Matt Ryan knows he needs to win in playoffs


The big knock on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan isn’t much of a secret.

After four NFL seasons and three trips to the playoffs, Ryan is still searching for his first playoff victory. His lack of success in the postseason has overshadowed his regular season accomplishments, especially after he and the rest of the Falcons offense laid an enormous egg in the 24-2 playoff loss to the Giants back in January.

Ryan isn’t the first quarterback to face questions about whether or not his skills translate to the playoffs. Peyton Manning heard the same rumblings early in his career and he didn’t wind up winning his first playoff game until his sixth season. Manning was good enough to get his team to the playoffs three times in his first five years, though, and Ryan mentioned the significance of that during an interview with WCNN in Atlanta when he was asked about the perception that nothing he does is worth all that much unless he finds a way to win in the postseason.

“Absolutely, and that’s kind of the nature of the NFL right now, and especially the position that I play. Quarterbacks are judged by Super Bowl championships, and that’s — whether you agree or disagree with it — that’s kinda just the way it is,” Ryan said, via “And I understand that, but I can’t worry about that too much. It’s difficult to get to the playoffs, it’s very difficult to win in the playoffs. I think if you’re looking too far into the future, too far down the road, you’re not giving yourself a chance to be successful week to week.”

The point about looking too far into the future is a good one. There’s no way to change the playoff narrative unless you actually make the playoffs, which isn’t a particularly easy task in any NFL season. That doesn’t change the need for Ryan to show he can win a postseason game (or the need for the rest of the Falcons team to similarly step up its collective game), but it does offer a reminder that being a quarterback isn’t just about winning games in the playoffs.

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  1. Hang in there Matt, not only did it take Peyton awhile, Eli got spanked his first two playoff games as well. Since then, he’s gone 8-1.

  2. Take it from this 10 time world vhampion brothers, I know a championship caliber athlete when I see one and Matt Ryan doesn’t fit the mold.

  3. “Matt Ryan knows he needs to win in playoffs”

    actions speak louder than words.. or thoughts..

  4. You must have regular season success before post-season success. The playoff wins will come and Matt is bright enough to know that. There is no “window closing” feeling in Atlanta. They have got plenty of time and a solid nucleus of players for many years of success.

  5. Win a playoff game? I think he should take it a step at a time and concentrate on scoring an offensive point in the next game. that would be a huge improvement.

  6. Ultimately a QB is judged by post season play. He’s a good player but could stand to get some some from his offensive coordinator. How about handing the rock off to that 260 bowling ball 25 times a game? soften up that D a bit. Give your QB a little help……..

  7. You guys’ playoff woes remind me of the Jim Mora days in Saints Country. All year, we’d battle Chris Miller’s Falcons and Joe Montana’s 49ers in epic offensive and defensive slugfests that were always instant classics…then, come time for the playoffs, Mora would take his foot off the gas and play kissyface ball and call timid crap offensives schemes and prevent defenses and lose, and lose embarrassingly, to whoever we played.
    Smith needs to play like there is no tomorrow, because… the playoffs, there is no tomorrow. No team scares me like the Falcons during the season, and if they played lights out during the post season, they could make a run…From a Saints fan to my friends and foemen in the NFC South…we have, arguably, the hardest division every year, and there is no excuse to go out playing like crap after slugging it out through through the NFC South. Get your coach’s head out of his arse, and MAtt will get his respect by doing what he does all season long. PEace.

  8. Yes he needs to step up in the playoffs but hes a great QB. Hes made the playoffs 3 times in his 1st 4 yrs! & unlike flacco/sanchez who won cause of their D, ryans team has won MAINLY BECAUSE of him. Im a saints fan so ive seen Ryan play many times. He has ELITE talent & will be known as an elite QB after this season. I promise that.

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