Giants now optimistic Terrell Thomas won’t miss season


The outlook for Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas seemed grim when he re-injured the right ACL that cost him all of the 2011 season during Monday’s training camp practice. Multiple reports suggested Thomas was likely destined for year-ending injured reserve.

But according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Giants are optimistic that Thomas still stands a chance to play football this season.

A source familiar with the situation told Schefter late Tuesday that doctors who’ve examined Thomas’ right knee “do not believe he has a torn ACL,” and are optimistic that he will play in 2012. Thomas will visit Dr. James Andrews in Pensacola, Florida on Tuesday to confirm the severity of his injury. But for now it seems the Giants may have caught a huge break.

As a 15-game starter in 2010, Thomas racked up 101 tackles, five interceptions, 21 pass breakups, and four forced fumbles. Just as he looked on his way toward Pro Bowl consideration, Thomas tore the right ACL during the 2011 preseason and missed the entire year.

Thomas signed a contract in March that on the surface appeared to be generously worth $28 million over four seasons. Upon further inspection, Florio reported that it’s really just a one-year, $2 million commitment.

11 responses to “Giants now optimistic Terrell Thomas won’t miss season

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed, but not overly optimistic. He’s going to miss SOME time, and how effective will he be after essentially missing a year and a half? I really don’t think the Giants can count too much on him THIS year.

  2. This young man deserves to get lucky. He’s a hard worker. On the field he covers and tackles, and off the field he keeps himself out of trouble….he’s the anti-Antonio Cromartie.

    I think every Medical staff in the League should take a look at the way they treat ACL injuries. This is not a 12 month injury. It’s almost always a 2 year recovery time. Maybe the League can give a year’s Salary Cap relief while the player fully recovers.

  3. T2 was one of the key players missing that caused the Giants to be the 9-7 team that they were. You add him in the mix, and offenses are going to have serious issues against the Giants defense. This guy was the best DB in the NFC East before going down – yes, you heard me right.

  4. Even though I strongly dislike the Giants, I hope this kid make a speedy recovery. After missing all season last year, he deserves to play.

  5. Is it a sign that I follow football too closely when I read this article and think, “Huh, I wonder when Dr. Andrews moved from Birmingham to Pensacola”?

  6. Perry Fewell has already got Amukamara and Hosley to play with among others. Good coaching and depth is the cure for the injury bug. The Giants are better than most at developing young players…and fast!

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