Report: Redskins, Bills in clear on bounty allegations


In the wake of the revelation of the investigation into the Saints bounty program, there were allegations that the Redskins and Bills both had similar programs when Gregg Williams was coaching there.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the league has looked into those allegations and found “no evidence of the type of program that existed at the Saints.” Per the report, investigators weren’t able to find “independent, multiple corrorboration” of statements made in the media.

Maske’s source said that the case could be reopened if any new evidence comes to light. At present, though, both teams are in the clear.

Maske had one of the reports that quoted multiple former Redskins about the existence of a bounty program and helped touch off the investigation. Former Redskins safety Matt Bowen also claimed there was a bounty program in place while Williams ran the defense in Washington. Williams was the Redskins defensive coordinator from 2004 to 2007. Former Bills safety Coy Wire leveled similar allegations against Williams, who was the head coach of the Bills from 2001 to 2003.

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  1. What kind of bounty program existed when he was in New Orleans? Only thing shown so far is a pay for performance program, which isn’t a bounty system.

  2. After the fiasco with New Orleans thats what I would have said too…Bet they wish that was their answer when dealing with the New Orleans investigation

  3. Of course they didn’t find evidence of a bounty system in Buffalo, although they may not have made the playoffs in 12 years, they’ve always had thing thing called class in their organization. Something those scum bags in the bayou would know nothing about.

  4. How could the NFL find there were other programs running bounties? This would ruin the narrative advanced by the league which resulted in unprecedented punishment. It would also demonstrate the violent culture of the NFL which would be detrimental to the NFL defense in the concussion litigation. “I am shocked I say, shocked to find gambling on the premises.”

  5. And these idiots actually thought someone was gonna step forward after the way the Saints were basically told to touch their toes??

    Come on give us a break already

  6. In regards to Matt Bowen, I’m inclined to believe he was “Player X” that ESPN ran stories by last year, and that he has so nicely parlayed into a position at the National Football Post, and you may have to take what he says with a grain of salt because I’m thinking he’s done a bit of embellishing what goes on in NFL locker rooms.

  7. “What kind of bounty program existed when he was in New Orleans? Only thing shown so far is a pay for performance program, which isn’t a bounty system.”

    – Let’s not pretend they’re necessarily mutually exclusive.

  8. Haha…..Goodell don’t want anymore of this “bounty saga” that he has created. If he could do a “do over”, he would give up his first born to have his reputation back, but that ship has sailed.

  9. Bottomline a upset coach turned into deep throat on the Saints. Without him and the tape there is nothing on the Saints. But people keep forgetting the league got a whiff of this before and warn them and the Saints kept it going. So you reap what you sew. Gregg Williams is done as a NFL coach unless a team that can take a PR hit like the Pats or the Steelers give him a shot a which I doubt. Take your lumps Saints and keep it moving.

  10. So, two players who were eye witnesses to Williams’ tactics in Buffalo and DC say it was a bounty program but they are disbelieved by Goodell, who says he has no independent corroborating evidence; and players from New Orleans, also eye witnesses to Williams’ tactics, say it was not a bounty program, yet Goodell disbelieves them, too, though once again he has no independent corroborating evidence.

    Goodell suspends one guy for taking prescribed Adderall, but doesn’t suspend another guy for taking prescribed Adderall.

    I live in a small city. Illegal drugs are a problem here, like all American cities. We know which wealthy, influential people are doing stuff like coke, yet these are never the ones who get arrested. They just get to go to rehab in some exotic locale.

    We like to say that the cops know who to catch and who not to catch. It’s selective law inforcement. That describes Roger Goodell.

  11. Yeah I know everyone in the nfl plays perfect and doesn’t get mad and hit players illegally. Oh wait. James Harrison. Buffalos defense under Williams. The eagles whos coach brought in a bounty on someone’s head. Reggie white woulda eatin your leg out there if he could have. The dirtiest hitter in all of football Ronnie lot. So 49 fans stop your crying. I can go on but you don’t hear me crying about when players were literally murdering archy manning. Nope every team had players that played so freakin dirty and guess what that’s football people. Can’t handle it don’t watch. Stop being girls about it and understand that this is what football is. An there was no bounty on anyone and we have do dirty players look at our penalties thank you very much. Please I dare the next person to step up to tell me what team you like. You won’t cause all teams at one point or another had dirty players. End of story oh yeah saints 1 Super Bowl ring maybe we will do it again this year Just to shut you all up. Be men people not crying whining little girls

  12. Wait, I thought it was a paid for performance program that rewarded clean legal hits that just happened to result in injuries to players, this saying a Bounty program existed in Buffalo and Washington is an attempt to disparage those teams because the league has an agenda against them.

  13. no evidence….except for players admitting it and as far as class being in buffalo i remember a couple years ago buffalo fans were sending death threats and lit something on fire in a players yard that made a bonehead play that cost them a game against the pats….real classy

  14. next thing you know team mates will be giving another player a high five for getting a good hit on an opponent….to think that might exist in football is mind boggling

  15. Yeah…like the league wants bounty headlines in couple more cities. They made their point…in abundance! Everyone else is getting a pass on this one.

  16. GregG put on a good 70 pounds from the time he arrived in DC to the time he finished in NO. Hopefully he never coaches another NFL game ever again brother.

  17. I told you Joe Gibbs was innocent…now don’t you never let me hear you say nothing bad about Joe Gibbs.EVER

  18. The NFL can’t find independent, multiple corroboration, but without trying how about:

    Matt Bowen, Phillip Daniels & Pierson Prioleau

    Of course in fairness they only had payments for “kill shots” and payments for hard hits. Not bounties.

  19. Coaches get exuberant and, “Hit them hard, often!” works for me. My issue has always been the offer of extra monies to do that. Shouldn’t they (the players) have had that spark on their own? I guess for some it’s extra cash to make it rain now and then!!

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