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In the viewing room at 30 Rock, only a couple of pregame features make the various on-air personalities (e.g., Dan Patrick, Rodney Harrison, Tony Dungy), producers, veteran reporters (i.e., Peter King), and Internet hacks (i.e., me) stop and pay attention.

One of those moments comes when Frank Caliendo does his thing on FOX.

Unfortunately, Caliendo won’t be doing his thing on FOX any more.

The comedian has announced on his Twitter and Facebook pages that he won’t return in 2012.

I will not be back this coming season,” Caliendo said via Facebook.  “It was great to be part of the team with Terry and the guys for the last 9 years, but it’s time to move on.  I have a couple of upcoming ventures that look like they may be pretty cool. . . . And as soon as I can tell you more about them — I definitely will.”

Though Caliendo’s range of characters is fairly narrow and in some respects outdated (e.g., George Bush), he’s hilarious.

It’s unknown whether FOX will try to replace him.  It won’t be easy.

43 responses to “Caliendo out at FOX

  1. Please tell me you’re kidding. This guy is god awful. His Madden impression was cool at first, but the guy’s schtick got old fast. If you ask me, this came about 4 years too late.

  2. Keep him, Long and Glazer. Dump the others immediately. Maybe I could watch it again.

  3. Well, we can’t see him on TV every Sunday for four months out of the year….

    But we can still see him every Tuesday at the Ha Ha Hole in Munckton Indiana.

  4. To call Caliendo “hilarious” is an insult to people all around the world who are actually hilarious. My uncle who made me pull his finger was George Carlin compared to Caliendo. 9 years and he never made me even smile once. Caliendo was the benefactor of a REALLY good agent. Caliendo was ten times less relevant than Hank’s “Are you ready for some football?” intros. Dude was awful.

  5. The Fox pre-game show maybe one of the worst pre-games ever….

    all these guys do is sit around and joke and laugh. Strahan had no right being on that show…he is terrible. The for pre-game show was better when Ronnie Lott was on it.

  6. I was so sick of the terry bradshaw jokes I refused to watch it. heheje bradshaws bald no $%&%! he’s been bald since I was 6-7

  7. Frank Caliendo was funny once upon a time. I mean, he was funny once and it was a long time ago.

  8. I’ve seen war wounds that were funnier than Frank Caliendo.

    We watch the pre-game shows for football information and stories, not some hack comedians.

    Fox still has the best show, even better now with Caliendo gone. CBS is just a bore. They need to replace everyone there. ESPN has 47 too many people on their show. NBC is good, but need to drop that pee wee league junk.

  9. I personally look forward to the fox pregame show every sunday morning,i think they got a good mix of people on it compared to the squares that are on cbs…this guy quitting was a good thing though.

  10. The guy is a lame tool. He is no Chris Farley fo sure! I want football not some spaz wanna be comedian.

  11. Don’t have to change the channel any longer during their broadcast. Good riddance. Hasn’t been remotely funny in years

  12. I never understood Fox’s hard on for this guy….he is sooo NOT funny, his skits are horrendous! Thank god he won’t be back!!

  13. I agree with the earlier post: When you have Bradshaw, who needs Caliendo?

    It’s funny, for years Bradshaw tried to get away from the “hick from Louisiana” perception. Now he’s a cartoon character.

    I never watch the Fox pregame show. I respect Howie Long and, to a degree, Jimmy Johnson but Bradshaw acts like the class clown, cutting up and snickering while Long and Johnson actually discuss the games.

    All of the pregame shows have their issues, but I will stick with CBS. Less bloated, more news and not yet a cast of thousands.

  14. It pained me every time they put him on. It looked like it took everything Howie had in him not to punch him or the TV he was on, too.

    Not Frank’s fault, but who thought it would be a good idea to have comedians on these broadcasts?

  15. frank sucked….kimmel was a good change up to the usual analysis, but frank was a one trick pony and I’d rather have no comedian than a crappy comedian…

  16. Yeah, this guy was nowhere near funny. His George Bush and John Madden impressions made me chuckle the first time I saw them, but thats it.

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