.. fast.. an dirty AND RIGHT NOW. Goodell is going to destroy football. He is trying to completly STOP the kicking game.. He has made playing defense a penalty.. an now he wants 18 games!! KNOWING that will shortin the careers of all players in the league…. What ever deal the NFLPA made with the NFL regarding Goodell…. The NFLPA should pull out… Breach the contract… Hold out.. an if nessasary strike. BUT GET RID OF HIM

  18. @ monkey, why? is it because he is trying to clean up the arragant players and coaches that think they can do anything they want to? i am talking about duis and other arrests, and the few that lied during the investigation.
    @ bear, all he did is run his mouth and then changed what he said. in the beginning of this mess, he claimed that he had no idea of what went on inthe defensive meetings. now he knows there was no bounty. why the change? oh yea, after raping the saints for 100mil, now he thinks everyone will listen and believe him? have fun with him this year.

  19. Brees has a 100 million dollar contract, are any of you his equal? Quit whining about Brees’s perspective and go back to your mediocre lives.

  20. Mr. Brees, please stop whining every single day about how the NFL is out to get your poor innocent little team.

  21. He’s a nfl player rep who is being asked questions. Wth is he supposed to say. Quit hating. He’s a genuinely good guy. Much better than the people hurling insults at him.

  22. Brees should know by now the power of words…and under how much scrutiny he and the Saints are under.

    Nice try at back-tracking Drew…nice try

  23. They were not. He just got pushback for saying something stupid again and he’s trying to do a little damage control.

    Dude, seriously. You need to shut up before you complete erase all the goodwill people have for you. Someone finally seems to have gotten that bit of wisdom through Vilma’s thick skull in just the nick of time, now it is your turn.

  24. The more I learn of Roger Goodell the less respect he gets from me. He appears drunk with power, handing down rulings without logic, reason, or fairness. Now I’m at the point where I’m starting to hope that Vilma cleans his clock in the defamation suit. If that case gets beyond preliminary motions ( and I think it will ) and they get to the point of picking a New Orleans jury, Goodell will start cooking in his own bluster.

  25. Can the entire New Orleans Saints team PLEASE SHUT UP for a few hours???

    They seem to have a desperate need to stay in the headlines on a daily basis.

    I was once a Saints fan, but now I hope they go win-less.

    Nobody likes pathetic whiners.

  26. Brees knew what he said but he now knows that he will be face to face with him at the Hall Of Fame dinner, maybe instead of talking to the press, he should have waited and spoke direct to him. I have always believed you can talk tough to the press or voice mail but face to face it takes some guts to rip them in person.

  27. The thing is – and I think everyone knows it – is Brees speaks the truth.

    Even among many fans Goodell is perceived as someone who is prone to make arbitrary decisions that have more to do with the winds of fickle public opinion than in due process or justice.

  28. Brees reminds me of a punk kid…..talks tough when no one is around but backtracks and whines like a beeeatch when confronted with his statemens. Brees can make an idiotic and insane statement that the players don’t like Goodell and don’t trust him but…funny….outside of Saints* players, I don’t hear any other players blasting Goodell. I also don’t hear any other players supporting the Saints* and their , wink wink pay for performance plan. The players on other teams would know just as much as Brees about the facts because long ago Brees said he “knew nothing about a bountyprogram but that he never sat in on defensive meetings either.”

  29. Trying to figure out where all the animosity twards Brees comes from?

    He held out for a contract? Um, that happens every year and with many players. In Brees case he completed his contract before asking for a raise. He was incredibly underpaid compared to other QB’s in the league especially considering his stats the last 5 years.

    He defends his teammates? Every QB should, especially in a case like this where he believes his teammates are being overly punished.

    He is an outspoken player rep? Um he represented the union and tried to wrest away power from Goddell, but the NFL said that would cost the players 1-2% in revenue ($300 million).

    He helped the people of New Orleans and runs charities for kids in NOLA? Why would this be bad?

    So the ONLY conclusion I can come up with is that people are being haters because he has beat the living tar out of your team in the last couple of years. It is like the Tom Brady hate. Get over it. He is a good QB, a good teammate, a good dad and a good husband. Growup.

  30. I know I’m in the minority here but I support Roger goodell. The NFL has become littered with too many turds and knuckleheads and I have no problem with his punishments. To be honest, I believe the punishments should be more severe so they actually learn their lesson.

  31. As usual Drew Brees refuses to take any responsibility for what he said and plays the victim card.

    He says he is a “leader” but the worst and least effective type of leader is one who refuses to take any responsibility for their own actions. Pitiful.

    And this is coming from a fellow Purdue graduate who, after following his career was once very proud of his accomplishments, but no longer.

  32. Sounds to me like Drew Brees is back-pedaling here faster than one of his drop back drills.

    How do most rank and file NFL players view Goodell? If anything, most are—unlike Drew—probably apathetic toward Goodell at this time. To their credit, many have likely moved on from any hard feelings associated with the 2011 lockout. Importantly, the overwhelmingly majority of NFL players are mature and responsible enough to avoid ever being called before Goodell on Article 46 disciplinary matters. And frankly, my guess is that most could care less about “Bountygate,” as it doesn’t directly impact them. As “Bountygate” does adversely impact Brees, I suppose it’s not unexpected that he would pitch a message critical of Goodell. But I’m not buying what Drew is selling.

  33. Its amazing to me how many people support Rodger Goodell, a corporate swindler instead of Drew Brees, the man who dedicated his career to supporting the downtrodden city of New Orleans and has done more charity work than almost any other NFL player. Wake up folks. Your irrational dislike of the Saints is coding your judgment. Goodell is the bad guy, not Drew. Drew just had the guts to say it.

  34. Most of the people on this site work a 9-5 job M-F and still ask for time off every other week. Goddell has a job that doesn’t sleep, no matter what he does some idiot will criticize him and say he did wrong…….there is law-suits showing up on his desk every hour of the day and owners begging for more profit every other minute and he is really supposed to be worried about Drew Brees and what Drew feels about him!!! 98% of the people criticizing Goddell couldn’t make it past brunch with him before they quit. Cant wait till some Linebacker hits Brees illegally and he has to sit out 5-8 weeks.

  35. Drew Brees was asked, and he answered. The over the top reactions to this is astounding. Brees knows these players accused, you do not. Brees has met with Goodell, you have not. Brees has seen the actions on the field, you have not.
    While I understand the fans of 31 other teams other than the Saints really do not care a whole lot about these bounty penalties. The players that have received them and their teammates do.
    Please for a moment try to think how YOU would feel if you, or a close personal connection, were wrongly accused. Really! Would you just take it! That is all Drew Brees is doing is defending what he knows is an injustice. YOU have not seen evidence, I know you have not because there has been none disclosed. But you go blindly and follow because you feel Goodell must have something. But there is not anything. Goodell I’m sure feels he is correct. But he is not, and to admit to that is a huge admission that would take an equally huge amount of courage to deal with. Anyway, this has left the realm of public opinion, we will see if “industrial due process” has any merit with regard to big league sports….For those of you that do not think that a playing field should be level and fair, be it a football field or a accusal and penalty, there really is not a lot more that can be said!

  36. I think the majority of players,the more intelligent ones,realize that Commissioner Goodell is saving the game. It’s the less intelligent,short-sighted ones who lack the macroscopic perspicacity to understand this.


    It is so easy for you to say this because it is not your team that is being used as a scapegoat in order to “save the league”. Brees is upset because it is his team that is being used as a scapegoat. So I think you should take a step back, put yourself in Brees’ shoes and re-think your statement.

  37. Just so tired of Brees – whom I used to like and respect – and all of the other whining Saints who got busted and refuse to have the humility to accept their fates.

    Look forward to rooting against these horrible people every week this season!

  38. Brees is getting dinged for speaking truth to power. Support Goodell, a corporate lawyer running the NFL on behalf of billionaires or Drew Brees, who has represented the city of New Orleans with class and has more charity work under his belt than the rest of the NFL combined? He’s telling it like it is. The players can’t stand Goodell. Is that a revelation?

  39. These people have no idea how much motivation they’re providing Drew and crew. This amount of hate may be at the level of 19-0. The only question is if it happens before or after Goodell has to pay Vilma 5 million dollars, apologize, and resign as the commissioner. Oops, did I give away the surprise ending?

  40. Doesn’t matter what type of entertainment it is in…forums/blogs and the ability to comment in them will be littered with more ‘tards than thinkers. Do I count myself among that for posting myself? no, but only because my opinion is based on researched facts and not cheap shotting anybody in a better position than I am. Disagreements in my opinions don’t bother me in the least if they are rooted in truths.

    That is furthest from whats happening here…Brees didn’t go out to the media and say it…he attended a REQUIRED media interview, was asked a question he didn’t shy away from and gave his opinion. ..troubled by it? lets just rinse and repeat the joke that about demanding an explanation-that gets likes immediately.

    I don’t care where you land on the bounty scandal but if it’s what the NFL spoon fed you than I feel sorry for you. Ignore anything the saints players have said and realize the NFL has been caught in several lies they willingly told: hargroves statement..what the NFL told us it said and what it actually said were vastly different….I’ll stop there cuz the typical “but williams speech” “but the coaches who have no appeal avenue haven’t spoken out (actually those who can in a small way have”…

    Simply put…Brees has merely been answering questions all along but you guys remind me of the “dream team” comment of last year still going on…the media turns things that are pretty standard into big deals cuz u allow it…a back up QB in vince young makes one off-handed comment preseason last year and we still “joke” about it now.

  41. Glad that Brees spoke up and said what many of the other players in the NFL believe already. Can Goodell stay in office much longer alienating most of those who ‘work’ for him? No. As a PR minion, Goodell knows that the top stars in the league– Brees, the Mannings, Brady, Rodgers– are bulletproof. Those stars have an obligation to express the thoughts that average players are afraid to voice lets they experience the Wrath of Two-Face.

  42. The NFL has never been more popular. One of the commissioner’s biggest challenges is player safety and dueling with concussions. He dealt with a team that made a mockery of player health and they don’t like it. We get that.

  43. By the way for all of you who are hoping and wishing that Brees would just shut up and play football, don’t worry, soon enough he will, and when he plays your team you’ll be wishing that he was distracted by all this bounty mess.

  44. What people don’t trust scum bag lawyers? Since when did this happen?
    Brees=good guy
    Goodell=ar5e who is ruining the sport

  45. You know they say, “A bit dog ALWAYS yelps”. Drew Brees and the Saints are a bunch of “bit” dogs. When will these clowns learn that its a PRIVELEDGE to play in the NFL and make the kind of money they make? Where else can you do that? Most of these guys wouldnt even go to college if it wasnt for football. I can assure you the 7-11 doesnt pay 6 figures. He just needs to shut up and deal with it. If he had disrespected his dad like he does the commish, he probably wouldve got smacked across the mouth. Dont keep telling everyone how this is going to motivate the Saints….SHOW them on the field.
    And before all you Saints fans start saying Im a disgruntled Vikings fan, save your breath. We didnt lose to you guys 3 years ago because you had bounties…we lost because we turned the ball over 5 times.

  46. I love how you folks are saying you can’t stand Drew, but you feel the need to read and comment on his every post. Then again, I have a feeling if he went to your team (put any NFL team name here) to play as your quarterback, you would love and support the guy 100%. To say otherwise, would be idiocracy.

  47. Once and for all….being disgusted with Drew Brees and his constant whining or believing that the Saints Defense under Gregg Williams ran a bounty system does NOT (read as NOT) make you a “Saints Hater”. Stop being so narrow minded! I don’t hate the organization, I just don’t happen to like everybody under their employ. I don’t dislike guys like Sproles,, Colston, Thomas, Ingram, etc. They are quiet and just work at their craft. I used to hate TO….when he was a 49ER!! Did that make me a 9er hater? Didn’t much care for Coach Erricson either. I am a football fan and my opinion isn’t as myopic as team, division or conference. I had a negative response to Aldon’s DUI as well….there I go hatin’! Get over yourselves.

  48. Through all this Goodell has remained classy and has not blasted Brees the way he should.

    Goodell is NOT accountable to the players, he will not allow the tail to wag the dog in the NFL, and for that I am steadfastly in Goodell’s corner on this.

  49. I liked this guy a lot, until he started talking…is it me or this clown always whining about something (his $100m contract, bounties, CBA, etc.)

  50. My personal favorite, is that he publicly calls the man a liar, but he “didn’t mean any disrespect”, because you know, the guy who you can’t believe a word he says is always the most respected.

    Yet another reason why athletes shoud just shut up and play the game. 95% of them (obviously Brees included) are morons.

  51. Brees’ comments weren’t blown out of proportion. They were an important statement reflecting how a lot of players feel right now about Roger Goodell.


    I agree that they weren’t blown out of proportion. You said it, stand by what you said or retract them. Don’t act light the comments were off the cuff remarks that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    While I agree that some players probably feel that way about Goodell I question the use of “a lot”. The Saints players, sure. The others, other than a few outspoken players, I don’t know. When a high profile player, like Brees, is out there condemning the commissioner I don’t know how many of the rank and file are going to stick their neck out in support of the commisioner knowing it’ll likely get chopped off by the other players. Just nod and keep your head down.

  52. Missing the point. Yes Brees made statements – it’s called “HIS OPINION”. So when is it forbidden to state a person’s opinion?? When did all you haters become the writters of the rules of life??
    The point is; he says it was blown out of proportion because of the words used in the headlines about his cvomments. It read: “Brees Blast Goodell” He didn’t BLAST anybody. Blast is when there is an explosion – that word was merely used by the media as an eye catcher to make people read the story. Used out of contex as so many media headlines are. The man stated his opinion of which we all have a right to do. Why make anything more out of it – to sell stories.

  53. You know what’s interesting? To Saints fans if you don’t go along with their side of the story you:

    1. Are an idiot
    2. Hate the Saints and want to see Katrina return and finish off NO so that your team can go to the superbowl.

    Sorry, but the softball interviews these guys do just doesn’t cut it. You ever notice that when it seems that the second someone is on the verge of asking a real question about Bounty Gate, these guys start either backtracking or acting like their lives are in danger if they speak another word.

    Funny thing though, last time I checked, Brees, Fujita, and Hargrove are still gainfully employed and Brees is one of the highest paid players in the league. Not too shabby for a communist “dicatatorship”. Interestingly enough, I’ve listened to player after player compliment Goodell on a number of occasions over the years and even now disgaree with Drew’s accusation.

    As far as charitable work, seriously, you need to do your homework when it comes to Goodell. There are fewer people in sports period who do more for others.

  54. Am I the only person who thinks it’s interesting that Tom Benson hired a private investigator to look into his OWN team regarding listening in on other teams audio feeds during games. Sounds like a guy who is tired of embarrasing “surprises” about his own team.

  55. Can’t wait for the season to start so Brees can pay all of you haters back by destroying all the hater’s favorite teams… Trust me, its going to be a blast and so much fun for all of the Who Dat Nation this year… True Dat!!!!!!!!!

  56. thejuddstir says: Aug 1, 2012 10:09 PM

    I also don’t hear any other players supporting the Saints* and their , wink wink pay for performance plan. The players on other teams would know just as much as Brees about the facts because long ago Brees said he “knew nothing about a bountyprogram but that he never sat in on defensive meetings either.”
    Brees has made his statements under oath to a Federal judge. What have either you or Commissar Goodell done?

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