No timetable for Rashard Mendenhall return

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The good news is that Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall says he’s right on schedule in his return from a torn ACL.

The bad news is that Mendenhall has no idea when that schedule might call for him to return to work.  “No, none at all,” was Mendenhall’s response to the Associated Press when they asked when he would be getting back onto the field.

It has been seven months since Mendenhall suffered the injury and there doesn’t appear to be a return to the field in his immediate future. He hasn’t been testing the knee on the field yet and the team is in no rush to get him going. Some of that is practical, since the Steelers can’t put him on the PUP list to start the season if he’s practicing with the team at training camp, and some of it is precautionary.

The Steelers don’t want Mendenhall to re-injure his knee, a real worry for a running back who will have to cut hard and cut often once he’s back at work. That means taking things slowly and it seems likely that Mendenhall will miss some of the regular season in order to get back as much as possible before returning to game action.

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  1. It’s a passing league. All a team needs is a decent RB/depth. It’s stupid these days to pay a lot for a RB (like CLE). How’s that working for Minn and Tenn?

  2. I don’t think picking up Cedric Benson would be a bad idea as a lil insurance until Mindy gets back to 100%.

  3. Redman was rather good last year especially after Mendenhall got hurt, averaging over 100 yards a game including the game against the Broncos. Behind him are four guys fighting for about three spots: Jonathon Dwyer (healthy and in shape), John Clay (a big back who showed promise as a power runner in limited action last year), Byron Batch (the probable leader for the 3rd down back role) and Chris Rainey (speed back just a hair slower than Mike Wallace.)

    When you consider the deemphasis on running backs in general around the league, Steeler fans feel they have enough talent and enough talented players to cover for Mendenhall if/until he gets back. Many feel this will be his last year with the Steelers anyways just due to it being his contract year. Throw in the probable upgrade on the offensive line and the increased use of a true fullback, and whether non-Steeler fans disagree or not, I think the Steelers are going to be just fine at running back.

  4. I agree. We have what we need in the backfield. I especially think that Redman is going to have a year that makes us all say, “Mendy who?”

  5. Dwyer determined and in Shape is the real answer workhorse back if the Steelers are smart they make him the new Bettis. This dude is faster and can work in between the tackles. I’m glad they kept him.

  6. The Steelers have a shot at going to the superbowl again this year but they need a running back that carry the load. I know Maurice Jones Drew wants out of Jacksonville,and he is the best running back in the league. I think the Steelers would be wise to work out some kind of trade with Jacksonville to get MJD, he is axactly what they need to get back to the superbowl. Jacksonville is deep need of a legit wide receiver so trade Wallace for MJD and a 3rd round pick for 2013 and everybody is Happy. Problem solved. The Steelers will win their superbowl and the Jaguars will get better too. It’s a no brainer.

  7. Hey cbass I think it worked out to pay #28, the best rb in the league who has won more games for his team than most other players in the NFL. but I guess that’s not important huh? Idiot.

  8. The offense is more effective with Redman in there. The guy has more heart and determination then Mendy.

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