Bryant McKinnie says he, Haloti Ngata passed conditioning test

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The long wait for the practice returns of Ravens tackle Bryant McKinnie and defensive tackle Haloti Ngata could be coming to an end.

McKinnie tweeted Friday that he and Ngata passed the team’s conditioning test. If true, they’d be ready to start practicing as soon as Friday since the Ravens are holding an afternoon practice.

Ngata has been dealing with a hamstring injury and, per Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times, looks heavier than he did last season. It’s not likely to affect his role on the defense, however.

McKinnie’s role is a little less clear. His absence from the start of camp caused him to incur daily fines of $30,000 and then he showed up with a back injury McKinnie says happened when he slipped and fell at his Miami home. If McKinnie doesn’t hit the ground running, the Ravens might opt for keeping Michael Oher at left tackle for the long haul.

11 responses to “Bryant McKinnie says he, Haloti Ngata passed conditioning test

  1. McKinnie played average, but didn’t miss an entire snap last year. he definitely got it in the tank

  2. I would say he is above average when his head is in the game, certainly better than Oher. Sooner than later though the Ravens will need to do something about that position, you can only patch it up for so long.

  3. Of course, he passed his conditioning test. He just needed to get out of Minnyesota. He’s going to be force now that he is playing for a decent organization.

  4. People have no idea what they’re talking about. They are pure idiots. McKinney was very solid for the ravens last year and played every snap. Michael oher was rated one of the better right tackles in the game. His work ethic is on real and unmatched. He will be on the left side soon enough and a pro bowler. I’m tired of the radiators. You do not know what the F you’re talking about shut your mouth’s.

  5. The fact that Bryant is thanking the almighty for his return to health tells me that he is incapable of managing his own weight. I guess it’s a miracle?

  6. Viking fans should not be talking smack. Ever. Your team is in a three way tie to be the favorite to have the worst record this season.

    But being the vikings I’m sure you’ll screw that up somehow, like you did last year by beating the Redskins, losing the #2 pick (gold mine) and Adrian Peterson in the process.

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