Eli Manning: Giants are not a dynasty


Michael Vick sees a dynasty in Philadelphia, but the NFC East quarterback who has actually won a couple of Super Bowl rings doesn’t think his team is a dynasty.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning was asked on NFL AM whether the Giants are a dynasty, and after first trying to avoid even talking about his team on those terms, he eventually answered directly: No, the Giants are not a dynasty.

“No, no, we’re not,” Manning said. “We had a little break — the two years prior to last year we didn’t make the playoffs. We’ve got work to do. We have good players on this team, we have the potential to be a playoff team and to make a run once we get into the playoffs. It’s a matter of going out there and proving that, and everybody going out there and playing to their level of play. That’s what our challenge is, and we know each year if you don’t come out and give it your all and play to the best of your ability you’re not going to win football games. So we’ve got to maximize our talents.”

Manning is right that the Giants aren’t a dynasty right now: Typically a team has to win at least three titles before anyone talks about them in those terms. And while winning two Super Bowls in five years is great, the Giants missed the playoffs in two of the last five years and lost their first playoff game in the other year. So they haven’t had the kind of consistent excellence that the term “dynasty” connotes.

If the Giants win the Super Bowl again this year, however, it would be hard to deny them the “dynasty” label. But Manning is wise to leave that assessment to others.

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  1. He sure does say all the right things (and backs up anything questionable that he does say). I sure hope the Redskins can steal two wins again. Not too optimistic, though.

  2. From Wikipedia:

    A sports dynasty is a team that DOMINATES their sport or league for multiple seasons or years.

    The 2007/2011 Giants were 19-16 in the regular season with a whopping +16 scoring differential. PFT, defer to Eli on this one.

  3. Eli is right. Does anyone consider the Broncos team that won back-to-back Super Bowls in the late 90s to be a dynasty?

    If winning 2 SB in 2 seasons isn’t a dynasty, then winning 2 SB out of 5 seasons isn’t either.

  4. Eli – 2 SB MVPS. “We are not a dynasty”
    Vick- 0 SB appearances – Eagles 0 SB wins. “We got a dynasty in this room”

    Philly fans wonder why their team never wins.

  5. Smart response. He’s an excellent kid and has developed into exactly what the Giants’ hoped their #1 overall pick would be; a genuine leader and a franchise QB. And best of all by far, he’s a gamer.
    Another Pats fan (sadly) weighing in.

  6. The Giants have more ammunition to talk about a dynasty than the Eagles do. That’s for sure. And yet their QB remains disciplined in his actions as well as his words. Eli Manning is a cool guy. He’s also deadly.

  7. Could have been a different story had someone not gone and literally shot themselves in the leg in 2008. I say could have…not would have.

  8. Giants fan here. thedoctlc makes a valid point. Under the wikipedia definition of dynasty, the debate then becomes what is the definition of “dominate”? There is no dispute that the Giants have not dominated their sports league in the regular season. However, if they go on the road again and win another SB, their road record under Eli would be 10-2. That’s 3 road wins better than the best team ever. One can argue that this stat, coupled with 3 supes, is pretty dominating when it comes to dominating your sport in the playoffs. Interested debate.

  9. Wow what a hard-hitting interview from Eric Davis. Referencing Toomer’s comments from like a month ago, SNL from May and trying to spread Vick’s stupidity around.

    That’s Peabody material right there.

  10. As an Eagles fan, this is just one example of why I’d trade QBs with the NYG in a heartbeat.

  11. 2 in 4 years is definitely not a dynasty. As a Red Sox fan the thought never even entered my mind when they won 2 WS in 4 years. But if the Giants win another one, then they deserve it despite the caveats, legit or otherwise, that will be raised. And as much as I have to dislike him because of the two SBs, Eli’s humble demeanor sure is refreshing…some of his teammates (and 90% of NY fans) could certainly learn something from him!

  12. Note to

    Mr. Jones
    Mr. Vick

    These are the kind of things you are supposed to say even when you’ve won a couple of SBs in the past year’s. Of course one would not expect this kind of comment or reaction from someone who has no clue what humility is!

    Stay classy Eli!!!

  13. While everybody goes off numbers, I believe a Dynasty is winning multiple championships. Football is funny numbers, score differential doesnt tell U who missed 8 games, doesnt tell U a TE is affecting the QB, nagging him in the huddle. Wat a SB victory tells me is in the playoffs the best teams in the league couldnt beat them. 18-0, 15-1, 13-3, 12-4, 12- 4, 12-4. U kno maybe if a 8-8 was on that list or 7-9 then maybe I can say yeah those Giants really had a light postseason run. But 18-0, 15-1, 13-3? Thats a who’s who list right there, which tells me that when healthy the Giants cant be beat!!!!! We missed the playoffs bcuz of injury, or shooting in leg, or Matt Dodge not knowing how to punt out of bounds. The other 2 have been Championships. No Dodge, No Plax, only thing now is injuries thats gonna stop Eli from a 3rd chip.

  14. at least he’s well grounded. If it wasn’t for Victor Cruz breaking a tackle and running for 99 yards on Christmas day the jets win that game. No playoffs, and no Superbowl. Any given Sunday i guess.

  15. Love what he is saying and how he is saying it. Stay humble, keep to the daily grind, and work harder than ever. 2x Super Bowl MVP/Champion is not content with his current hardware, he is hungry for more! LOVE THAT!!!

  16. Here’s why the Giants will never be considered a dynasty team.

    Their first superbowl in recent time came from an 8-8 season in which they went in as a wildcard.

    Doesn’t take away from the fact they won it all in the end, but their road to get there was marred with mediocrity all along the way. Does nobody recall that their now 2 time superbowl winning coach was on the cusp of being fired before they shocked the world and beat the undefeated patriots?

    I have a ton of respect for Eli, I think Giants fans are human garbage much like Patriots fans.

    Giants got a damn good QB and defensive line, but if they want to be a dynasty team they need consecutive championship seasons.

  17. Manning is right that the Giants aren’t a dynasty right now: Typically a team has to win at least three titles before anyone talks about them in those terms. And while winning two Super Bowls in five years is great, the Giants missed the playoffs in two of the last five years and lost their first playoff game in the other year. So they haven’t had the kind of consistent excellence that the term “dynasty” connotes.’

    Perfectly said

  18. Eli always says the right things. He is the most massively underappreciated and disrespected QB for his skills & achievements. The “madden” football fans would rather have Vick, but I’d rather have the quiet guy with 2 rings and 1 away from dynasty. As a fan of a well run franchise, I appreciate a guy who is humble and isn’t looking for attention. That’s how the elite teams operate

  19. justintuckrule, for the record I’m a Pats fan but not a bitter one: the Giants were champs in 2007/2011 and that’s that. What I have a problem with is the “dynasty” label being thrown around loosely – and perhaps even more annoyingly, prematurely (see Miami Heat).

    The Giants best team in recent years – BY FAR – was the 2008 squad that went 12-4 and was the #1 seed in the NFC. They were a pleasure to watch (there are a large number of Giants fans in NE so a good number of their games are broadcast here) and I hoped that they’d run the table to “legitimately” claim alpha dog status (at least in my elitist eyes). Sadly it didn’t happen.

  20. Its easy to talk.. but talk aint nothing but sh! t.. Giants talk the part sure but… They also were involved in a little bounty gate themselves, not to mention the faking injuries, the 12 men on the field penalty to stop the clock.. and as I recall Eagles were up in the 4th before the late hit on Vick to take him out of the game.. Remember Kafka coming in and throwing back to back picks? So dont get on here and talk up your franchise like you werent shady as hell.. Id be embarrassed if thats the only way my team could win. You were a 5-11 team last year.. 4 wins were givin to you plain and simple.

  21. Somebody needs to define exactly what a dynasty is so we can end this silly argument every time a team wins two superbowls.
    Have the NFL come up with an exact calculation like 3 wins in ten years or 2 wins in 4 years or whatever that way there’s not always grey area.
    Unless of course you like debating endlessly without ever being able to prove your point, then its a perfect system

  22. I always thought dynasty was at least 3 championships in a span of 3-4 years. Cowboys of the 90s Patriots of the 2000’s etc.

    I don’t think the giants are a dynasty but they certainly have won when it mattered.

  23. Why is Eli backing off this offseason? Last year he put himself on Brady’s level and ended up winning a Super Bowl OVER Brady. Now he’s backing off the potential of a dynasty for the Giants?

  24. Every dynasty in NFL history has won at least 3 championships in a 10 year span with 2 of them coming in back-to-back season (see Packers, Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots). Plus, the Giants 2 titles have spanned separate decades (2001-2010, 2011-)

    That said, as a Patriots fan, they deserve whatever accolades they get. Aside from beating us in 2 Super Bowls, their roads to get there were incredibly tough both times. They beat the #1 and #2 seeds in both conferences on the road or at a neutral site. Is what it is.

  25. Distracted9

    The injury thing, go watch the beating eli took against the packers and 49ers. Vick would be dead right now. Talk about the breaks they got. Do you forget we were one of the most banged up teams in the NFL. Do you forget that pending some horrible calls we would have beat Gb not just twice but the second time by 40 points. Do you forget we faced the saints(12-4) pats(14-2 packers(15-1) and 49ers(12-4) during a 5 week span. Then again(minus saints) in the post season. The giants had the hardest schedule in the nfc east and still won the division. At least our team has supetbowl wins. Oh and don’t act like other teams haven’t faked injurys, they all have. Giants just got caught. We still beat ne with our entire defense injured twice in the same season

  26. Not a G fan and still one tends to like this guy.

    Give him credit. He took a pounding in last years Championship Game and still kept getting up. If not for being in great shape probably does not make it through the game.

  27. “Dynasty” implies consistent rule or dominance by one team. The NY Giants, though having won 2 Superbowls, do not come even remotely close to a dynasty.

    The 80s 49ers had a dynasty, the early 90s Cowboys likely had a dynasty, as did the late 90s-early 00s Patriots. Stumbling into the playoffs and winning two Superbowls twice in 5 seasons while missing the playoffs in the interim, though impressive and improbable, is hardly the stuff dynasties are made of. Attempting to shoehorn recent events into trite definitions of “dynasty” simply divorces the word from its meaning. If every student is “gifted”, the word means nothing; if every team that wins 2 Superbowls within a 5-year span is a dynasty, then there were, in retrospect, a lot of underwhelming dynasties in the annals of NFL history.

  28. Giants-49ers.. Giants win 20-17 after Kyle Williams fumbles two punts and giving Giants 10pts. Giants when asked respond with a “we knew Kyle was coming off two concussions so we targeted him up high” Seriously? What a proud franchise.

  29. I give the Giants all the credit in the world for winning the Super Bowl last season but I don’t think they’re a dynasty like the Niners were in the 80’s and the Steelers in 70’s.

  30. Here’s a fun debate. Who’s more of a dynasty….the 90’s Bills or the late 2000’s Giants? Those Bills teams were pretty dominating.

  31. The more I think about it, unless you are fans of GB, Pitt, SF, Dall, NE and NYG (only because the debate centers around them), you should all run along because you have no idea what a dynasty even looks like.

  32. Many people have already commented, but I need to add my props too
    As a football fan – this is the attitude you expect from a start player

  33. Mike Vick actually said he COULD SEE a POTENTIAL dynasty. Completely different than what you wrote Mr. Smith. I guess it is easy to be lazy than correct.

  34. Distracted9:

    Losing is a bitter pill to swallow, we understand….just not as much as you. If your team knew a guy could be rattled by a big CLEAN hit don’t you think they’d do it? Were there penalties on those plays? Take your sour grapes elsewhere…they reel of poor sportsmanship and Philly.

  35. Wow – Eli kind of grows on you the more you know of him. I used to judge him by that doofus-y sad-sack demeanor of his, but his on-field performance, lack of off-field controversy or scandal, and humility, make it hard to not respect and like the guy. And I’m not even a Giants fan 😀

  36. “at least he’s well grounded. If it wasn’t for Victor Cruz breaking a tackle and running for 99 yards on Christmas day the jets win that game. No playoffs, and no Superbowl. Any given Sunday i guess.”

    So you mean because of a good, key, momentum changing play, they don’t deserve the accolades that follow? Hey tiger, that happens game in, game out. One momentum changing play can change the course of a game, season, post-season.

    Distracted9 pretty much has the stupidest comment I have read. A response is not even warranted.

  37. “Giants-49ers.. Giants win 20-17 after Kyle Williams fumbles two punts and giving Giants 10pts. Giants when asked respond with a “we knew Kyle was coming off two concussions so we targeted him up high” Seriously? What a proud franchise.”

    Teams reflect their coaches. Oh, little Kyle was not touched on one fumble (hit his leg) … and the other was a one-handed punch-out. Almost no contact. In fact he was hardly touched all game. Whiner.

  38. I couldn’t stand Eli with the way he came into the league, refusing to play for the team that drafted him and letting his daddy do his bidding, etc.

    I still think he makes some idiotic decisions and throws too many INT’s — 129 vs 119 career starts? — but I at least appreciate the way he carries himself.

    Was watching NFLN training camp stuff and looked like he rolled up to camp in a Toyota Highlander for gods sake. Seems pretty level-headed.

  39. Distracted9, you want to talk about shady play?

    I distinctly remember Brent Celek ripping his own helmet off, drawing a personal foul penalty on Antrel Rolle.

  40. It is subjective, but I think to be a dynasty in the NFL you have to have already won 3 or more titles and they need to be relatively close together. NYG would definitely be a dynasty if they won again this year.

    If you only consider the Super Bowl era I think Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Dallas and New England have been the only dynasties. The Steelers being the best of the bunch with 4 in 6 years.

    With a bit of leeway for the beginning of the Super Bowl era you could probably lump in Green Bay too.

  41. Jets had 4 fumbles overturned.
    Kyle Williams gained 50% of SF’s yardage in the NFCCG (on his successful returns). Vernon Davis gained the other 50% on two plays. The rest of the game, SF did squat. KW was not the reason SF lost.
    Nice talk haters.

  42. The use of the term dynasty has always annoyed me in that a dynasty is a succession of rulers of the same family or a political group through generations – sports teams are not rulers…now if Godell’s son takes over as commish followed by the Grandson – now you have a sports dynasty.

    But nevertheless – even if you toss out the ruling aspect of the word – you can’t be so lazy as to toss out the other aspect of the word – generational!

    Perhaps if NE changes from the Belichick era to another group that is equally good – then maybe you could justify the word dynasty as inaccurate as it is. Or maybe call the Steelers a dynasty because they keep doing pretty well as they change significant pieces and hand down control of senior positions to family members – but calling the Eagles or Giants a dynasty just shows how stupid things get when you start off with a ridiculous premise.

  43. So much hate for my team I love it. The Giants are in training camp on one is getting locked up no one is holding out just a bunch of hard work going on getting ready to defend the championship.

    I watched the interview this morning and when it was over all I could say was damn we have one classy guy as a QB.
    Unlike the union trouble maker down in NO or the convick in Philly.

    After he retires he could teach people how to speak to the press.

    To those of you who can not stand the fact that the NY Gaints and Eli have won 2 Super Bowls get over yourself for he will win one or two more prior to going to Canton.

    As I am a life long Giants fan and season ticket holder all I can say is keep the hate coming I guess if your team can not win then you have to hate the ones that do.
    At 52 I have had the pleasure of watching my team win it all 4 times and Philly never.

  44. It is easy to see why Eli has the respect of his mates and coaches. He does not write checks with his mouth that can’t be cashed on the field. He simply works diligently, leads by example and wins championships. What would be the upside of claiming dynasty status? Nice to see a player think first keeping his cleats on the ground rather than in his mouth.

  45. giantsfanlewis says:Aug 1, 2012 12:42 PM
    “Do you forget that pending some horrible calls we would have beat Gb not just twice but the second time by 40 points.”

    I recall the refs handing your team the game against the cardinals, you wouldn’t even make the playoffs if the refs don’t hand you that game, so idk why giants fans are whining about the refs, it’d be like if steeler fans whined about the refs after that Dolphin game from 2010. plus those “horrible calls” didn’t stop your team from putting will blackmon one on one with Jordy Nelson with less than a minute left.

  46. Giants win 2 titles in 4 years & their leader wants to do better & work harder.

    The Eagles label themselves the Dream Team, fail miserably in the regular season, have a locker room of malcontents, and their “leader” sees the potential of a dynasty despite the fact he wouldn’t know one if it bit him in the a$$ (he won ZERO titles at Va Tech, he won ZERO titles in Atlanta, he has won ZERO titles in Philly)

    The Jets make back to back AFC Championship Game APPEARANCES & their de facto leader, the coach because there is no player leadership on that team, acts as though their team is the second coming of Lombardi’s Packers.

    It’s funny how the most humble one of the three is the only one with multiple championships & even a single SB MVP to show for. With that attitude, The Quiet Assassin Eli Manning will surely win another title or two over the next few years. The amazing thing is that when, not if, he hoists another Lombardi trophy or two, he still will not be content & will still strive for more. All the Giant hater can say what they want, it’s pure jealousy. We have our two amazing, memorable SB runs while the main culprits, Eagles & Jets fans, have nothing to show for. Between the two teams they have a total of ONE SB title to show for over the past 45 years. The Giants have doubled that in 4 years & quadrupled it in 25 years. How proud you must be to call yourselves a Jets fan or an Eagles fan. I have some paper bags to give you to wear over your heads when your teams once again become circus acts & once again embarrass even the most loyal of fans.

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