Todd Haley bringing some old school back to Steelers O


Todd Haley grew up working as a water boy at Steelers training camp, looking up to stars such as Joe Greene.

But as different as they are, they share a philosophy on how to improve the Steelers offense, according to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

This offseason, the legendary defensive lineman revealed the unhappiness with the way former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians treated the run game.

“You have to practice it, that’s the thing,” Greene said. “There is always a weakness in a defense for the run, but you have to be able to look for it. You don’t just call the run because you get tired of throwing it or because someone wants you to.”

So when Haley came in to put his stamp on the offense, it’s no accident someone who grew up on the Steelers of the 70s (his father was a personnel man who helped build those teams) had a similar blueprint.

“If you can run it when they know you’re going to run it — successfully — and you can throw it when they know you’re going to throw it, you have a chance to be real good, and that’s what we’re working on.”

Haley’s brought the fullback back into the offense, and put a bigger emphasis on the run game in practice.

“I’m staying away from last year because I had my own set of encyclopedias going on somewhere else,” said Haley, who had his own problems in Kansas City. “But I think that’s the name of the game on offense is being able to get the yards you need on the ground when the defense knows your running, wherever that falls in the game, if it’s critical short-yardage, if it’s a four-minute situation.”

The Steelers aren’t necessarily going to reverse the ratio and suddenly go back to running 60 percent of the time. But if they can bring a sense of balance (after 539 pass attempts against just 434 runs last year), there’s an opportunity to open more things up for Ben Roethlisberger and a group of receivers that may or may not include Mike Wallace.

10 responses to “Todd Haley bringing some old school back to Steelers O

  1. Cincys D line and linebackers are in better shape than the secondary.
    They hope the Steelers run the ball. Plus, isn’t Mendenhall banged up?

  2. This is exactly the tonic needed to get back to the Super Bowl and it is music to the ears of Steeler fans everywhere.

    Arians did some good things, but his lack of imagination too often in the Red Zone hurt the Steelers. The others teams often knew the Steelers were passing when they were. Arians had diminished the threat of the run, and without a fullback, it was getting too easy. Then you had some weak spots on the O-line. I can tell you right now, it is going to be far different this year. With the Steelers having
    DeCastro-Pouncy-Colon at the G-C-G positions , watch out. Plus, I think Haley will let Ben take the no-huddle to another level. It should be fun and all is needed as the schedule is demanding.

  3. Unfortunately for the Steelers, it’s a passing league now. Teams that run the ball get left in the dust.

  4. From a Chiefs fan, there is no worse red zone play caller than Todd Haley.

    The rest of the field aint so great either, but the red zone calls are a joke.

  5. Haley saw firsthand how bad the steelers offense was last year when they barely beat his Tyler Palko led chiefs 13-9. The steelers also stomped that powerhouse Cleveland browns team by the same score.

  6. You guys better hope you don’t have any third and shorts…”ain’t gonna get ’em”. Todd’s play calling was extremely suspect. I can’t wait to see how Pitt’s leadership deals with some bizarre play calling.

  7. I’ll grade Haley at the end of the season. So far he looks fine. Mean Joe was correct. Plus a more balanced offensive scheme cuts down on QB sacks, something paramount to success this season.

    As for the mouth breathers from Cincy and KC, stay out of the Steelers business. Who would take advice from teams with a combined 1 and 3 record in the Superbowl (with the win coming over 40 years ago). Pray for 3rd place in your division because thats where you’ll both be in January.

  8. Sure, he’s all yours for now. All the local media types talk about how much more relaxed the Chiefs are this year. And yes, that might not translate to a winning record, but Haley was stubborn enough to cost us a few wins and some injuries (with the way he ran camp last season).

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