Nick Fairley, Mikel Leshoure will speak with Goodell Thursday


Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley’s court date for marijuana possession charges has been delayed until November, but he’s still got a big meeting in the near future.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is at Lions camp on Thursday and said that he plans to speak with Fairley and running back Mikel Leshoure about their arrests this offseason. Both men were arrested twice and Leshoure has already been suspended for two games by the league as a result of his malfeasance. Fairley could be suspended before his marijuana case comes before the court and he also has an August 14th court date scheduled on DUI charges.

While speaking to reporters at Lions camp, Goodell talked about the busy offseason of arrests in Detroit. He said that all players, coaches and teams have “an obligation” to hold up a higher standard than the arrests provide and that the steady stream of news about arrests detracts from the good things about the league.

“I think anytime you have these issues, it detracts from the people who are doing so many great things,” Goodell said, via Anwar Richardson of “There’s so many great players on this team and throughout the league, and when these incidents occur, they reflect poorly on all of us. I think that’s the reason, I believe, the Lions want to make sure their standards are upheld, and we as a league feel that way, and the players feel that way.”


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  1. Note to Roger: If you want to be sure that high standards are upheld, start with their coach.
    Maybe if he showed a little more class, his players would also.

  2. Looks like Fairley & Leshoure should load up on the Febreeze, Visine, and Hennigan’s…

  3. I’m sure he’s listening to you genius. Losers like yourself are making the comments on this site unreadable with your all too predictable comments about Schwartz and the Lions. Why don’t you complain about your own coach or someone else who didn’t turn the worst team in history to a playoff team in 3 years.

  4. I don’t know if it has to do with how much class the coach has. It don’t think it has to do with how much class the organization has. IMO, it doesn’t matter how much the team stressed to stay out of trouble or not, it will ALWAYS be the responsibility of the person committing whatever dumb act is being committed.

    Unfortunately for the Lions, they have too many idiots right now and it will hurt the rest of the team. Again, I’m pretty sure the organization has nothing to do with any of this, you can’t tell me this team has turned good, level headed athletes, into delinquents/criminals, while keeping the idiot athletes just as dumb. Especially for the ones getting high, pretty sure they’d still be getting high no matter what NFL team they played for.

  5. Puhlease, Dude. Ok, let’s look at this logically. After the whole “backslapping” incident, Harbaugh and Schwartz met with Goodell. Do you think that if Schwartz was totally in the wrong that Goodell would’ve just let it slide? Goodell would’ve fined Schwartz at a minimum, if not suspended him. Logically, it seems that Harbaugh showed just as much class instigating Schwartz. Now THAT’S class. You already beat them, then you make an a-hole comment to the coach while you’re shaking hands. Oh, but Schwartz is the bad guy.

    Fact of the matter is, Harbaugh is riding Mike Singletary’s coat tails. Schwartz built the Lions up from having the worst season in the history of the NFL to taking them to the playoffs. Jim Schwartz should’ve gotten Coach of the Year.

  6. mvp43 says:Aug 2, 2012 11:46 AM

    Note to Roger: If you want to be sure that high standards are upheld, start with their coach.
    Maybe if he showed a little more class, his players would also.

    Lions’ fans like their coach just fine—smart (Georgetown Econ Degree), Capable (turned a 0-16 team to a 10-6 playoff squad) and fiery (doesn’t take garbage from bullies like Jim Harbuagh).

    Your worry about whoever your coach is and we’ll worry about Schwartz.


  7. mvp43- LMAO…you think Jim Schwartz is classless cause he got into an argument with Jim Harbaugh??? How big of a tool are you?

  8. The selection and signing process is also at fault. Clubs pick up talented, higher risk picks at bargain prices then don’t exercise due diligence in overseeing their behavior.

  9. Schwartz doesn’t have class because of the ring with Harbaugh? Isn’t there something else people can start saying? Name one coach who hasn’t done something or said something in the heat of the moment or in a press conference. I’ll be waiting……guess everyone in the NFL is classless. oh wait, I forgot Schwartz is suppose to babysit all his players in the offseason. Name one coach who hasn’t had a players arrested before..ill be waiting for that too…

  10. /\

    Way to beat a dead horse. By now you’re actually kicking it’s great grandchildren.

    There’s no question that Schwartz over-reacted but when you WIN, you should show some CLASS and calm down for a second and shake your competitor’s hand RESPECTFULLY. Schwartz wanted to get off the damn field I’m sure, he made it a priority to give Harbaugh a handshake, and he was an idiot.

    Harbaugh is an arrogant classless ahole and he’s proved it time and time again. He was when he played at Michigan, he was when he criticized his alma mater in 2007, he was when he got in a tiff with Pete Carroll, and he most certainly was during the famous handshake.

  11. @MvP43

    seriously you are crying about this again. at this point I’m almost afraid to call my self an nfl fan because of people like you making stupid comments like that people around the world are going to think that us fans have no common sense.
    let us see if you can understand this. he did not go after the 49ers coach because of a pat on the back. he wanted words with him because he came into his home and disrespected it out his mouth. and you’re okay with that? so what you are saying mvp 43, is that I can come to your home and talk disrespect about you in your home and you will have no problem with that? I didn’t think so. I along with every other detroit fan, was very proud of our coach for protecting our home and putting the rest of the league on noticed that we are no longer going to be pushed around.

    I also love how you other fans of other teams think detroit is going to be worse this year, because of 4 players having off field issues. it’s funny that 4 bench players, 2 are no longer there, are going to affect everybody else. just keep telling yourself what you have to do to make it through the day because everybody else knows you can no longer sleep on detroit

  12. Detroit fans you are missing a big factor here and trying to focus on the incident with Harbaugh. The team was very undiciplined last year and there is no denying that. That is a direct reflection on the coach. When it continues to the offseason the coach is going to get scrutinized because he created that mentality or at least allowed it to happen. If he had a tighter reign or drafted players without character issues it wouldnt be as big of an issue. There are always going to be off the field incidents but your team has taken it to a new level.

  13. How did this turn into a Jim Harbaugh is an a-hole thread?! lol silly Lions fans. It’s always somebody elses fault. Be ashamed.

  14. GB mickey, and McCarthy is some kind if icon of sportsmanship having his players untie Suhs cleats every p[lay and mugging him all the way down the field? That’s classy to you? and the Packers have had their share of incidents on and off the field , Woodson punching a guy and not even getting flagged for it? Who was the TE you guys had that gave his baby sitter a little extra tip? Your LB from last year in a domestic violence charge and the DT that can’t stay off drugs? Detroit had the 2nd best recordof NOT having arrests this century till this past off season. Lions fans don’t like it either, Yeah we get it, but stop the stone throwing when you live in a glass house. No team is full of Saints , speaking of which check out the regular season game where Detroit had all the PF’s and you’ll see a Saint player instigating almost every one, with no calls against them. Call bountygate Karma.

  15. Schwartz instilled an attitude this team needed. It was “we’re not taking your $hi+ anymore”. They went from kitties to lions. Yeah, it’s gotten a bit out of control and he realizes that. He’s working on it. The Lions took some chances on guys with character issues. That’s what losing teams do when they want to get good in a hurry. It worked! I’d rather be a fan of a playoff team with some talented players that make dumb moves offseason than be a fan of a 2-14 team that is the class of the league.

  16. @All Lions Fans:

    Get a job and stop posting so much “Schwartz is to be respected” comments. Your coach, players, and organization are a joke. Are you seriously bragging about making the playoffs??? Talk to me when you win as many Super Bowls as the Packers or Bears.

    Detroit Lions (#Snooky of the NFL.)

  17. The Bears? Now there’s class. Um…Sam Hurd? You know, the Chicago Bear wide receiver?

    “Hurd was arrested Wednesday night outside a Chicago restaurant, according to the complaint. He allegedly told an undercover agent he was interested in buying five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week to distribute in the Chicago area.

    Hurd told the agent a “co-conspirator is in charge of doing the majority of the deals” while he focused on “higher-end deals,” the complaint said. He agreed to pay $25,000 for each kilogram of cocaine and $450 a pound for the marijuana, according to the charges, and then said he could pay for a kilo of cocaine – about 2.2 pounds – after “he gets out of practice.” He walked out of the restaurant with the package and was arrested.”

  18. mwatts1, first of all, and I can probably speak for most Lionfans, get over yourself. If you are a Packers fan, you wouldn’t have even made the playoffs had this undisciplined Schwartz led team not beaten Tampa Bay with a 3rd string QB and RB playing the whole game, and if your a Bears fan, wasn’t that SB win LAST CENTURY 27 years ago? You got 1 on us don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back.

  19. Not to pile on the Packers (but will anyway)…Didnt you have a fullback who took a crap in some womans laundry hamper??? There’s some class!

  20. Schwartz took an 0-16 team, probably the worst team historically in the NFL, and turned it into a 10-6 team in three years. Hairbow inherited one of the best defensive teams around which was shaped by Mike Singletary and then he coached them to where they should have been anyway.

    Regarding “the handshake”, Hairbow smacked Schwartz on the back while uttering an obscenity. he was giddy as a little girl. No class whatsoever.

    As a player he broke his hand sneaking a cowardly punch at Jim Kelly’s head and he was arrested as an adult for a DUI. He was a hated jerk in the PAC 10 by all the other coaches. He interviewed with Miami for the head coaching position while they still had a head coach. No ethics whatsoever. And he’s the whiniest head coach in the NFL. Cries about everything. What a Drama Queen. With him, the 49ers will implode.

  21. Ugh. I can’t wait for the season to begin. I love the smacktalk from the comment section trolls on every Lions story, errrr I meant 49ers and Bears fans, wait no, I was right the first time… where was I? Oh yeah, can we play some dang games already?

  22. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell don’t need to pat any other team on the back do to the others like you did to the New Orleans Saints from the coaches on down. Rules is rules violation is violation set some more example Roger Goodell you the Judge, Jury, and persecuter so handle your business you the man. Fair is fair do to one do to the others sins is sin know matter what kind it is you did it so take your punishment and fight it later.

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