Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant has to step up or we’ll move on

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We heard late Tuesday that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and wide receiver Dez Bryant had finally spoken for the first time since Bryant was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother.

We got some details about that conversation on Wednesday when Jones joined our own Mike Florio on The Dan Patrick Show. Jones said that Bryant was contrite and sincere when they spoke and praised the wide receiver for the growth that he’s made since coming to the Cowboys. He also said that he was taking the incident seriously and that Bryant needs to “grow up.”

“He’s got to come on, step up and accept responsibility,” Jones said. “I’m demanding that he work through it. He must do it or we can’t count on him.”

Florio followed up by asking if that meant the Cowboys would move on from Bryant and Jones said that it did. The Cowboys aren’t going to dump their 2010 first-round pick at this point, but it’s the first time we’ve heard anything like this come from the team since Bryant’s arrest.

We still haven’t heard anything from Bryant, who hasn’t met with the media since his arrest, but, as Jones made clear, his actions are going to count more than his words going forward.

38 responses to “Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant has to step up or we’ll move on

  1. I changed my mind. Jerry won’t be speaking in tongues next year, but he might be speaking from rehab or the like. Dump your 2010 first rounder? Come on.

  2. Why should Bryant meet with the media about it? I mean, you guys have already held the trial and sentenced him haven’t you?

    What does he have to say to you guys?

  3. Good for you Jerry!! Everyone talks about how great Dez can be,but he has yet to show it on the field due to injury and off field problems. I know he was a great college player,but he has to prove he can take the next step! Hopefully,he can get the help he needs to work out his problems,and I applaud the Cowboys for reaching out to him. That being said, I am looking to a great year of football for us this year!!

  4. Talk is cheap. Jerry knows there is NO WAY he is going to break Dez off if he is performing on the field. Read the book “Boys Will Be Boys”. It’s not in Jones’ DNA tp punish stars so this is all this is just sunshine being blown up my (|).

  5. Wow. Pretty heavy lyrics there, JJ, but Cowboy Nation stands behind you 100%. We had to endure rooting (trying to) for T.O. in a Cowboys uniform a while back, which was a lifetime of embarassment for most of us. If this guy can’t learn the basics of DON’T TOUCH STOVE: HOT!, there are lots of other players who’d give their all for the silver and blue. Dez, we still want to see you succeed but this is “last call” for being a moron. Step up or step into a cell, Son.

  6. Sorry, but the first thing Bryant has to is take responsibility for his misdeeds; pay the woman(his mom) her due to shut her mouth and decide never again to see people who might put him in such situations including the woman who gave birth to him.

  7. This kid could be a tremendous waste of talent and I for one refuse to feel sorry for a guy who continuously finds a way to further prove the critics right about his character.

  8. I’m sure Cowboy Fans, players, coaches & especially Jerry Jones are all involved & concerned about the future of Dez & if he’ll ever be “all he can be”.

    However, the rest of the NFL world really doesn’t give a ‘rat’s arse’ about Dez & all his issues.

  9. Honestly, who cares what Jerry and Dez agreed upon! One’s a Dip and the other is a Loser!

  10. Jerry Jones is just trying to make up for his “glory hole” slip. The first big play Bryant makes, Jones will forget this.

  11. This kid has so much potential lets just hope he figures it out before hes out of the nfl or worse in prison

  12. Send him to the Jets, they need a WR and he’d probably fit right in. Maybe Tebow can explain to him why hitting your mother is frowned upon.

  13. WR divas and WR head cases aren’t worth it.

    Guys like Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson are worth it.

  14. She was a 13 year old mother/prositute and a crack head, convicted of giving false information to the police, so who knows what actually happened.

    That being said I can’t think of any scenario that would legitimize slapping your own mother around.

    As much of a joke as Jerry Jones is, hopefully he can talk some sense into the kid and get him to focus on the opportunity he has.

    I hope Dez gets his ish together and actually lives up to his potential.

  15. I agree with Jerry on something…how did this happen? All the talent in the world. No common sense or direction. Straighten up young man, or you’ll be someone else’s problem.

  16. I really don’t want him to leave.. I like Bryant.. Once he starts scoring TD’s and lighting up the league, Jerry will never be able to cut him

  17. Dez Bryant is a loser. Another fine example of that great quote “You can take the man out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out the man”. Oh and Jerry do yourself a favor and get a G.M.

  18. I do not see that happening, especially with Jerry. If Dez will help the boys win, then Jerry will not let him go. I don’t know why he is acting like a hard ass GM now…

  19. Jones said that Bryant was contrite and sincere when they spoke and praised the wide receiver for the growth that he’s made since coming to the Cowboys.
    He assaulted his mom less than a month ago. Yeah, congratulations on that “growth”.

  20. His on the field preformance is jsut as uneven as his personal life, and there is your bottom line.

    Jones, like most owners, will be a lot more understanding and patient with the personal junk if the Bryant achieves the kind of success on the field that his talent clearly should allow.

  21. Smartest thing Jerr-uh has said in a long time. Dez needs to understand that this is his JOB now. And if he can’t/won’t perform to standard Jerr-uh will find somebody that will.

  22. It is my understanding that Dallas was unlikely to re-sign Bryant when his contract was up even before this latest incident. It’s one of the reasons why they looked hard at Josh Gordon. Sure, it was said that they wanted a third receiver, but it may be closer to the truth that Dallas has already decided to move on from Bryant unless there is a dramatic change in his approach.

  23. ” Praised the WR for the growth he has Made?” Did Dez Grow an inch or two taller? Surely, Jerry couldn’t mean this loose cannon has grown emotionally, or matured as a person COULD he??!

  24. Pretty good receiver but more a knucklehead
    than anything. Won’t be long down this chosen
    path that knucklehead will be replaced with
    criminal/prisoner. Not every NFL player gets
    away with every crime. Keep it Dez or you’re heading for the glory hole, too.

  25. If he means it, good for Jerry.

    That said, he wouldn’t be in this bind if he paid more attention to character concerns at the draft and didn’t get his mind clouded by physical talent.

  26. So much potential lets just hope he can figure it out before he is out of the nfl or in prison

  27. One thing is for sure, I get sick and tired of turning on the NFL Network and having to hear every single update on Cowboys camp. There are 32 teams, but all they talk about is the damn Cowboys.

  28. But but but, Dez’s lawyer swore NOTHING happened! He had that press conference and said there was NO violence, and that it was simply a big misunderstanding. Golly, whatever could Dez be contrite about then??

  29. Since I am an amateur Psychiatrist, I’m qualified to say that JJ made a major misstep here. If Dez has a bad game or two, he will shut it down, looking to transfer to greener pastures where JJ’s lectures aren’t part of the deal. And who could blame him?

  30. Come on over to philly, Dezzy. We’ll make you an all-pro and get you as far as the NFC championship game in one year flat.

  31. Jerry Jerry Jerry….. you screwed man. You thought you were drafting a phenom. You saw incredible athletic ability, hand eye coordination, speed, height etc etc etc…. just phenomenal physical talents and abilities. BUT…. you screwed up man! Dez has no brains and even less character. He can’t just grow a brain all of the sudden…. even if you sprinkle all kinds of special herbs & spices into his Wheaties. And character???…. well that’s something that doesn’t pop up out of nowhere either. Face it Jerry…. you screwed up.

  32. What’s on his rap sheet? Got a bad credit rating over the bling, got kicked out of the mall for a week, got into an argument with his mom that may or may not have gotten physical. What else?

    Get some perspective. We have NFL players that have killed people.

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