Jones won’t comment on whether he pursued Tebow


The Tim Tebow circus has pitched its tents in New York, and the media (especially ESPN) is covering all three rings simultaneously.

So did the man who recently built the ultimate football big top want to bring Tebow to town?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wouldn’t comment on whether he tried to pull of a trade for Tebow.  Which possibly means that Jones did.

“I’m not going to give you a straight answer,” Jones told me earlier today on The Dan Patrick Show.

Jones gave plenty of straight answers on other topics.  The full interview is worth a listen.

Despite the fact that I conducted it.

16 responses to “Jones won’t comment on whether he pursued Tebow

  1. This would surprise me considering how Jerry Jones made those comments not too long ago talking about how of Tebow played for Dallas “he’d never see the field” and considering they have romo, I’d think there are better options to trade for.

  2. Does Jerry annoy Cowboy fans as much as he does the rest of us?


    He annoys us Cowboys fans even more than the rest of the NFL fans….

    He’s embarrassing to say the least.

    I wish he would look around at the successful NFL owners…Kraft, Mara and so on, and take a page out of their book

  3. It kills me that he says the 1994 season was his “biggest disappointment”. All he had to do was stay out of Jimmy Johnson’s way, at least enough to not run him off and he would have had the most prominent dynasty ever. But that’s just the thing. He can’t leave the team alone. He wants to run it himself AND be successful. That’s not possible for most billionaires. Go back to being an oil man and hire a GM who has earned his stripes INSIDE of football.

  4. as a diehard cowboys fan i love jerry jones and i hate em. i love the fact he really does love the cowboys and does whatever it takes to TRY and make them succeed. But then you have Jerry the GM and Jerry the egomaniac dumb ass. He ALWAYS needs to be in the spotlight. What owner do you know who gets interviewed AFTER every game like jerry. He just craves all the attention its actually quite annoying. Just sit your ass down and be a normal owner. Look at John Mara,Robert Craft, Art Rooney they dont need no damn spotlight there just low key owners who really want to win but dont’ crave the attention.

  5. Tebow has the same amount of playoff wins as Romo. I would personally take Tebow over Romo just because he is more clutch but neither are a top 15 qb.

    I think this will be Romos last year in Dallas. They are a 6 or 7 win team this year and need a change.

    Eli is still best and most clutch qb in NFL, and all you cowboy fans can suck it

  6. Romo not a top 15 qb??? really???

    He is def top 15 possibly top 10…just look at the stats…reg season

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