Unlike college, Matt Leinart’s teaching Carson Palmer now

When they were together at Southern Cal 10 years ago, Carson Palmer was the mentor and Matt Leinart the student.

These days, the Raiders backup quarterback has flipped those roles, serving as Palmer’s teacher in his new offensive system.

Because Leinart’s worked with Raiders coordinator Greg Knapp the last two years in Houston, he’s sharing his wisdom with the guy he followed under center for the Trojans.

It’s an interesting turn of events,” Leinart told Paul Gutierrez of CSNBayArea.com. “To be with Carson again, it’s crazy. It’s 10 years removed since he left USC. It’s 10 years, we’re back together, which is fun. It’s interesting because Carson’s been around the game a long time, [but] for me, being part of this offense a few years, I’m still competing my butt off, but this is the first year I’ve really felt like that veteran leader to help the young guys.

“Because we’re a young football team, so this is the first year I’ve really felt like I’m helping the young guys.”

Granted, Palmer’s 32 and Leinart’s 29, but the point stands.

Leinart said their familiarity makes it seem like college all over again, but Palmer said he can learn some things from Leinart because of the time spent with Knapp.

“No disrespect to my quarterback coach, Coach Flip [John DeFilippo] and Coach Knapp, but it’s different when you hear it from a player, for whatever reason,” Palmer said. “Your coach can tell you the same thing over and over again and every once in a while Matt will chime in and say, ‘You know, I hit this on this play against this team’ or whatever. It’s nice to get a coaching point from a player some times. Not all the time, but sometimes.

“He’s got experience in it because he’s done it and if he hasn’t done it, he’s seen it done by another quarterback in [Matt] Schaub or T.J. Yates or whoever it was. It’s really nice to get kind of the same coaching points, but it’s a little more believable when you get it from a player sometimes.”

Even if that player is the guy who was your understudy a decade ago.

24 responses to “Unlike college, Matt Leinart’s teaching Carson Palmer now

  1. A struggling 1st round bust directing the starting QB in Faderville… I’m waiting for the appropriate punchlines!

  2. i love their QB situation…

    Palmer – something to prove, comeback player of the year candidate

    Leinart – playing for his career and a 2nd chance

    Pryor – playing for his respect and the future

    all 3 QBs could step into a game and know they are playing for all the marbles – for the team and their career…

    its not like you got some journeymen backups with no future of being a starting QB and nothing to prove because they already hit their pinnacle

    then again the Raiders also did have Rich Gannon, a journeyman QB , and I would say that worked out pretty well

  3. A struggling 1st round bust directing the starting QB in Faderville… I’m waiting for the appropriate punchlines!


    We’ve seen time after time that playing ability has little correlation with coaching ability. Take a look around the NFL, it’s coaching ranks are filled with guys who never made it in the NFL, Bad to mediocre former players, a handfull of good players and the rare HOF player who has made a successful transition to coaching.

    Who knows, maybe Leinart is more of a Gary Kubiak than a John Elway.

  4. Having watched Palmer’s career, it is obvious that he is lacking the vital skills Leinart has to offer, such as being a complete and utter first-round bust (rather than a marginal one in retrospect) and generally sucking at football. Fortunately, Oakland has taken steps to rectify these shortcomings and Palmer should be a third-string/in-and-out-of-the-league QB in no time, sitting by the phone Jeff George-style. Palmer-Leinart could be the next Rich Mirer-Jeff Hostetler, Raiders fans – 0-16 is not out of reach.

  5. Matt Leinart teaching any QB anything, once again spells bad news for Raiders Nation. Carson “six Pick” Palmer will take Raiders nowhere. Bank on it!

  6. Obviously some of you dont know how to read this article correctly…it basically says since Leinart knows the offense he will help Palmer understand it..it didnt say leinart knew how to run it….idiots.

  7. Hopefully he doesn’t teach him to party with co-eds in hot tubs when he should be learning the playbook

  8. Leinhart could have been a great Quarterback if he had been coached up the right way when he entered the league. His coaches made him feel like an NFL star before he was even taught anything. What Leinhart needed was a great QB Coach and an Offensive Coordinator with patience, instead he was shorted.

  9. I love the hate… just fuels the fire. This team has so much to prove and are headed in nothing but the right direction. Looking forward to watching the critics eat their words. The Nation is ready

  10. See Carson, just as a change of pace, what you need to do here is try not to throw a pick 6.

  11. Good to see the Raiders have some quality QB’s. Ever since Gannon the Raiders have picked garbage for QB’s. With Pryor the Raiders have three excellent QB’s so injuries to that spot won’t be so devastating as it was last year before we picked up Palmer. Just love that the Raiders have two USC QB’s, a pity they won’t be able to land Barkley. I’m hoping for a playoff berth and then anything can happen.

  12. i love their QB situation…

    Palmer – another year older and slower

    Leinart – arguably the 3rd(behind Leaf and Jamarcus) most overrated college QB that has failed to live up to the hype.

    Pryor – playing to prove he is not the 3rd most overrated college QB that has failed to live up to the hype.

    If you rank all the QBs in the division including the backups I would still rank Palmer and Pryor above Cassell. JMHO

  13. jjackwagon Palmer might not of had the career that Manning has had but in 2012-2013 season he will have a better team record at the end of the year. Manning missed a year of football just like Palmer last year but the difference is that he hasnt had 6 kneck surgarys. Now i have alway liked manning and hated to see him go to the broncos. BUT your hopes are too high for this donkey team and the raiders will have a better year then the overrated broncos… Who is your backup oswielder? im sure he will be a bright future after Manning teaches him like he did with the curtis Painter… Raider will beat your beloved donkeys twice this year.. in the past 2 year raiders are 3-1 vs them.

  14. Why wont Lienart just go away? I’m so tired of seeing his name. He was too busy hanging out with a boy band singer and partying in Scottsdale to do anything here in AZ. Just seeing the guy makes me upset. Whoever said Lienart could have been great with proper coaching was way off the mark. He had everything he needed to succeed in AZ just ask the old man who took the starting job from him and took the Cards to the Super Bowl. What….? Warner did that due to the amazing coaching he got? I don’t wish Lienart ill, I hope he does succeed somewhere, but as a longtime Cards fan it hurts how little he cared about being handed the keys to my beloved franchise only to go out and squander the opportunity. A franchise QB should be the first one in the building and the last one out. He should live in the film room and win over his teammates with hard work and dedication. It would be nice to hear one of these first round busts at QB who failed due to work ethic and desire to admit and apologize to the fans who have to pay these high prices to go out and support their team. I go work my tail off to afford my season tickets and parking. Then I get ripped off by concession stands just so my starting QB can take the money and then not earn it. Now i see Kolb doing the exact same thing. While Ryan Williams practically lives at the facilities working his tail off Kolb isnt the first one there or the last one out. Can this staff survive two busts at the QB position? I hope so.

  15. Rumor has it that the “Sanchize” is getting traded to Oakland so he can back up the backups.

  16. Palmer is going to have a break out year, by the way @raidernewsflash is back on twitter and they are at training camp reporting stuff that happens, its good since thats the only way I can get access to whats going on since NFL NETWORK pretends RAIDERS don’t exist. They said they are showing a full day of all 32 teams training camps well they just showed the Raiders it was 2 min long and it just the team stretching meanwhile JETS and Broncos get 12 hrs
    IF you want breaking news before you see it here or ESPN follow @raidernewsflash.
    They broke the Palmer trade 2 hrs before anyone else

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