Ryan Fitzpatrick says mechanical changes are working

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The Bills made some big changes to their defense this offseason by bringing in new players, but the biggest change on offense involved a player who was already on the team.

The Bills hired David Lee to be the quarterbacks coach and tasked him with working on Ryan Fitzpatrick’s mechanics. The goal is to cut down on the turnovers that plagued Fitzpatrick last season. While a better defense should allow the offense to take fewer dangerous chances, Fitzpatrick’s play down the stretch last season was inconsistent enough that you can’t blame all the problems on game situations.

Fitzpatrick is already starting to see the work on his footwork pay dividends. During a press conference on Tuesday, Fitzpatrick was asked if the mechanical tweaks are starting to become second nature.

“Yeah, it has. The other thing though is that it is just an answer maybe for some of my consistency issues,” Fitzpatrick said. “And so I will still fall into an old habit. ‘Well you threw the ball behind him because of this.’ And it is something we have worked on and talked about. And I think that is helpful.”

Lee’s work has been successful thus far, but the big test, as Fitzpatrick readily admits, will come when games start and defenses are coming after him full speed. If the changes aren’t second nature at that point, Fitzpatrick will likely start making the same old mistakes and the Bills offense will be dealing with the same old difficulties.

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  1. I am glad that they are working to improve his throwing, but I like that he takes chances and puts his reputation (and stats) on the line when he tries to win a game. Quite a few of those early victories last year were comeback victories that never would have happened if Fitz didn’t take some chances.

  2. If the changes aren’t second nature at that point, Fitzpatrick will likely start making the same old mistakes and the Bills offense will be dealing with the same old difficulties.

    That is one thing you can’t take away from Fitzpatrick, full speed, half speed or an all out blitz, he doesn’t fluster. RF has confidence in himself and knows that being a QB in the NFL doesn’t mean you have to be a super athlete. The position requires the use of your brain too. I believe the QB position is 49% physical and 51% mental. Fitz may not have the arm of Brett Favre, but he is extremely smart and can use strategy to beat his opponents. I think we will see a much more dominant Fitzpatrick this season. If he stays healthy, look for the same RF that we seen the first half of last season.

  3. Having been at camp this year, Fits looks decidedly different from last year. In 11 on 11 drills it has been a mixed bag, though, as the defense is on a completely different level than the D from the last many years in Buffalo. Being able to train under this stress will be beneficial to Fitz and will yield positive gains come September. With that being said, what made Fitz good is his gunslinger mentality and he shouldn’t lose sight of that.

  4. As he goes so will the Bills. When he was good the Bills were good. After he hurt ribs and was awful so were the Bills.

    It wasn’t Gailey’s style last year but Spiller and Jackson should be getting at least 30 combined carries a game.

  5. What do you expect Fitz to say the changes aren’t working? When it transfers to when it counts then I will be convinced. Hate to sound like a doubting Thomas but I think the league caught up to Fitz last year and forced him to have to do things he couldn’t do a) throw to the outside b) throw deep. Hope Lee can work miracles. Nix and Gailey have done a great job except for getting their QB of the future so if Fitz fizzles this year then the Bills are still 2-3 yrs from the playoffs.

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