Goodell visit to Bears camp stirs up hard feelings


Drew Brees might be trying to soft-pedal his comments about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but he’s far from alone in his feelings about the league’s authority.

In fact, Goodell’s visit to Bears camp yesterday seemed to stir up more hard feelings.

‘‘Yeah, things are bad,’’ Bears cornerback D.J. Moore told Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times. ‘‘It’s like dictators, you know. You know, in America, we really don’t believe in them.’’

Brees stirred the pot by saying “Nobody trusts him,” in regards to Goodell’s role in player discipline, although he tried to turn the heat back yesterday.

When Goodell visited the Bears practice Wednesday afternoon, he said he hadn’t seen Brees’ comments (which seems hard to imagine), and when asked about Moore’s “dictator” remark, Goodell “snickered,” according to Cowley.

‘‘When there are things that are going to impact on the integrity of the league and are going to violate very core principals, including player safety, I will be involved,’’ Goodell said.

That was moments after he discussed an 18-game schedule, which drew even more harsh words from the Bears.

‘‘Bull [expletive], no, hell no. Hell no. [Expletive] no, [Expletive] no,’’ Bears cornerback Charles Tillman said of the 18-game topic.

Apparently Tillman’s not a fan of the idea, just as many players are banding together, with Goodell as a common enemy they can agree on.

35 responses to “Goodell visit to Bears camp stirs up hard feelings

  1. How come when James Harrision said it he was an idiot, but when Drew Brees said it he was right?

    Sounds like a lot, if not most, of the players agree with Harrison but Brees gets the credit for taking a stand against Godell. Sure Brees said it in a more professional manner but the message was the same.

  2. Hey DJ Moore I hate to break it to you but the NFL is a business not a democratic nation like the USA. You gave the power to Goodell last year when you guys signed the CBA. Now you have to live with it.

  3. Many want to jump on Brees when he is standing up for what he believes is right not only for his team and region but all players in the NFL.

    Well, it’s not just Brees folks, other players will begin to emerge. Just as Harrison stood up for what he thought was him being treated wrongly by goodell others will start opening the flood gates.

    The goodell is drunk with power!

  4. These guys hate authority. This is symptomatic of a spoiled child, who raged when he isn’t treated like a god. The players are not forced to play football so if they don’t like it they can go get a real job where their pissing and moaning will not be tolerated.

  5. “How come when James Harrision said it he was an idiot, but when Drew Brees said it he was right?”

    nobody disagreed with what Harrison said, it’s the way he says them that rubs people the wrong way.

  6. Thank Goodness! I though the players might just go to work and forget the injustice and hypocrisy this commissioner has committed.
    Fair is a word that comes to mind and was totally lacking in Goodell’s handling of the Saint’s players penalties. The idea that he can just impose his will just because HE says so hopefully will not fly. Now or ever! “Tear down that wall, Roger Goodell.”

  7. Really! Roger Goodell is not aware of comments made about him by a high level player…..while I might understand he can not sit down and read ever bit of news, he does not have staff that might inform him? Is he really that “out of touch?” Could be part of the problem.

  8. You think guys were mad at Goodell at the Bears camp. I dare Goodell to show up at the Redskins camp. I’d bet 36M he wouldn’t make it out of Ashburn.

  9. Wow, these guys get paid millions, THEY KNOW THE RISK. Lets just outlaw boxing, football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and about 75% of the Olympic games. IDIOTS.

  10. I don’t want to see an 18 game schedule.
    I also like 4 preseason games.

    The only issue is the full price of preseason tickets.
    Every preseason game ticket should be $20 for lower level & $10 for upper level.

    It’s not that any of us do t like preseason, it’s that I’m not paying $250 a ticket to see scrubs.

  11. Goodell is no more a dictator than a typical corporate CEO. Dumb people tend to believe and then repeat dumb things. Some of this is holdover from the labor strife. Some of it is just plain fear of personal responsibility and accountability. Technicalities cannot help a player “get off” or plea bargain as is common in the judicial system. The easy way to avoid Godell’s disciplinary actions is to simply have personal discipline and NOT DO THINGS worthy of punishment.

  12. These NFL players have a rude awakening coming to them if/when they enter the real world and get real jobs after their playing careers are over.

  13. Let’s not conflate widespread player opposition to an 18-game regular season—which I also oppose—with limited player opposition to Goodell as the NFL’s disciplinarian-in-chief. For every D.J.Moore there is at least one Eli Manning and Michael Vick—both of whom have been recently supportive of Goodell in that role.

  14. Goodell is a terrible commissioner.

    I am sure half of the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” on this site can be traced back directly to NFL headquarters.

    He overstepped what he needed to do with regards to the Saints. He vastly overstated the “evidence” in the case and he has refused to conduct an honest investigation of other teams who have admitted to a “pay for performance” program.

    The NFL Referees should form picket lines at the stadiums on opening day and the players should refuse to cross the picket lines. That would serve Goodell right.

  15. “Trey” says: “These guys hate authority. This is symptomatic of a spoiled child….”

    Wrong. It’s not authority they hate. They trust their careers to the authority of their coaches and owners. Other than soldiers, no one obeys authority more willingly than football players.

    What they hate, and what all real Americans hate, is abusive authority. Roger Goodell abuses his authority. He penalizes players for doing what their coaches, who have direct authority over them, order them to do, what they’ve been taught to do by coaches throughout their lives. He picks and chooses his targets, harshly penalizing some while refusing to punish others for the same conduct. He takes away career opportunities for players without having, or at least revealing, justifiable evidence. He fabricates documents from other sources without revealing real documents or the sources. He says he has video proof, but then has to admit that he doesn’t have video proof. He says he has a written confession, but it turns out that he wrote it himself and holds the signer’s career hostage.

    It’s abusive authority that resulted in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Unless our founding fathers were, in your way of thinking, “spoiled children.”

  16. Regarding an 18-game schedule. Do the players really take the preseason games that lightly (in terms of effort) that they couldn’t trade 2 preseason games for 2 regular season games?
    As long as fans keep wasting their money on preseason tickets, this willl continue.

  17. Godell is the commish. Get over you sniveling, spoiled snots. Off field arrests are at record pace. Players losing their cool on field and assaulting each other. Fools are gonna act like babies Rodger has to treat them as such. He needs to crack down on these spoiled, self centered brats. Tantrums will happen but will fade. Except for Brees, that punk will never shut up.

  18. Trey says:
    Aug 2, 2012 11:52 AM

    These guys hate authority. This is symptomatic of a spoiled child, who raged when he isn’t treated like a god. The players are not forced to play football so if they don’t like it they can go get a real job where their pissing and moaning will not be tolerated.


    It’s a two-way street. Goodell has proven to be a petulant dictator who has lost all of the respect and moral authority his position initially gave him.

    Dictator-like powers are fine when in the hands of a benevolent person…Goodell is just a money hound looking to eek out that last bit of profit from the game by manipulating guys like you.
    And if that means abusing his powers with respect to the game’s players, he’s obviously shown he has no qualms about exercising it.

    Goodell has his hand in his jacket pocket in the shape of a gun.

  19. Put up your own money and start your own league and you can make any rules you want. That is until your employees form a union.

    Every football player earns a salary that is in the top 1% of all Americans.

    Shut up and play.

  20. These guys make all this money and they can’t handle themselves in the offseason that is why goodell has to slap them with suspensions. You are an adult it is time for these athletes to start conducting themselves like one.

  21. It seems like Roddy White is the only player that knows what he’s talking about. Your crappy union AGREED to give Goodell all of the power when it comes to player discipline and their appeals. It’s your fault and nobody elses. Stop whining and play football for the millions and millions of dollars you get paid. It’s an organization, not a democracy, obviously the President of that company has the power, just like any other organization. Stop bit**ING and complaining and do your damn job.18 games oh my god, how many games do hockey players play( which is just as physical if not more). If you idiots knew how to call a cab, or smoke your weed at home, or not intentionally hurt people for cash then this conversation wouldn’t be brought up. I do however disagree with Goodell’s consistency, Big Ben git his 6 game suspension reduced to 4 after his second rape allegation. That seems to affect the integrity of the game more so then what the Saints did, but just my opinion.

  22. Instead of hating goodell, all these players should find the union rep on their team. These players need to accept the fact that their union gave goodell these powers. Dont get pissed at goodell, get pissed at your union.

  23. If the players don’t like their JOBS, they should quit and go get new ones. I think my boss is an unfair jerk as well, and I do it for $42k. I have no problem with players being upset about Gooddell, their contract, their bonus, etc, but fans (the customers) who make far far less don’t want to hear it.

  24. I think the NFL players have forgotten that they are employees and must live up to their bosses requirements. How many jobs out there will just suspend you for a couple of weeks for getting arrested for DUI or domestic violence. How many employees get to keep their jobs after testing positive for illegal drugs. I am 100% behind Goodell when it comes to protecting the NFL from it’s employees. It’s his job to make sure the NFL is the top sport in this country for many years to come.

    I understand the NFL is not a typical business and the the players are not typical employees, but the basic principle of the business being greater than any one employee still exists.

  25. Playing in the national football league is a privilege, not a right … the commissioner is unpopular on two fronts – trying to keep these idiots from killing each other with illegal hits – and trying to keep them in line off the field.

    Does that make him a bad guy?

    Imagine what the police blotter would look like if Goodell did nothing and simply let these fools simply run wild …

    Current players complain because they’re not allowed to deliver hits where they lead with their helmets. Yet, around 3000 former players are suing the league over concussions – probably from blows received by leading with their helmets. Talk about wanting it both ways!

    And poor Drew Brees! He’s being paid this year – forty (40) million dollars to participate in sixteen (16) one hour contests … and even this lout is crying in his golden soup! Three years ago the Saints were told to discontinue their bounty program – and they did not.

    It’s like five cars speeding down the highway … the trooper can only pull over one vehicle to write a speeding ticket … and the driver whines and moans about being stopped when the others were not. No, he’s not being picked on … it’s called Getting Caught.

    It’s time to stop all the complaining and just play some football! And if these guys are that unhappy – then walk away from the game and find a job in the real world. And unless that job is bank robbin’ … the pay checks are going to be quite a bit smaller, which means they’ll be able to find something else to complain about.

  26. I’m not a big Goodell fan and I understand that it’s been reported that he was unwilling to give up authority over the process. BUT…why are these same guys who are union reps and voted to ratify the CBA complaining? As far as I’m concerned, the only team allowed to complain (even though I don’t want to hear it from them either) is Pittsburgh since they voted against it.

  27. Since when are dictators given power by their subjects? If the players felt so strongly about curbing Goodell’s power, they shouldn’t have signed off on the CBA. If they REALLY hate it, they could always quit football and do something else for a living.

  28. it is a damn shame that I even have to explain this to some of you MORONS. I can guarantee you that when the CBA was signed, it was done so in good faith knowing that the Commissioner would be fair and just in his rulings. I guarantee you none of them agreed to an unfair process. Just because Goodell has power, that gives him no right to abuse it.

    And for all of you people bashing every single player who speaks out against Goodell, I ask you this:

    Why do you watch the NFL? Do you watch it for Goodell? Or do you watch it for the people who are actually PLAYING FOOTBALL?

  29. Love you Charles Tillman!

    Always playing through tough injuries. Always around the ball. Always tackling the pass catcher after minimal yac. Always strong in run support. Always knocking the ball out.

    The pick 6 in Detroit to finish the game a few years back was glorious!

    Most under rated player in the NFL in the last 10 years and I’m saying it after he made his first pro bowl.

  30. I understand why players don’t like Goodell or the idea of an 18 game schedule. Goodell is a huge hypocrit for wanting the 18 game schedule. He says he’s all about player safety but wants to add 2 more regular season games? That makes absolutely no sense.

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