Jason Witten: Cowboys can’t miss this opportunity to win it all


Cowboys tight end Jason Witten thinks he’s on a team that has the potential to win a Super Bowl and do it right now, and he says they simply can’t allow themselves to fall short of that.

“It goes fast and I will be damned if I let this opportunity slip away and not come away with a championship,” Witten said, via the Dallas Morning News. “It has been a heck of a run. But it’s time we grab it. That goes for all of us, the core group of us. That is what coach [Jason] Garrett has talked about. This group is trying to do it.”

Witten is one of the many people in Dallas who has talked this season about how Tony Romo has the ability to lead the Cowboys to the title, and how the Cowboys have to win it all now, before their window closes. But Witten also realizes it’s about more than just exuding confidence with words.

“Our actions have to speak louder than our words. None of y’all are believing it. Why should you be?” Witten said. “The approach we are taking is if we are going to be the team we think we can we have to go show it. What a great opportunity we got coming up September 5. So that’s the focus of this team.”

If the Cowboys’ focus is on their September 5 meeting with the Giants, that’s just where owner Jerry Jones wants it. And a win in the season opener would be a strong sign that the Cowboys don’t intend to miss their opportunity this year.

48 responses to “Jason Witten: Cowboys can’t miss this opportunity to win it all

  1. Nothing against anyone on their roster, but I don’t think they’ll win anything as long as Jerry Jones is running the show.

  2. This life long 44 year old Dallas fan lost hope with this current group about three seasons ago.

  3. As a Cowboy fan since ’76, I hope that he is right in regards to the team’s attitude. Unfortunately, their schedule is extremely tough this year and I have no faith in Garrett’s ability as a coach (i.e. last year’s Jet, Detroit, and Arizona games) . I think Romo could lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, but he needs help from the offensive line, currently a weakness, and the defense, which should be improved this year. If Crayton caught one of the 2 perfectly thrown balls vs the NYG in the playoffs, Dallas was in a great position to win or, at least, go to the SB that year. This year, no one knows.

  4. Oh come on, now we can’t make jokes referring to a certain hole that Jerry Jones was pining for? If that’s the case you shouldn’t have run that story in the first place. All I wrote was that Witten thinks said hole is closing…

  5. First you have to make the playoffs, then you have actually win a playoff game, Then you can Talk smack!!!

  6. Sorry Jason, you don’t have the roster or coach. Too bad too, because even this Eagles fan thinks you are a great player. Jones runs a circus down there. Until he butts out, it’s not going to happen.

  7. The premiss that we gotta do it now, or we will miss our time, has never been the motto of a superbowl winning squad. Good luck Jason, there are 12 out of 16 teams in the NFC, contending for that playoff spot. Good luck getting out of the east division.

  8. Diehard Eagles fan here, so you know how i feel about Dallas. But that being said, they have had the talent for years, but cant seem to close the deal. Maybe Jerry Jones is the problem, i dont know. But Witten is right, if things come together for them, look out!

  9. The league better check Whitten for concussions because he’s obviously messed up in the head. Every year the Cowboys (and frequently the media) think that they’re ready to win the Super Bowl and every year they do jack squat. Simply because a team has tradition doesn’t mean they’ll compete in the here and now. Whitten and the Cowboys better work on winning a few playoff games before they dream of a Super Bowl. Until they show a lot more than they have, that’s all they’ll be doing is dreaming.

  10. The opportunity to “win it all” also comes with playing in by far the most stacked division in the NFL in over a decade. Fine line between winning it all and missing the playoffs. If one team has been the poster team for underachieving it has been Dallas.

  11. If they can overcome the annual Dallas Cowboys December curse, they should have as good a shot as anyone. In today’s NFL, even a low-seeded wildcard team can get hot and win it all.

  12. They sure seem to be putting a lot of focus, energy, and talk on that first game. It’ll be pretty funny if they lose…they may never recover

  13. I know confidence is nice and all, but since when does thinking so far ahead help a team. Maybe try focusing on the NEXT GAME YOU PLAY instead of the Super Bowl and you will win more games, and maybe get to the Super Bowl. Simply saying that you are a Super Bowl-ready team doesn’t make you one.

  14. I hope this means Jason wont be allowing 5’10 180lb safeties take him out of bounds at the 1 yd line thereby putting his QB in a spot to make an awful play and take all the blame. Talk time is over for this core group of players. Either get r done or shut the hell up about it.

  15. I’m a Dallas fan and Im tired of hearing all this talk coming from the team about winning it all,windows closing and opening, glory holes, and everything else. Just shut up and play ball.

  16. Has anybody told them that they need to make the playoffs first before they can win a championship?

  17. I love how the keep referring to what JJ said and link it to the season opener. When in reality, he said come on down to Cowboys stadium… Last time I checked the season opener was in NY. But hey controversy with the Cowboys relates to more clicks…

  18. Can’t win with Jerry running the show? How do think they did it the three previous times, oh-wise-one?

  19. I used to drink the cool-aid. Now it’s hard to watch. I just never seemed to be surprised anymore.

    So many games are won and lost in the crunch time and I’d have to say they have let too many slip away when it counts. Haven’t seen much grit that that the Steelers and Giants show.

    Tough schedule this year. I’d be satisfied with 9-7 but realistically 8-8.
    Let’s not kid ourselves, and hey, if we expect mediocrity and get more then it makes it that much better. 2cents

  20. Tony Romo chokes no matter what and Jason Witten can’t gaurantee anything with that being said. The Giants and Cowgirls will be irrelavent this year anyway because of the Eagles. They won’t stand a chance.

  21. Everybody talks bad about the Redskins’ owner but forget that Jerry is the same way. At least Snyder is trying to change his ways. Jerry is a stubborn old man and the Cowpie fans are pretty much stuck with him until his health or mind fails him. Good luck. But I know they won’t even make the play offs.

  22. I still look at the cowboys the same way I do the Chargers, and to a lesser extent the Ravens over the last few years. The talent is there, but the means to win in clutch situations and BE champions just hasn’t been exhibited. You and your team need to have less talk and more results Jerruh.

  23. Don’t they say that every year and what happens…. they suck… 1 playoff win in like 13 years.

  24. Heck of a run Jason?

    Let’s see, since 2006 Dallas is 1-2 in the playoffs and just finished it’s second straight season not making the playoffs.

    I’m a big Cowboy fan but like many have said, the talent has been there for some time. We’re in ‘Show me’ territory here about 3 seasons ago.

    Get to the 9th game of the year at 5-3 or better and I’ll get more excited.

  25. Any team coming out of thr NFC East will have a good chance. Injuries are inevitable, and its impossible to predict who will be healthy at the end. The Cowboys are one of three NFC East teams that could stay healthy and make some noise.

  26. The Cowboys “window” with this core closed when Parcells got fed up with Jerry Jones and left. The core group that is still there coming into 6 seasons later are all Parcells guys. Wade Phillips fell into a good team that was peaking in 2007 and the best he could do is getting bounced by the Giants in their first playoff game.

    Face it, the only real impact player there who comes to mind who has come on board since 2006 would be Sean Lee. They caught a huge stroke of luck with Laurent Robinson last year but he is already gone now. Since early 2007. just a bunch of mistakes-see Williams, Roy and what look to be flops for one reason or another-see Bryant, Dez and Jones, Felix. The Roy Williams trade and the lost draft picks from that really hurt the Cowboys for years and helped the Lions turn into a viable team.

  27. drgreestreak said:
    “Can’t win with Jerry running the show? How do think they did it the three previous times, oh-wise-one?”

    jimmy johnson plain and simple…barry switzer barely won one, but should have had at least two, maybe more with the talent on the roster…the hershel walker trade provided an incredible wealth of talent, but it was jimmy’s eye for talent, laying the foundation in the locker room and his great coaching staff that won 3 super bowls…jerrah’s ego pushed jimmy out and jerrah’s drafting and roster choices since jimmy left have been horrible, and this is from a big cowboys fan…

    lately my impression is that jerrah’s son stephen has taken over most of the day to day moves and the cowboys are finally moving in the right direction…the playmakers on the current roster are still primarily from the parcells era and not jerrah’s guys…any chance of winning it all are on parcell’s guys, not jerrahs…jerrah might have been a great oil guy, but as an nfl guy he has been horrible…

  28. Jerry has a lot to do as the GM regarding this team’s failures (stop living in the past and bringing up the Aikman era) but don’t forget the HC.

    He may be a nice guy Jason Garrett is not HC material. He is too soft.

  29. do they have the depth that the 2011 giants and the 2010 packers had ?

    They went out and got a handful of guys… they need a little more than “a” flashy player or two, you need a good amount of blue collar players to glue it all together.

  30. Every year dallass talks super bowl. Every year dallass watches the play pffs from their couches.

  31. How did the Cowboys win three championships with Jerry Jones? The same way the Raiders did with Al Davis.

    Then what happened to the Raiders? The same thing that’s happening to the Cowboys. Dysfunction keeps teams from winning it all, and if dysfunction is at the top, you don’t have a chance.

  32. This team never puts it together. They always field a talented roster but I have noticed a complete failure to make a big play when needed ever since the 90’s run. Tony Romo is just good enough to break your heart when it matters most

  33. “It’s been a heck of a run” …1 playoff win in 15 years is quite the run Jason. Have another cowpie!!! Enjoy your run!

  34. The Cowboys wont make the playoffs let alone win the SB,they may have some talent but at least five nfc teams have more talent than them.I guess its better to say what he did than to say they dont have a prayer of going to the SB.

  35. As all the Bill Parcells Draft Picks get older there is very little in the way of recent Jerry Jones Picks to fill in behind them. The last 3 or 4 years have been basically single player Drafts.

    In 2009, they had no 1st rounder and added very little in the later rounds.

    In 2010, they picked Dez and the jury’s still out. They then traded 2 premium picks to get Sean Lee.

    In 2011, it was DeMarco Murray and not much else.

    Where are all the under-30 year old players going to come from ??

  36. It seems like Jason Witten and Demarcus Ware are the only Cowboys who have had their heads together their entire careers.

    But everyone knows it’s settled on the field, and although these guys are great, they can’t do it alone.

    If they never get there, it will be the team and their coaching staffs who repeatedly let them down.

  37. He won because Jimmy Johnson was running the show, not Jerry Jones. Jones got rid of Johnson thinking he could do it on his own. If Johnson stays, they probably would have 4 in a row.

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