Jamal Lewis arrested for failing to pay child support

Former NFL running back Jamal Lewis was arrested on Tuesday in his native Georgia for failing to pay child support.

Lewis was charged with child abandonment, booked into jail late on Tuesday night and released shortly after midnight Wednesday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

The arrest warrant says that in addition to failing to live up to his financial obligations as a father, Lewis has also failed to do anything at all for his son, and they’ve had no contact for more than a year. This isn’t Lewis’s first brush with the law: He spent most of the 2005 offseason in prison after pleading guilty to drug charges.

Lewis filed for bankruptcy this year, claiming he couldn’t pay his debts even though he had more than $14 million in assets and only (only?) $10 million in debts.

Lewis played for the Ravens from 2000 to 2006 and for the Browns from 2007 to 2009. His 10,607 rushing yards rank 21st in NFL history, and his 2,066-yard season in 2003 is the second most prolific rushing season in NFL history.

16 responses to “Jamal Lewis arrested for failing to pay child support

  1. Huge Ravens fan here … Please Ravens organization, do not put this guy in your Ring of Honor this year. I know it is all set up, but do the right thing and cancel.

    I know this has nothing to do with football, but deadbeats should not be celebrated. Maybe in a few years, IF, he can get his stuff together.

  2. I am guessing he will use the ever increasing nfl player concussion defense. He must have simply forgot to pay due to his concussion history or maybe the concussions made him forget he has children……..BUM

  3. “Unlike a lot of NFL players who end up broke shortly after the NFL careers are over, Lewis invested his money well. Besides owning a successful trucking company in Atlanta, he recently brought a 400 room hotel and Water Park in Columbus, Ohio, and a family and entertainment center in Atlanta.”

    “When I was 21, I was building 14 sub division homes,” said Lewis. “A lot of these guys, when they are done, they want to just rest, keep vacationing and spending money. Instead of them investing or starting a business while they are playing that will keep similar money coming in when they retire, they buy a barbecue joint or something where they can’t even make a car note.”

    “He said he approached Cleveland owner Randy Lerner about purchasing five percent of the team, and allowing him to run it, but Lerner declined.”


  4. Even though child support is based on income….It’s still a FIXED cost.

    Plan accordingly instead of buying a new $200,000 car or $5,000,000 house you big idiots.

  5. The child support payment parts do not upset me, one its generally a ridiculous amount and two you cant give what you dont have. BUT What does bother me is not seeing your child for over a year, kids dont care or even know much about money, being a good parent and showing love for your kid is priceless. Any one can be a father it takes a man to be a dad!

  6. As a Ravens fan and the son of a deadbeat, I agree with ‘footballjerk’ on this one. I cheered him on the field, but being a Raven is (or at least should be) more about what you do on the field. ‘Ring of Honor’ is not for you, Jamal. Nothing honorable about such stark irresponsibility.

  7. i just cant understand how these players can squander away so much wealth so fast…?? it’s astounding.

  8. How silly….

    I don’t know where to begin….being taken over and over by the baby machine gold diggers….

    Or blowing more money than all of us here on this blog will ever see….combined

    Good news is I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance

  9. I would never let any issues I had with a woman keep me from my child for year. That being said, no one is walking in Jamal’s shoes. Let the judge do the judging guys.

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