Florio interviews Goodell on today’s Dan Patrick Show


As PFT’s Mike Florio wraps up his week of guest hosting the Dan Patrick Show, he’ll have NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as a guest.

Goodell’s interview will take place at 11:05 a.m. ET, and there will be plenty to discuss: In the past week at PFT we’ve covered Goodell’s comments about concussions, player discipline, replacement officials and HGH testing, plus Drew Brees’s claim that no one trusts the commissioner, and much more.

The Dan Patrick Show begins at 9:00 a.m. ET, and you can listen on more than 270 radio affiliates or at DanPatrick.com or watch on DirecTV’s Audience Network or on several regional cable channels.

3 responses to “Florio interviews Goodell on today’s Dan Patrick Show

  1. As a Saints fan I think I can speak for almost the entire Who Dat Nation and say that there is 1 question that we would like to ask Goodell. That question is this:

    Why hasn’t the NFL reduced any of the punishments when most of the reason we were punished is not true?


    The NFL punished the Saints for “targeting” Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton, but the only evidence that the NFL has to support those accusations are a joke email that was sent from Ornstein who was locked up in Federal Prison and had absolutely no way of paying it.

    The NFL punished the Saints for “targeting” Kurt Warner, but they have absolutely zero proof of it other than a statement made from a disgruntled ex employee.

    The NFL punished the Saints for placing a bounty on Favre, but the proof they have is a ledger that was fabricated by that same disgruntled ex-employee and the ledger contained many flaws such as having Joe Vitt’s name on it (who the NFL has even admitted that Vitt did not contribute any money). If he didn’t contribute any money, then why was his name on it? Also why was Charles Grant’s name on it when Grant was on IR and wasn’t even at the game.

    Please, I am begging you to ask these questions. This is why Saints fans are upset. We were punished for all of the above, but we did not do all of the above.

  2. They already interviewed him on NFL AM. Interesting comments include his statement that the 18 k of documents in the bounty investigation were not the total evidence, but were what had to be sifted through to get their evidence. He was asked directly about Brees’ comments and gave a pretty general answer. He also mentioned that from what he understood in the court case, there was an admission of pay for performance “which is a bounty program “so I believe that it is now obvious they did not differentiate those two terms.

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