Jets scale back Quinton Coples workload


When the Jets drafted defensive end Quinton Coples with the 16th overall pick in April, he was immediately dubbed a starter by coach Rex Ryan.

With the first week of training camp in the books, the Jets have moved Coples out of the starting lineup. Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine said that the team will use him in pass rushing situations for the time being after seeing his play slow down as a result of how much he’s trying to learn on the fly.

“We’ll work it from back to front,” Pettine said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “He’ll be a third-down guy, similar to [Aaron] Maybin. Get him out there in passing situations and then work him into the base defense. Let him be a back-up for the guys in base, but keep his plate small.”

The move isn’t being sold as a demotion, as Pettine said Coples could still play between 50 and 80 percent of the snaps depending on the opposition. The idea is to have him do comfortable things first and then start feeding him more challenging things as the year goes along. It’s a similar approach to the one they took with 2010 first-round pick Muhammad Wilkerson, who is currently starting at defensive end with Mike DeVito taking the spot once reserved for Coples.

If Coples can help the Jets pass rush improve on last season’s results, there won’t be any complaints about keeping him in that role. If he doesn’t, though, the pre-draft doubts that helped someone of his athletic gifts drop to the 16th pick will crop up again.

13 responses to “Jets scale back Quinton Coples workload

  1. Seems like the Jets draft a lot of guys who have gifts, but are are unproven projects. Sanchez was/is like that, and he’s semi-flopping. Gholston, bust, a wasted #1 pick. This draft it’s Coples and Hill, both huge question marks. Good luck to them, but the organizational track record is pretty weak.

  2. sounds like the seahawks may have known what they were doing after all… if couples is just a pass rush specialist like irvin at least seattle got the speedier of the two “one trick ponies”…. wasn’t it just a couple weeks ago I read how impressive couples was…? Hmmm.

  3. Yeah but JPP had a lot of talent in front of him.. Kiwanuka, Tuck, and Osi.. Coples is going to be watching devito??? Still early but don’t justify by using JPP as an example..

  4. He’s going to be a bust. He was highly overrated at UNC & is better made for a 4-3 DE. He is going to he yet another 1st round bust under Mikey T. They would’ve been better off with that Chandler dude from Syracuse. The real best defensive coach in the NFL, BB, took him & I guarantee you he is head & shoulders better than Coples.

  5. As a Patriots fan, let me just be the first to say “thank you” for not drafting Chandler Jones.

    Seriously though, Mangini built the foundation of that Jets team, he drafted Ferguson, Revis, Mangold and others. Then Rexy took over and it’s been all down hill from there starting with Sanchez.

  6. The jets seemed to hit on Mangold, Revis, Harris, Ferguson. Ghost-ton was a bust, i blame Mangini for that 1. In his junior year Quinton Couples was said to be a top 10 pick by many but he said in and slacked as a senior. it costed him a few spots. Overall, i think he’ll come along nicely with the jets. Rex has a way of finding out what you do well and then make them do it over and over again (see Aaron Maybin).

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