Trent Cole has shoulder injury

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The Eagles have plenty of defensive ends, and they may need all of them.

With starter Jason Babin already missing from practice with a calf strain, starter Trent Cole will miss anywhere from a day to a week with a shoulder injury, according to Reuben Frank of

Cole said of the injury, “I’m always ready.”

“I think with injuries in this day and age of football, you’ve got to be patient,” coach Andy Reid said.  “You don’t want to put the player in a bind.  You think about them first and then the practices.  You don’t want to put them in a position where they get hurt worse than what they already are.”

The injury occurred Monday.  The swelling reduced on Tuesday, the team’s off day, but it returned when Wednesday tried to practice.

The absence of Babin and Cole gives Brandon Graham extra opportunities to prove that he wasn’t and isn’t a bust.

Starting tight end Brent Celek continues to miss practice with a knee injury.  He said that he can run in a straight line, but that he has trouble cutting.

11 responses to “Trent Cole has shoulder injury

  1. I hope that injury gets worse and costs him a full season. That would be karma for his cheap shot on Russell Okung that caused a pectoral injury that knocked Okung out for a season.

  2. Guy deserves to be out for the season after that cheap shot he gave Russell Okung.

    Okung was owning Cole all game, Cole got mad and as a result Okung got hurt and missed the rest of the season.

  3. Good time for the youngsters to step up..Graham and vinny curry should mesh well in the rotation. Don’t forget Philip hunt in the mix!!

  4. I’m sure he’ll be back to attempting to tear the arms off of offensive linemen who have been owning him the entire game in no time.

  5. “The injury occurred Monday. The swelling reduced on Tuesday, the team’s off day, but it returned when Wednesday tried to practice.”

    Is Wednesday taking reps with the first team or second?

  6. No excuses it’s Dynasty or bust or maybe just win a playoff game or maybe just make the playoffs

  7. The play with Cole and Okung was stupid and shouldnt have happened.. it wasnt a dirty/late hit, it was frustration. Cole was getting owned all night and didnt like it.. that play Okung had him hooked and wound up on Coles back so Cole flipped him. It happened nowhere near the play and was ridiculous. BUT.. it was more of a skirmish then a late hit or malicous hit.. wasnt a hit at all, it was a flip.

  8. wow. Trent Cole a dirty player.. um, I think u mean Top5 Player. like he is always listed as, for his position.
    never heard of Okung b4 this “Cheap shot” bs.
    but I guess he must be the most disciplined , dignified Lineman ever, not taking any cheap shots.., Ever. Oku.. who?
    yeah right.
    grow up spineless nerds, this is Football, not touchy feely. Go play tetherball and let the trenches alone.

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