Rex Ryan: Going for two every time might make sense with Tebow


Jets coach Rex Ryan can’t remember where he first heard it, but after his team acquired Tim Tebow, Ryan heard an idea he found intriguing: Someone suggested that Tebow is such a good goal-line quarterback, as both a runner and a passer, that the Jets ought to go for two after every touchdown

“I don’t know where it came from but they were like, ‘They ought to go for two every time this year.’ That might make sense,” Ryan said.

Intrigued by the notion, Ryan gave it some thought. He said that it’s not realistic to simply do away with the one-point extra point, but it is realistic to think the Jets can feel much more confident than most teams when they go for two, thanks to Tebow.

“Now, we’re not going to, I can tell you that right now, but I can understand where the guy’s coming from, whoever came up with that, because it’s 11-on-11 football and he’s a 250-pound man who’s running downhill at you, or throwing. That’s the other thing. It’s not just that he can run it but he can throw it as well,” Ryan said.

Obviously, no team is ever going to go for two after every touchdown. There are certain game situations when having a nearly 100 percent chance of making a one-point extra point is a much safer bet than going for two. But if there’s a team that has good enough personnel for goal-line situations that it believes it can convert a two-point conversion more than 50 percent of the time, then that team should go for two most of the time.

So far, there’s never been a team that took that approach: The one-point conversion is the default choice for every team. But maybe Ryan can be persuaded to use Tebow on two-point conversions even when the “chart” says he should kick. Ryan might just be enamored enough with Tebow’s skills to defy conventional wisdom, and regularly go for two.

Here’s the video of Ryan’s comments:

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29 responses to “Rex Ryan: Going for two every time might make sense with Tebow

  1. -_- Great now Sportcenter gets to do another week at jets camp and breaking down the logistics of tebow doing 2 point conversions after every TD while watching live practice feed of him connecting with another pass to the turf aka his favorite receiver

  2. Bold decisions like this is why Rex has won two Super Bowls in San Diego and two more in New York.

  3. C’mon Rex, you’re getting ahead of yourself here. You have to score a touchdown first before you can decide to go for 2. And since you did not bring back about the only player to score any last year, I’d say you have much bigger problems to worry about than going for 2.

  4. I will hold off my opinion until the President of the United States comments and makes it official.

  5. If I had Tebow on my roster, I would go for two after every touchdown. Just watching him when he played for Florida, the goaline situations, the two point conversions, he is very dangerous when it comes down to the Redzone area. As a matter of fact, If I had a choice of any NFL player to play that wildcat/goaline position for my team, It would be Tebow.

  6. He’s right. If you understand anything about math, you would realize that if you convert only 50% of your two point conversions, you will accrue the same number of points over the course of a game as if you were 100% on PATs.

    If you go for 2 every time, and convert only 60% of the time, you get 12 points per 10 TDs. If you kick PATs every time, and convert 100%, you get 10 points per 10 TDs.

  7. Dang Rex has lost a lot of chins in that picture, good on you Rex, you just gained many years!

  8. First off you have to score a TD. With a question marks at RB & WR thats going to be a issue for the j e t s jets jets jets… plus 2 points conversions are not easy and if hes under 50% they are taking points off the board

  9. Can’t wait for Tebow to take over. I love Rex Ryan, I love Tebow, I’ve always hated the Jets franchise and especially Jets fans

    I totally root for a Jets team to be like the power run stuff it down your throat Gators style football Tebow ran in college. It’s the epitomy of everything that is Rex Ryan football.

    I’ll keep dreaming

  10. Exciting. I’m just grateful for all the exciting sports new today. Did I mention this was exciting. I also find drying paint exciting. I also find sports writers that can’t stop talking about the Jets and Tebow exciting. Excited yet?

  11. You Jet haters are great, its fun to watch the Jets stories get under your skin. The jets were #1 in the League in Red zone scoring last year and with Tebow, it will be more dominant this year.jets go 11-5.

  12. Football, like the WWF is entertainment..Rex Ryan is good for the league because you either are a fan or you hate him. Either way fans react. I love the guy but yeah what is he supposed to do when the media (who loves him) ask a question? The league doesn’t need another Bellichick with one word answers. People will still hate Rex even if he ever wins a Super Bowl. He has given the Jets direction and one HELL of a defense…right on Rex!

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