Fights break out at Patriots practice


Bill Belichick generally keeps things orderly and businesslike at Patriots training camp, but when the Patriots practiced under the lights at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday night, several players lost their cool.

It started when offensive tackle Nate Solder took what several people on the scene have described as a cheap shot at linebacker Brandon Spikes during 11-on-11 drills. That started a fight that got multiple players from the offense and the defense going at it. Solder was required to run a penalty lap, and Spikes went into the locker room and came back wearing a knee brace and jawing at Solder, although Spikes was apparently not seriously hurt.

Center Dan Koppen was also engaged in plenty of pushing and shoving, with post-play skirmishes with two players on the Patriots’ defense, Dane Fletcher and James Ihedigbo.

Patriots rookie defensive end Chandler Jones was asked if he would be joining in the training camp fights, seeing as his brother is UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones. But Chandler said he’d pass.

You know what? I’m not Jon ‘Bones’ Jones,” Jones said. “My name is Chandler.”

Patriots cornerback Kyle Arrington said the fights were no big deal.

“It was a little chippy,” Arrington said. “That’s what happens when you put on full pads. A few practices have been like that. It’s been shells and OTAs and minicamp, it really hasn’t been too much physical practices so guys are just waiting to unload on each other.”

Belichick would probably prefer that the Patriots stop unloading on each other when the whistle blows.

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  1. Hmm seems Brandon Spikes only likes to be on the delivering end of cheap shots like when he tried to pluck that running back from Georgia’s eyes out a couple years ago.

  2. Belichick would probably prefer that the Patriots stop unloading on each other when the whistle blows.

    Belichick would probably prefer that all 31 teams send him a copy of their playbook… you know, so he doesn’t have to survey and video tape teams behind their backs this season.

  3. Camp fights are always happening… I wouldn’t read anything into it. Haters, keep on hating!
    still the class of the AFC!

  4. Same thing in Jacksonville today, but the only things ever reported about the Jaguars are injuries, holdouts, and tarps. Oh yeah, axes too. And Muslim jokes.

  5. Typical pre-season scrimmage stuff….
    What you forgot to mention was that there were over 22,600 fans in attendance!! Quite a turn out for a pre season practice!!

  6. According to, you know…actual people at the Patriots practice camp, there were no punches thrown, simply pushing and shoving. However, the entire O and D lines did get involved.

    What happened was Spikes got leveled on a block by Solder (reportedly a clean hit), and as Spikes was attempting to get back up, Solder pushed him back down to the ground at which point the altercation started.

    Brady was reportedly in the mix attempting to pull Mayo out of the fray.

    According to Andy Hart, when Spikes came back he was perfectly fine (no ‘jawing’ at Solder), but he was wearing a knee brace.

  7. I keep trying to click the Youtube link to see it but I keep getting a black screen with a message that reads : “Tape destroyed by Roger Goodell and the NFL LOLZ.”

  8. Such things are common place in training camp. I’ve seen reports of similar things happening in the Jets and Eagles camps, two that I can think of. We usually have at least one or two spats a year in camp; it’s normal, but I don’t think it was anything out of the ordinary or excessive, just a bit intense, that’s all.

  9. Loved Chandler’s reply to that…. annnnnd, our people really still making spygate jokes? Bro, get some new material. I’m not even a Pats fan but even I find that’s lame. . .

  10. Oh Please! The Pats aren’t a physical team like the any of the teams in the AfCN much less the Jets so hearing about these fights makes me LOL..

  11. Back in 2001/2 – Belichick used to get guys in specifically who would start these types of ‘altercations’ to get the guys fired up and focused.

    Solder is a young guy who needs to find a nasty edge, like most O-linemen, this is his way of establishing that.

  12. terrible reporting as usual…spikes was already wearing the brace on his knee before the fight

  13. It doesn’t even matter if both of those guys injured each other and were out for the season. With that cake walk of a schedule they have this year, they should be able to go undefeated with high school players.

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    Understand, East of the Ohio River and North of the Mason Dixon line, there’s a significantly higher standard for humor, and it appears (based on your novice level attempts at Patriot Humor) that you all live somewhere between Bangladesh and Mongolia.

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  15. Funny, this story came out about the eagles last week and it was chalked up to a dysfunctional team with no order. Write the same story about the patriots and it is the passion they needed that will make them better

  16. guypatsfan says:
    Aug 2, 2012 9:26 AM
    Glad to see it. It means they care. Patriots are going to be a force this season

    Weren’t they a force last year? And the emotional thing isnt their character…thats the Ravens or Steelers.

    They have to get a little more stout on defense, they gave up way too many yards, so the big play got them in crunch time. I think their defense gets back they have another ring – because only the Ravens are close, and they couldnt finish them, last year.

    I think Pittsburgh gets exposed this year. Pats have NOTHING to worry about in the AFC Least.

  17. phillyson says: Aug 2, 2012 2:16 PM

    Funny, this story came out about the eagles last week and it was chalked up to a dysfunctional team with no order. Write the same story about the patriots and it is the passion they needed that will make them better

    exactly. thats the difference between a successful team and a team that says theyre a soon to be dynasty.

  18. Good to see Nate has it in him. He will get along well with Mankins.
    Just learn him how to do it without getting penalties.

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