Ed Reed says he’s focused on football, not contract


Check your calendar, or maybe your watch.

Ravens safety Ed Reed said he’s focused on football now, and isn’t worrying much about a new contract, although he was careful to point out they’ve already been talking about one.

Trying to follow the direction of Reed’s future this summer could have given you whiplash. He contemplated retirement. He skipped a mandatory minicamp. He sent signals he might hold out, and then he didn’t.

I’m here, man,” Reed said Wednesday, via Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times. “What transpired months back transpired. What happened because of what I had to deal with family wise and what I’ve been going through for the last 11 years now in the league you know it’s always a time when you have to assess yourself. Once you get to a certain part and you’ve been doing it maybe not being as vocal guys don’t be as vocal with it, but when you’re dealing with the business side of it, too, that’s something you have to deal with.

“I choose to deal with it the way I deal with it. That way, young guys know it. Kids will know it as they come up. Their parents will know it. I’m not a guy who holds things back. That’s why you get what you get. And if I didn’t do it that way, you wouldn’t have the information to write about.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Ed.

The 33-year-old safety’s entering the final year of a $40 million contract, and is due to make $7.2 million of it this year. He’d like to do a new deal, but at the moment, doesn’t have an agent to negotiate with Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome.

“Talks have already been there,” Reed said. “I know Ozzie and them know I want to be here. We will get that done when it’s time to cross that bridge. I’m good with football right now. I’m focused on the season. That’s all I’m worried about right now is getting my teammates better and get myself better and get ready to go forward this season.

“Like I said, they know I’m assessing myself year to year. Would I like to play more? Of course, but the body tells you something different. You know, that’s something you always deal with after the season. So, when we cross that bridge y’all guys will know.”

And when he does, there will likely be weeks or months of will-he-or-won’t-he speculation. Stay tuned.

5 responses to “Ed Reed says he’s focused on football, not contract

  1. Ed, I say you play out your contract and get over to Pittsburgh next year and get yourself a ring. You, Clark, and Polamalu roaming back there would be sick. Get that ring Ed!

  2. steeelfann
    i never seen 3 safetys on the field 2gether under normal sitations. do u watch football? Ed reed is the best safety in football. ur 2 in steel town cant even hold his jockstrap. Troy always out of position and cant cover an eligable o-lineman. clark isnt even a top 50 safety in the league there is back up safety better then him. i think mundy ur backup is better then clark

  3. And how many Superbowls has 34 year old Ed Reed played in ?
    And how many times has Hines Ward body slammed him ?

    The Ravens would kill to get Polamalu if there was even a chance, that’s a fact jack.

    Talk about “disgusting colors” – purple and black ? Holy diarrhea Batman !

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