AWOL Balmer apparently changed his phone number


When discussing the unexcused absence of defensive end Kentwan Balmer, coach Mike Shanahan said he hopes it’s nothing serious.

It likely isn’t, given that Balmer apparently has changed his phone number.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the number that the team has for Balmer no longer works.

We’ll pass along more details as we get them.  For now, it’s looking like Balmer has simply decided to move on, and move out.

11 responses to “AWOL Balmer apparently changed his phone number

  1. How big an idiot can a guy be. Well his new ringtone will be from good times:

    Temporary layoff, Easy credit rip offs, scratching and survivin’, hangin’ in the chow lines

    I hope he saved his money because he will probably play as many NFL downs as me for the rest of his career, and no one is signing this 35 year old rookie.

  2. Ran out of SF, SEA, CAR…and now a no show in WA. Hardly news…the real news is Shanahan was retarded enough to sign him

  3. I can’t believe anyone ever questioned the 9ers FO for sending this bust to Seattle back into the arms of the drunk coke head, McCloughan who drafted him. He went AWOL while at the 9ers as well.

  4. him and tony ugho will always be linked, the colts traded a pick to draft ugho in early 2nd round, and the pick the 49ers got from the colts they used on balmer, and both players just quit on teams recently, so it was a bust 4 bust picks

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