Manning-Haslam friendship could make things interesting in Cleveland


Fact:  Tennessee native Jimmy Haslam will the next owner of the Browns.

Fact:  Peyton Manning went to the University of Tennessee.

Fact:  Jimmy Haslam and Peyton Manning are good friends.

Where it goes from there remains to be seen.  If Haslam had purchased the Browns before March 2012, things could have gotten interesting.

Things could still get interesting, after Manning is done playing.  Drawn to Tennessee as a potential destination earlier this year by the possibility of partial ownership and/or a significant role in the football operation after retirement, Peyton will now have a possible option in Cleveland, if he wants to try to run a team.

The chatter in Tennessee sports circles was that, if Haslam ultimately purchased the Titans from Bud Adams (or his estate), Manning would have been hired to serve as G.M.  So maybe, just maybe, Haslam will try to get Manning eventually to come run the Browns.

The fact that John Elway has quickly had success as V.P. of football operations in Denver makes the proposition far less outlandish.  Especially since no one will outwork Manning, regardless of what he chooses to do after his playing career ends.

The fact that the Broncos already have Elway means that Peyton will have to look elsewhere, if Peyton wants to be like Elway.

And so it could be that Peyton Manning eventually helps turn around the Browns.  But not as a player.

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  1. Fact: The only high profile all-pro player who has ever been great as a GM is Ozzie Newsome.

    Fact: There are more average players and back-ups that have become successful head coaches than there have been stars.

    Just because a person is great as a player does not mean he will be great in any position other than a player for a football organization.

  2. Funny, last year you bashed Elway and said that He didn’t have the experience necessary and that he would fail because Marino did, now you’re talking about the success he’s had…don’t you think it’s time you admit that you were wrong? You did the same thing a couple of years ago writing off Mayhew in Detroit before he had the chance to do anything.

    As for ManningI’m sure he has lots of friends in the nfl if you wanted to you could probably connect the dots to about 28 teams that he could work for after his playing career is over.

  3. Elway has quickly had success? What? Wasn’t Elways 100% behind Kyle Orton last year (who started 1-4) and then had the defense and Tebow carry them to the playoffs?

  4. Fact: Tennessee native Jimmy Haslam will the next owner of the Browns.

    Fact: Jack Daniels is also from Tennessee.

    Fact: Jimmy Haslam and Jack Daniels are good friends.

  5. Manning as a General Manager ANYWHERE after he retires is pure, unadulterated speculation on Florio’s part, no matter what his “facts” are.

    I would think Manning has better places to spend his winters than on the shores of Lake Erie or, any place for that matter, that doesn’t feature an ole Tennessee fishing hole.

  6. Conjecture: Tennessee native Jimmy Haslam bought into the Steelers because that was the first available team he could get a significant piece of.

    Conjecture: Haslam’s share of the Steelers is worth more at the time of sale than when he bought it, allowing him to use the proceeds to pad his bid for the Browns.

    Conjecture: Haslem reasonably expects the same progression with the Browns.

    Conjecture: Tennessee native Jimmy Haslam intends to use the proceeds of the eventual sale of the Browns to purchase the Titans from Bud Adams’ estate.

    Prediction: Peyton Manning will become VP of the Tennessee Titans. And make the uniforms orange.

  7. Teams should never hire a star player to be a GM without first rising through the ranks like everyone else. Ozzie Newsome took his lumps in the organization before rising to be the best GM in football. Peyton should also.

    Just because you were a HOF player (like Manning and Newsome) doesn’t mean you are cut to run a team at the strategic level. You could possibly be a solid coach, but strike out as a GM or President (like Ditka). Personally I think Manning would be a better coach than an office type.

  8. Why does he have to be connected with my division, hasn’t he done enough to us on the field?

  9. elway has had success in denver as a gm? imo he hasn’t done much. unless you call signing an overpriced and old qb to the roster. results have yet to be seen

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