Felix Jones finally passes his conditioning test

Cowboys running back Felix Jones and two teammates passed their conditioning tests Wednesday, and will be able to return to practice Friday.

Jones, wide receiver Andrew Holmes and safety Brodney Pool passed their tests while the rest of the team had a morning walk-through, though they won’t practice this afternoon, according to Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News.

The test involved a series of 60-yard sprints, which had to be completed 20 times in under eight seconds each. There was a 30-second rest after each sprint, and they were broken up into sets of 10, with a two-minute break between.

Holmes and Pool said they did more distance running this offseason, which didn’t have them prepared, and left them doing “remedial running” until they passed.

“It was tough, but I went out here and got it done,” Jones said. “I was really disappointed in myself, and I had to work hard to get back out there for my teammates. They encouraged me and kept me going and with all that support I couldn’t fail.”

Except he did, before making it right, and putting himself back into a position where he can help the offense, competing for carries alongside DeMarco Murray in the backfield.