Report: Jake Locker favored to start for Titans


Incumbent starter Matt Hasselbeck and 2011 first-round pick Jake Locker are rotating first-team quarterback reps evenly at Titans camp. But there are growing indications that the organization is poised to go young. Hasselbeck is entering his age-37 season. Locker was the eighth overall selection in last year’s draft, and flashed explosive playmaking ability off the bench in rookie spot appearances.

NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi stated on Inside Training Camp Live that he’s “learned” Locker is the favorite to start over Hasselbeck. The Titans appear to have decided internally that the power-armed, athletic youngster is ready to start in the NFL after being eased in as a rookie.

Locker, of course, will need to avoid tanking in camp practices and preseason games in order to maintain what is probably still a loose grip on the lead position. But if Locker capitalizes on the promise he displayed as a rookie, Hasselbeck may never play another down as a Titan.

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  1. The guy almost brought the Titans back single-handedly against my Falcons making me a believer in the process.

    He can run like a deer and has a serious arm.

  2. It’s year 2. He should be moving more into a starter role.

    There isn’t an established starter in front of him like there was for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay (some Brent Favor guy…).

    I would be really shocked if Locker wasn’t the starter this year.

  3. He either took a serious step as an NFL QB or the Titans are reaching to “capitalize” on their first round pick from last year.

  4. Kind of a strong statement to say that Hasselback may never play another down if Locker is named the starter.

    While technically possible, how many starting QBs play every single down in an entire season?

  5. All I care about is winning as a Titans fan… It doesn’t matter who the quarterback is ….whoever gives the Tennessee Titans the best chance to win…. Jake Locker has a great arm, running skills, big play potential but needs to increase his completion percentage which was a question when they drafted him….Matt Hasselbeck has veteran savvy, he can win a big game but he can be rattled by a physical team like the Steelers or Patriots…we will see who wins the job August 23rd.

  6. Good!

    When he was in college I was amazed by his skills. I used to run my mouth telling everyone this guy will be a top 5 QB in the NFL.

    Come on Jake, don’t make a (bigger) fool outta me!

  7. He better brother. He’s my backup QB in my fantasy brother. Starter is of course Robert Griffin the 3rd brother.

  8. @realitypolice is right – most NFL starting quarterbacks get knocked out for a series or a quarter or a game or more at some point in a season. And Hasselbeck, while old and declinig in skills, is still better than most backups in the NFL.

  9. As much as I like Locker and am really encouraged by what he’s shown so far, I don’t think you can underestimate what Hasselbeck really brought to that huddle last year. He still adds a lot to the team. His work ethic and his veteran leadership have been pretty awesome. Class act.

    It’s not an easy call IMO, especially when you look at who they play the first month of the season. I could see Hasselbeck’s experience being a plus early on; if things are going well for the team (including the defense) after 3-4 weeks, no real reason to complain…if not, then you can make the switch to Locker.

    But if Locker does end up the opening day starter, it says a lot. It’s not like he’d be taking the job away from a guy who didn’t play well (when healthy) last year. Hasselbeck will definitely make him work for it.

  10. they have to. you can’t draft a guy with the 8th overall pick and sit him more than a year.

  11. We’veall seen what Hasselbeck can and has done and he’s not the answer anymore. Gotta go with the big upside that Locker has and give the guy a shot. I saw alot of him at UW he’s also a good guy. I’m rooting for him even though I’m not a Titans fan.

  12. I like Hasselbeck, but Locker looked great at times last season. Honestly, I would’ve turned to him mid-season last year. He seems to have good chemistry with Nate Washington. If he can connect with Britt as well, watch out. They could be a dangerous passing attack.

  13. I’m a Titans fan…. Look up Jake Locker’s completion percentage in college, it was Tebow like….he completed 51% of his passes in limited action last year…in order to be the starter for the Titans Jake Locker needs to complete a higher percentage like Hasselbeck’s 58 -59% average completion rate or higher…

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