Patrick Peterson says he’ll eventually be returning fewer punts


As a rookie in 2011, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson returned four punts for touchdowns.  Eventually, however, he’ll have fewer opportunities to chase Devin Hester’s all-time record of 12 career punt returns, and counting.

Peterson told a certain Internet hack with whom you may be familiar on Thursday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show that the fifth pick in the 2011 draft eventually will be focusing more on cornerback and less on returning punts.

And that’s fine with Peterson.  He wants to be known as a cornerback, first.

Helping Peterson improve as a cornerback are his regular practice sessions against receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  Peterson regards Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson as the best two receivers in the game.

But since the Cardinals didn’t face the Lions in 2011, the Peterson said the best receiver he faced was 49ers wideout Michael Crabtree.

This year, it’s unclear whether Peterson will face Crabtree again because the 49ers have five No. 1 receivers.

It’s also unclear whether Peterson will be returning punts in the first half or, say, in crunch time — where he has shown in the past that he can deliver victories with a timely trip to the house.

11 responses to “Patrick Peterson says he’ll eventually be returning fewer punts

  1. That statement, under all circumstances, is necessarily true…..

  2. He also shut down A.J. Green late in the season. Go watch his tape vs. Dez Bryant and the Cowboys.

    It’s not perfect, but he was very, very good at times. CB is one of the hardest positions to play in the NFL, people expect too much from them too soon.

  3. Idk hester is just a returner he’s actually a talented d back that was Drafted to play db not as just as a returner. Dont over look hes physical and fast hes just gotta work on his film study and learn the tricks of a wideout. If not he’s big enough to play safety

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