Still no progress for Jaguars, Justin Blackmon

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The last remaining unsigned draft pick isn’t any closer to getting a deal done.

There’s been no real progress between the Jacksonville Jaguars and wide receiver Justin Blackmon, a league source tells PFT. Blackmon has been and will continue to be absent from training camp until a deal gets done.

It’s not known exactly what the issues are separating the two sides, but it’s safe to say that the team wants protections in case Blackmon’s off-field problems overshadow his on-field talent. There were already whispers that Blackmon was a character risk for the Jaguars even before he was arrested for drunk driving during the offseason.

Eventually, one side is going to have to give to get Blackmon in camp. But at the moment neither side appears to be eager to take a step toward the other. And that means the two players the Jaguars thought would be their biggest offensive playmakers — Blackmon and Maurice Jones-Drew — remain at home while the rest of the team is working.

30 responses to “Still no progress for Jaguars, Justin Blackmon

  1. This guy is starting to look like somebody you can write off as a bust even before he puts on an NFL uniform. He racks up DUIs, his focus is on getting every dollar possible even at the expense of missing his first training camp … it’s pretty obvious that becoming a productive NFL player is WAY down near the bottom of his list. If it’s even ON the list.

  2. Who cares if Drunkmon signs or not. Chalk it up to anothet WR bust and move on. We’ll be fine with Robindon and Evans. And if not, who cares. Don’t give in to this alcoholic prima donna.

  3. If the Jags told him they will pay him w/40oz of Mickey’s Big Mouth I bet he’d be in camp for the afternoon session.

  4. Dez Bryant 2.0

    Why would you ever draft someone like this? But that then begs the question……draft a punter in the 3rd round? How does Shack Harris stay employed? Seriously.

  5. Your best and only offensive weapon is not at camp cause of a contract and your top pick Wr where your team lacks talent can’t get a contract done in a slotted system. Players and agents are watching and it will be tough for the jags to bring in top tier free agents doing buisness like this

  6. I find it pathetic that this kid doesn’t believe in himself. Does he think he is going to screw up again? Does he not trust himself. This guy is straight up trash if an off field clause is what’s holding this up. Every single player should have an off field clause. Even the ones with a clean history. If I am investing millions of dollars, I want a product thy has self control. This guy is a loser

  7. This guy had the city eating out of the palms of his hands. We have been starved for a receiver since Jimmy Smith retired over 6 years ago. He was the talk of the town. One night of drinking, a DUI and now a contract holdout. He killed any goodwill this city had.

  8. There were a lot of folks out there bashing the Browns for picking TRich instead of Blackmon. And even more people shaking their heads at taking Josh Gordon in the supplemental. Well, they’re both in camp and, by all reports, tearing it up. Both will have better careers than JB.

    Thank God for Tom Heckert doing his homework! Go BROWNS!!!

  9. Really? As a jags fan I say let him hold out. You would think after the dui he would be looking to get into camp asap to reassure the coaches/management/fans that the jags made the right choice. Either he or his agent are a piece of sh*t (probably both) . it’s like he wants the fans to turn against him.

  10. What’s the rush if Gabbert is your QB? Maybe he’s trying to get traded to a team with a good QB. Either that or he doesn’t want to play in Los Angeles.

  11. The AFC South is WEAK! Jag’s are a huge mess…horrible QB, their only good offensive player holding out, and a diva receiver with a drinking problem they cant even get signed. It doesnt matter how good Andrew Luck is, the Colts are in full re-building mode. Looks like a two team race….here’s hoping my Texans beat out the Titans.

  12. Guy is not a issue. Just because someone gets a dui doesnt mean he has issues. Way more than half of you including myself have driven drunk before. Even if it was around the block. Guy made bad choice. And his moron agent is hold stuff up not justin.

  13. Jag(offs) are at it again.

    They’ll never win. Which means, the stands will always be empty… what else would you expect from a Mularkey run team with a new owner?

    Jag wins over and under this year =3.5

    Take the under.

  14. If the NFL wants to expand to LA, they should either expand or send a real NFL team. I’m not sure the Jags qualify for the second but maybe for the first.

    At least Khan still has the best manstache in the league.

  15. An individuals actions have consequences, except in the case of egotistical pro athletes. As a Jags fan since day one, I really don’t want a guy who thinks the organization should turn a blind eye to a rookie who endagers the public by getting into a car and driving with a blood alchohol level of .24. Stop negotiating with him and get a compensitory first round pick next year…whoever we draft will be more productive then Blackmon.

  16. So…you go for a job interview and secure a position, and you are to report next Monday. Over the weekend you receive a DUI based on a score THREE times the legal amount. I wonder if that would cause a slight problem between you and your new employer? What are the chances you would retain your position, much less under the same terms negotiated PRIOR to your DUI.. JEEZ, what is Blackmon, much less his agent thinking? How can either of them demand the same treatment as a draft pick with zero baggage? A bit NERVY, don’t you think?!

  17. I am hoping the Jags are insisting he work an alcohol diversion program. And I hope such a demand isn’t what is holding everything up.

    Everyone knows he has very real problems with alcohol, but I hope he isn’t so far gone he’d put it ahead of his career before he even had one.

  18. With the new rookie scale, there is no reason for the Jags or any other team insisting that non-normal clauses for NFL Rookie contracts be placed in any rookie contract. It’s not like he would be getting Jamarcus Russel money here. While Blackman’s actions prior to the negotiations are inexcusable, he’s not wrong for holding out here. He should try to get as much totally guaranteed money as he can, as he has to play out the relativity cheap contract before he has a chance to make good money even if he does awesome on the field and behaves off it. If the Jags truly have problems with what he did to the point that they are hesitant to sign him, don’t. Hell, make a statement to players and your fans by taking a stand and not signing your first round pick because he doesn’t deserve to be signed, if you believe that he doesn’t.

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