Colts still struggling to sell tickets

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Maybe the Colts need to reiterate that they will black out any games that aren’t sold out.

The last time the team pointed out its plan to not take advantage of the ability to cut its minimum ticket sales below 100 percent of all non-premium seats, fans responded by buying more tickets.

Still, more than 1,600 season tickets remain, according to RTV6 in Indy.

Single-game tickets go on sale Tuesday.

“You can’t affect the game from your couch,” V.P. of  of ticket sales Larry Hall told RTV6.  “Come to the game; it’s an exciting place to be.  It’s a shared experience.  If they haven’t been, we certainly want them to come.”

The Colts likely will sell out their games, especially early in the season.  But if they end up starting slowly, it could be tough to fill up Lucas Oil Stadium late in the year, if the remaining season tickets don’t sell.

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  1. One bad season and the colts have trouble selling tickets. That is sad. Other franchises that have not had near the success sell more tickets. The stadium is not even that big.

  2. Maybe they should think outside the box.

    Maybe they should.. I don’t know.. lower the price of tickets?

    I know.. a wild thought…

  3. As good as Andrew Luck may be, or become, I’m sure lots of Colts fans are still waiting, unconvinced.

    Once he starts winning, assuming he does, the fans will flock to Lucas Oil Stadium. Until then, a season with only 2 wins is hard to forget. Give it time.

  4. They will not see out, but they also will not be blacked out. Budweiser will come in and buy what is left. Like they do in other markets around the NFL.

  5. It’s hard to sell season tickets with the catchphrase:

    “Suck WITH Luck in 2013”

    “Suck for Luck 2012” didn’t sell well either.

  6. Who’s buying the tickets that have been sold? This isn’t going to be the season to make time to go and spend money watching that product.

  7. 2 things sell tickets in the NFL: flashy/exciting play or winning (exciting play doesn’t always translate to wins so I left them separate. see: Newton, Cam). The colts have been huge winners for a decade with Manning and they chose to go with a bland, yet high potential, QB instead of taking the flashy Grif. Colts will struggle to sell tickets until they start winning consistently again. But the Skins will have their struggles as well.

  8. Wow one bad year and the fans stay away. Move the Colts back to Baltimore. The Ravens have had 16 consecutive years of sellouts since their inception. Baltimore will support two teams.

  9. On one hand, I fully understand why ticket sales have taken a dive. They’re coming off an abysmal season; Irsay reacted by hitting the ‘destruct’ button and got rid of about 90% of the team’s most popular players—including his Hall-of-Fame QB, who also happened to be the most beloved IND Colt of all time and who did a lot for the city; and, speaking of Irsay, he’s revealed himself to be an unstable, attention-desperate freak who routinely exhibits less maturity than my three-year-old niece. Add in the fact that the economy is still dismal and that watching from home is often an easier, far less wallet-draining experience, and I really do get fans’ reluctance to buy those tickets.

    But there’s still this part of me that can’t get past the fact that fans are bailing after just ONE losing season of the past 12(!) years. As much as people mock the Colts for their postseason disappointments, it’s hard to deny that they gave their fans consistently high quality play and incredible effort while fielding one of the most prolific and fun-to-watch offenses every single year. Now they get to go directly from a first ballot HOF QB to the one QB of the past several years who the experts deem a better prospect than Peyton Manning. I know football fans who would do anything to have experienced even a fraction of that success, and yet they’ve stuck by their teams through myriad losing seasons.

    Clearly, I’m not sure exactly where I stand on this overall!

  10. Ahhhhh….What goes around, comes around. Better hope Luck turns into the next Manning or people are going to remember very quickly what a terrible football town Indy is/was.

  11. Went to a game there last season and couldn’t believe the support from Colts fans despite the team’s losing record. Great atmosphere and great stadium.

  12. Just how many tickets remain unsold? You’ve got the 1600 left that used to be season ticket holder only + the amount they sell to non season ticket holders. If that total is less than 5,000 per game, you can bet that the local broadcasters will pick that up. They’ll easily make back in advertising.

  13. realnflmaster says:
    Aug 2, 2012 11:05 PM
    Typical bandwagon franchise. Wait until Brady retires, they’ll be lucky to get 40,000 people to make that drive to Foxborough.


    I totally agree wit this….its gonna get ugly in Boston when Brady quits…you know Belecheat will quit that same time Brady does so his “genius” won’t be exposed for what it really was….Brady.

  14. This doesn’t make sense at all. The BEST college QB in over decade gets drafted to replace one of the best QB’S of all time and they still can’t sell tickets!? I watched every single Stanford game when Luck was playing and i know for a fact these Indy fans will be buying tickets quicker than an NFL player getting a DUI.

  15. ”Come to the game; it’s an exciting place to be.


    And for only $500 you and your family can come and have a great time. It’s great. Really, trust us.

  16. colts fans were lied to last year. they were told up to the beginning of the season that Peyton would play. then when it looked like it might not happen, they still said he might be back at the end of the year. yeah, right. i don’t care about the colts or manning, but i hate being lied to!

  17. Remember how announcers were always blown away by how the “intelligent” Cots fans were always so quiet for Peyton Manning…. More like just flat out boring bandwagon jumpers. Once Luck gets them turned around they will go crawling back.

  18. Maybe it was the way Irsay waited until after the ticket bill was due before cutting Manning? Maybe it was because he cut Manning when he really didn’t need to. Maybe it is the outrageous ticket prices, hate to choose a ball game over paying the mortgage. Maybe it is the consessions prices?

    For me it is all of the above, it isn’t because we don’t want to be there.

  19. Thank god RG3 is a Redskin. No one likes Andrew Luck and he’ll be out of the league in 3 years brother.

  20. I think it’s amazing that only 1600 season tickets are not sold.

    Did anybody actually read the story?

  21. they could…i don’t know…make their tickets and game experience affordable. after that slop they threw on the field last year i wouldn’t exactly be chomping at the bit to pour hundreds into a single game let alone thousands into 10 games when they’re more than likely going to be bottom dwellers again this year. when are these teams gonna get it through their skulls? when average attendance is below even 85%?

  22. Bears or Packers or the likes could have a terrible season(s) but would still sell tickets like hot cakes the next. And if u look at Indy’s schedule, most of their home games are against mediocre fanbase teams, save for the Packers. I expect that game to be the hottest home game ticket of the season.

  23. I am a life long major Colts fan. My wife and I earn in the top 20% of incomes in the country and there is no way I can justify buying season tickets.

    The last time I went to a game was three years ago and it cost a total of $600 for the overnight. And we went econo style. And got beer dumped on us because we happened to be sitting next to fans from the other team. Yeah, no way I’m bringing my son into that environment.

    Get with the times and loose the seat licensing costs and I will consider putting season tickets in my budget. Until that happens, I won’t even think about it.

  24. Give your fans a reason to want to buy tickets. Coming off a terrible season, getting rid of your hall of fame QB, starting a rookie whos going to have problems, why should fans pay the ridiculous prices to come watch what will probably not be a great season? I hate how these owners of teams blame fans when they wont show up. Its usually not us, its you.

  25. Colts got Peyton because we had first draft choice due a 3-13 record and Bob Irsay had fired (in the newspaper) Jim Irsay due to incompetence and so their was an adult (Bill Polian) making the selection.
    When Tony Dungy left, Jim Irsay chose the woeful Jim Caldwell as head coach, who in 3 years took us from tanking a perfect season because he could not take the pressure to a 3-13 record.
    As long as a man who was lucky to inherit a team, has only worked for his father, but acts like he personally earned his spot on the Forbes 400 list, we can only hope he gets lucky again – but lighting only rarely strikes the same place twice.

  26. Maybe they aren’t selling out because the owner spent the entire off-season alienating the fan base. Andrew Luck is going to spend his first couple of years getting knocked down because Irsay gutted the team. Peyton joined a much healthier Colts team than Luck is going to be a part of.

    Irsay is a lying megalomaniac who makes fans want to throw up on “the horseshoe”. He treated Peyton horribly.

  27. The excuses that it’s expensive and the obnoxious drunks are annoying are valid, but quality of product on the field? Dang, that’s some Bandwagon jumping if I ever heard of it! I went to 3 Vikings games during a 3-13 year on a very very very tight income, you can be frugal at nfl games(tailgate for your food an drinks and don’t buy overpriced novelty items). The Vikings have only been horrible 2 years and it’s only made me a better Vikings fan.

    Look no further than the Cleveland browns. I have a ton of respect for those fans, they sell out even though their team, how should I put this, is accustomed to high draft picks.

    Colts fans are coming across whiny. Man up dude, you stole that team from Baltimore and look you got a shiny new awesome stadium, if people don’t show up because they don’t win 12+ a year that’s a clown fan base bro,

  28. Single game tickets haven’t even gone on sale yet. It’s no surprise people don’t want to pay season ticket prices for seats that, frankly, aren’t very good. Especially when you factor in having to pay full price for two awful pre-season games.

    The games will be sold out, anyway, so the entire convo is moot.

  29. As a fan of the Ravens and an old fan of the real Colts (that would be Baltimore), I must say that I view this piece with a lot of satisfaction.

    Before Peyton came along they weren’t selling out. If not for Peyton, Jimmy Irsay would have had that team elsewhere years ago. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Jimmy Irsay is almost as big a TURD as his late father Bob “the red faced drunk” Irsay.

    They have a good coach in Pagano that they raided from us and given time he can probably turn the team into a winner. But he will never turn the city into a football team. Basketball and Indy racing are still king in Indiana and football is a distant third.

    In Bmore, football has always been King over any other sport. When the Orioles were in their heyday and the Colts sucked, the Colts were still a much harder ticket to come by. The last few seasons in Bmore with the Colts sucked because Irsay was a tool always threatening to move the team to Japip when he was on a binge, which was most of the time.

    Meanwhile, we have a 5K waiting list for PSL’s and sell out every game. That is EVERY game sold out since the team came here from Cleveland. I am not proud of gaining the Ravens at the loss of the Browns for Cleveland, but we did what we had to do. Scumbag Paul Tagliabue told us to go build a new museum and gave Charlotte and Jax expansion teams. Neither by the way sells out their stadium. Charlotte may officially be sold out but tickets are easy to get and you never have to pay face value. Jax tickets are so easy to get that they are basically worthless. So we had to accept Art Modell moving his team from Cleveland to Bmore. But now Art is gone, Stevie B is one of the best owners in the NFL and our team is a perenial playoff contender. Only 1 SB in our 15 years, but we got ours before Indy got theirs. And that felt good as well.

    To the fans of the Indy Colts…. you better pony up. Because I can almost sure guarantee you that Jimmy Irsay will move that team in a heart beat if he thinks he’ll make more money. And more just may be a couple of million, which is nothing to an NFL owner. I can hear the call now…..

    And starting at QB for your Los Angeles Colts, from Stanford University Andrew Luck…………

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