Peyton Manning: Demaryius Thomas can do things other players can’t


Reports out of Denver have pegged Eric Decker as Peyton Manning’s favorite wide receiver during camp, with Peter King’s mention in this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback standing as a good example of the word filtering out of Denver.

The reports haven’t been as glowing about Manning’s relationship with Demaryius Thomas, although none of them have come from the mouth of the quarterback himself. That changed on Thursday when Manning spoke to reporters about Thomas, who played a more prominent role on Thursday with Decker limited by a groin injury. Manning thinks Thomas’ skill set has him in line for a starring role this season.

“He’s a guy we’re going to feature,” Manning said, Ros Dumlao of the Denver Post. “His size and strength and speed just allow you to do certain things with him that other players just can’t do.”

Manning said that he still needed to get more comfortable with Thomas before the start of the regular season, although he praised Thomas’ ability to make plays after the catch. Manning probably made that assessment based on the final play of Denver’s playoff win over the Steelers, but the skill should come handy again this season. With the Broncos not doing much deep throwing to this point in camp, getting the ball into Thomas’ hands and letting him go from there could be a big part of the Denver offense this season.