Jack Del Rio likes big butts and he can not lie

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Kevin Vickerson couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

But he liked it.

When the Broncos defensive tackle met with new coordinator Jack Del Rio this offseason, he was pleasantly surprised to hear his coach ask him to get bigger.

“I didn’t know what to expect or anything like that, but I went in Coach Del Rio’s office and the first thing he said to me was, ‘Your butt is too small.’” Vickerson told Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post. “I guess I knew right then things would be different.

“But I think my game is big boy; that’s what got me in the league. That’s what kept me in the league, and that’s what Coach Del Rio wants.”

Vickerson played last year at 290 pounds, but reported to camp last week at 330.

“Maybe after a few two-a-days, I’m probably about 325, 327,” Vickerson said. “[Del Rio] just said he didn’t want to look in there and see any small butts, and I feel like I’ve done my part.

“I feel great. I’ve played at 330 my whole career. Last year, I just tried something different and played smaller.”

Del Rio said he wanted to make sure his linemen were adding good weight, and not just getting sloppy, and likes the approach Vickerson has taken.

“[Vickerson] was one of the guys who came in and said, ‘Hey, what do you want me to weigh?’” Del Rio said. “And basically I said, ‘More.’”

Del Rio always had big boys such as Marcus Stroud and John Henderson in the middle in Jacksonville, and Kris Jenkins when he worked for Broncos head coach John Fox in Carolina.

The hope is that more mass will free up the Broncos’ pass-rushers, and make them better against the run. Denver allowed at least 129 rushing yards in seven of their last eight games, and the hope is by making opponents run around a wider target, they can slow them down.

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  1. That’s funny because while Del Rio was an excellent linebacker, sideline to sideline, he was always fighting to keep weight ON, not off.

    As the season went on, he was downright thin by the end.

  2. Terrance Knighton, who he drafted while in Jacksonville, probably has the biggest bottom half in the league (and I cannot lie).

    Before he rightfully (was made to by Wayne Weaver) turn over the defensive reigns to Mel Tucker, he would tell almost everyone to pack on the pounds. When Quentin Groves and Derrick Harvey were drafted, it was his bright idea to tell two players that relied on speed, to add weight. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but those two were never really productive and are now without teams.

    P.S. Get ready to yell at the screen while watching your defense on the field. JDR still implements defenses from 1990 and will “bend but don’t break” you to death.

  3. Del Rio would have loved this weekend’s HOF inductee, Cortez Kennedy.

    I saw the Seahawks play the Raiders in the early 90s. The two things I remember about the players are: 1) Chester McGlockton, at 6’8″, appeared to be a full helmet taller than anyone else on the field. 2) Kennedy’s butt was twice as wide as anyone else’s on the field.

    Kennedy was all about lower-body strength and quickness. Trying to block him was like trying to knock over a “Weeble”. DPOY on a 2-14 team….yeah, he was that good.

  4. Gee, when I go to a game I tend to remember plays or scores…. not linemen’s rear ends. Exactly what are all these guys watching football for?

  5. Obesity in the NFL and weight loading is the reality in the NFL. Unfortunately I don’t doubt that the weight could make him a better anchor.

    I think obesity and asking a 290lb to put on 30 or 40 pounds should be viewed as seriously as concussions in terms of the long term negative health effects for these big guys. Life expectancy for men of NFL Lineman size is lower due to the strain extra weight puts on the human heart.

  6. People… this doesn’t mean that Del Rio wants EVERY player to be bigger. He just like big DT’s.
    With that said, this post is odd because there is very high chance that Vickerson won’t be on the 53 man roster for the Broncos this year.
    So far in camp Ty Warren, Mitch Unrein, Justin Bannan, and Derek Wolfe have been getting a lot of reps while Vickerson hasn’t done much.
    Barring an injury I just don’t know if he is on this team…
    Either way, I’m very excited to see what Del Rio will do with this defense!
    Go Broncos!!!

  7. Defensive linemen are going to move more towards the athletic body. You’ll see more DEs like Jason Pierre-Paul, more DTs like Ndamukong Suh – guys who can run past offensive linemen, chase down backs, and get in the air to block passes.

    DTs getting to 330, 340, 350 are going to need a blow more often. They’re going to put more strain on their knees and ankles carrying the extra pounds. Del Rio is showing he hasn’t updated his coaching style with what today’s athletic guys are capable of.

  8. ““I didn’t know what to expect or anything like that, but I went in Coach Del Rio’s office and the first thing he said to me was, ‘Your butt is too small.’” …. “I guess I knew right then things would be different.

    WTH, is that what goes on behind closed doors between NFL coaches and players?
    That just sounded so awfully wrong…oh well, different strokes for different folks. LOL

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