Jamal Lewis calls his recent arrest a “misunderstanding”


Given that each and every inmate in every prison is innocent (just ask them), it’s easy to regard with skepticism any claim of, “I didn’t do it.”

That said, former NFL running back Jamal Lewis says he didn’t do it, following his arrest for failure to pay child support.

“My arrest on Wednesday evening was the result of a misunderstanding rather than the result of me being an unfit father,” Lewis said in a statement released to PFT.  “I am a responsible parent and have always provided for my children.  That fact cannot be disputed.  I have made mistakes in my life, but failing to care for my children is not one of them.  I’m confident this matter will be resolved as the legal process plays out, and I will continue to work toward an arrangement within the court system that will allow me to effectively co-parent my son.”

Curiously, the arrest warrant accuses Lewis both of not honoring his financial obligations and of failing to have anything to do with his son.

That second allegation suggests the arrest warrant resulted directly from the uncontested allegations of the child’s mother.  In cases of this nature, typically the mother and the father take extreme positions, with the truth (like the child) caught somewhere in the middle.

8 responses to “Jamal Lewis calls his recent arrest a “misunderstanding”

  1. Does anyone happen to know the ratio of arrests over the past few years of black to white football players?

    Must be somewhere in the 20-1 range. This is not just a coincidence, it’s disturbing.

  2. Uh, you can’t be arrested for not seeing your kid. Abandonment does not apply to non-custodial parents. If either of these were accurate, my ex would be on a freaking chain gang.

  3. kattykathy

    Do you happen to know the ratio of black to white players in the nfl period? It’s 70/30.

    And believe it or not, racial profiling is still very prevalent among law enforcement. I see these guys getting DUI’s when they were barely over the legal limit. But they’re driving an expensive vehicle and happen to be black. That’s enough reason for a cop to find them “suspicious” and pull them over.

    I’m not defending any of these guys, I for one think the amount of arrests this year has been ridiculous and guys are being idiots. But you’re really gonna come on this site and throw the race card out there?

  4. @ robgilman
    Saying they are getting pulled over for DUIs when they are barely drunk just doesn’t make sense – that’s like saying they robbed a bank but didn’t steal much money.

  5. kathykathy is wrong… it more like 18-1. The race card… really?? Let’s be honest, rob. Look at the pattern.

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