Antonio Brown thinks Todd Haley is “a really cool guy”


New Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley has never been known as a players’ coach, but the reviews out of Pittsburgh this offseason have been surprisingly positive.

The latest review comes from wide receiver Antonio Brown, who suggested that Haley is a better coach to play for than the popular previous offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians.

“It’s definitely a big difference,” Brown told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Todd’s really a cool guy — shaking guy’s hands, communicating with guys, putting in that extra time for guys, visiting with guys. Bruce wasn’t really that type of guy — he just went about his business. Todd is more team-oriented and more communicative with players and trying to work together with all the men, so he’s getting to know everyone. That’s something special to be a part of.”

Brown is aware that many players have said they don’t see eye to eye with Haley. And he’s aware that even players who like Haley rarely say anything nicer about him than that he’s “not always a butthole.” But Brown doesn’t agree with those who say Haley is hard to play for.

“He’s a great guy. Definitely not what people made him out to be,” Brown said. “You can’t go off of what you hear about a person until you really get to meet him, and, since I met this guy, he’s been first class.”

Brown has been raving about Haley all summer, and Brown’s comfort with the new offense, combined with his new five-year contract extension, has to have the Steelers feeling good that Brown will be their No. 1 receiver for years to come.

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  1. It’s gotta be a sobering summer for Haley back in Latrobe where he was a ball boy and where his dad played and scouted for the Steelers for decades.

    You know he wants another chance at head coach and the way league recycles them (how many current HCs were HCs somewhere else?) he could easily get another gig if he does well as OC in Pittsburgh.

    For those reasons I don’t think you’ll see the Haley’s Comet burning on the Steelers sidelines that much. There won’t be a lot of tolerance for that from that owner and that head coach.

  2. “You can’t go off of what you hear about a person until you really get to meet him”


    This. Antonio Brown seems like an easy going guy himself. He’s gonna have a huge season in that offense. Class act.

  3. Hey folks, gather around! This just in! Antonio Brown thinks Todd Haley is “a really cool guy!”

  4. Really? This is a story? What’s he supposed to say? “Nah, I don’t really like Todd Haley. He kind of sucks.” THAT would be a story. I get so tired of “This guy isn’t worried about his contract.” “This guy thinks his coach is a nice dude.” “This coach isn’t worried about his QB.”

  5. Unless you think that Brown will overtake Wallace spot on the depth chart while they’re on the same team I think you’re jumping the gun a little bit about him being the #1 for years to come. I know what you were getting at, but lets see what happens first.

  6. I live in KC and the Chiefs are my second favorite team, and i still believe Haley is a good coach.

  7. So he learned not to shun guys and actually go up to them to meet them?

    Plus, I’m sure he’ll help out the WRs. It’s the rest of the team that he’ll alienate.

  8. Leave it the cynics, sour pusses and comedian wannabes to put a negative spin on a harmless story. If Antonio Brown would’ve said Haley was a jerk somebody would say Haley didn’t learn a thing from his past. Isn’t it possible that a guy could experience a little personal growth?

  9. No issues off the field, hard working on the field, willing to embrace whatever helps them win. That’s the kind of player I look up to, and that’s the kind of player AB is…..

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