Jamaal Charles says he’s got his “mojo” back

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A year after emerging as arguably the most explosive runner in the game, Chiefs tailback Jamaal Charles missed all but two contests in 2011 with a torn ACL. Based on the history of running backs coming off torn knee ligaments and reconstructive surgery, it’s fair to wonder what Charles might have left for 2012.

He’s optimistic.

“I feel good,” Charles told reporters on Wednesday, per the Kansas City Star. I feel like I got my mojo back. I feel happy. I feel comfortable out there, and I’m ready to go. My legs feel fresh.” Charles added that he’s able to make cuts like normal on zone plays in the Chiefs’ revised running scheme.

Peyton Hillis, signed this offseason to become the thunder to Charles’ lightning, recently told Jim Trotter of SI.com that Charles still has what it takes to be a special NFL runner.

“When I look at Jamaal Charles, I see so much potential,” Hillis told Trotter. “I see him as one of the best backs in the league. I look up to him. He’s a great player.”

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  1. I just hope he plays it cool and takes his time running backs are all knees so if he rushes back he’s finished

  2. While it sucked for Charles and the Chiefs it was good that the injury happened so early in the season last year. He has a much better chance than Adrian Peterson to return to form this year because he’s had 3 extra months to heal.

  3. Charles is great if indeed he really is back at 100%. As far as Hillis goes the Chiefs would have been a lot smarter if they had gone after either Mike Tolbert or Michael Busch. Either one of those two would have been a much better choice.

  4. He should feel good he has been out for a yr now. Mark my words though the chiefs will win the afc west. By the way what have tolbert or bush done to be picked ahead of hillis who 2 yrs ago ran for 1500 yards.

  5. Actually, Hillis only ran for 1171 yards 2 years ago.. and did so on 25 more carries than Bush had last year, in which Bush had 977 yards, despite not being the featured back for the first 6 games. Bush also had more receptions than Hillis, and a higher yard per carry.

  6. Raiders are gonna kill the Queefs this year. Charles will not be back to his old form, dont kid yourself, it was an ACL and Matt Cassell is, well, Matt Cassell.

  7. Charles is good but if him and mcfadden can both stay healthy they will be battling it out for the rushing title this year. with mcfadden winning. The raiders as a team is better then the cheifs. The afc west will be a hard faught fight.

  8. Last week he got his swag back… this week he got his mojo back… what will happen next week??

  9. I’d almost rather him say nothing and just show us instead… strange concept. He looked fairly decent in camp up in St. Joe. But obviously it’s not even close to being a comparable situation to what gameday will be.

  10. @ stoogy

    QB – Raiders and its not even close
    RB – Wash, McFadden can’t stay healthy and Charles isn’t an every down back
    WR – Wash both WR cores have solid playmakers Raiders more speed, Chiefs more size
    TE – Chiefs, Moeaki and Boss are a solid 1,2 punch
    DL – Raiders, Seymour is still a beast, Chiefs Defensive line not asked to produce in 3-4 systems
    LB – Chiefs, two Pro Bowlers in Hali and Johnson with an up and coming LB in Houston
    DB – Chiefs, no denying best unit in the AFC West
    Special Teams – Raiders, best kicker and punter tandem in the game today
    Coaching – wash, Crennell hasn’t been successfull, Allen’s very been a head coach.

    Everyone is discounting both the Chiefs and Raiders in the AFC West picture with the addition of Peyton in Denver and the love affair with the Chargers, HOWEVER I believe the division will be won by one of these two teams, I’m obviously pick the Chiefs.

  11. Not sure if Eric Berry is coming back also, but him and Charles at 90% with definitely help out. Was really hoping to see Berry play last year(he was the guy I wanted when he was drafted)

  12. Jamaal Charles is better than McFadden in EVERY measurable stat, but none stand out more than the fact that Charles has a 6.1 YPC average FOR HIS CAREER.

    Other than Charles being almost a yard and a half per carry better, and with more receptions and less fumbles, McFadden does have one thing on him. He was drafted a hell of a lot earlier in the same year.

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