Matt Hasselbeck thinks he could be doing better


The Titans quarterback competition is in full swing and Matt Hasselbeck thinks he could be doing a better job in his effort to win the job over Jake Locker.

“Calling the plays better, new concepts … and then obviously making better decisions and better throws,” Hasselbeck said, via David Glennon of the Tennessean, when asked about what things he could be doing better.

That sounds like good news for Locker on the surface, although Hasselbeck went on to say that this time of the year isn’t just about personal success. It’s also about trying out the new concepts he mentioned up top and seeing what different players can do in different situations. Hasselbeck said he’s been focusing on those things instead of the competition, which he doesn’t view in terms of simply doing a little bit better than Locker.

“Whether it’s the quarterback or any other position, when you talk about competing or being a competitor, there’s two types,” Hasselbeck said. “The kind of guy who’s running and looking next to him, like, ‘Am I ahead of everybody else?’ Then there’s the kind of guy who’s running and isn’t worried about everyone else. He’s just worried about himself and, ‘Is this the best I can do?’ That’s the better mindset to take. That’s the approach I try to take.”

It’s definitely a smart approach in these situations. Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network called Locker the frontrunner for the starting job earlier this week, but Hasselbeck might be able to turn things around by ignoring that and focusing only on his game.

5 responses to “Matt Hasselbeck thinks he could be doing better

  1. Glad the Titans did things right and sat Locker for a year behind an established vet. Never want to see a QB rushed into action before they are ready. Locker will soon be the best QB in the AFC South (yes even over Luck), and I for one can’t wait to see him play. Oh, and I’m not a titans fan.

  2. Seahawks fans figured he should’ve done better and known better those last 2-3 seasons in Seattle.
    He didn’t have to admit it at the time, as he had Seneca Wallace backing him up then, so he really didn’t have to be better to keep the starting role.

  3. “We want the ball, and we’re gonna score!” Matt’s a cool dude, but he just can’t seem to get over the hump of a borderline elite player throughout his career.

  4. Hasselbeck knows his time is up. A decent career. He is earning his last paycheck to hold a clipboard.That is the way that most QB’s should go out. Not the worst ending. He find a job at ESPN pretty damn quick.

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