Haslam says Holmgren has Browns headed in right direction


New Browns owner Jimmy Haslam met the media on Friday, one day after completing his purchase of the team from Randy Lerner.

Haslam touched on various topics, from his business background to putting aside his ties to the Steelers, but one of the matters of most interest to the football world was what he’d say about the future of team president Mike Holmgren. While there wasn’t much chance Haslam would have laid out a plan to replace Holmgren on Friday, it was still going to be a closely parsed statement for those looking ahead to what Haslam’s ownership will mean for the franchise.

“I sense there is a strong feeling here that Mike and the team have things headed in the right direction,” Haslam said. “I think we have to listen, learn and observe. There’s no reason this can’t be a winning franchise. Everything is here. If they don’t, I’ll accept the blame. It’s our fault we didnt execute like we should. Every other piece is in place.”

Putting the finger on himself fit with other things Haslam had to say about being a visible owner, including possibly sitting in the stands for the first preseason game, and running a transparent franchise. Haslam also stressed that they would be making business decisions more quickly than football decisions, as evidenced by his plan to sell naming rights to Cleveland Browns Stadium.

As with all of these press conferences, things sounded pretty good and full of optimism about the future. Backing up those words with actions hasn’t always been so easy for NFL owners.

37 responses to “Haslam says Holmgren has Browns headed in right direction

  1. Haslam will be at least a partially absentee owner and does not have a football background. If not Holmgren, he’ll need to have a fulltime, hands on exec with a football pedigree of Holmgren’s caliber.

    Yes, Holmgren is doing what should’ve been done starting in ’99 – BUILD a solid team by drafting and developing players. His first two drafts have been very, very, good. Eight of the prior 10 by his predessors were disastrous.

  2. I’m not a Browns fan, but I’m glad Mike Holmgren is staying with the team. The Browns finally have a strong foundation they can build on and become a contender in the NFL.

  3. Translation – Pack your bags Mikey. Anylne with a brain can see the tremendous error he made by not giving it all up for RG3 and ending up with a senior citizen at QB brother.

  4. As a Lions fan. I would like to see more teams on the bottom rise up. Cleveland is coming for the Steelers and Ravens they just better hurry up while they can.

  5. Taxpayer money paid for that g d stadium. Unless the stadium is changed to “the people of Cleveland Ohio” stadium, it’s not good enough.

  6. Jimmy has learned from one of the perennial families in American sports.

    This Steelers fan is CRAZY EXCITED about renewing one of the greatest sports rivalries of all time.

    The Dawg Pound should be frothing at this, and for good reason. Bring it on, factory of sadness begone!

  7. I remember how sad it made me feel to say 3com park when San Fran sold the naming rights of Candlestick. If I was a Brown fan who suffered in that building for the last 12 years I’d probably feel a little sad too.

  8. Haslam did make remarks regarding the NFL being a marketing culture. It’d be interesting he got the Browns on Hard Knocks next season assuming things go well with Richardson/Weeden/Gibson this year.

    Go Brownies!!!

  9. I was in the car listening to most of the presser. Him selling th enaming rights to Cleveland Browns Stadium is fine with me. He didn’t commit one way or the other to changing the uniforms, but as Alper said, he will make more business decisions than football decisions at first. I’m fine with that.

    Go Browns!

  10. whatsamatter all you haters?
    don’t like seeing anything good happen in Cleveland?

    and buffobeel42…. seriously?
    you better get in line for your passport. it ain’t so easy to get into Canada anymore!

  11. #1 Joe Banner is reportedly part of the ownership group, and will likely be the new team president.

    #2 Holmgren isn’t the GM. Tom Heckert is.

  12. Considering they are picked to be one of the worst teams in the NFL for the 3rd in a row under Holmgrens watch, I’d say Haslam has the lying through his teeth part down.

  13. If Haslam hires Joe Banner to run the franchise as has been reported, Cleveland fans should expect to have multiple Salary Cap Bowl Championships to be proud of.

  14. Not often I have anything nice to say about the team on the north shore but,,,,
    Hope this works, what happened to the fans of Cleveland via Modell was just plain wrong.
    Yeah I like seeing The Clowns lose games, but in fairness the team has awesome fans who deserve better than they’ve received for a damn long time.

  15. Cleveland, hopefully your team turns the corner this year. Great fans but less impressive football team. Still wanna come up there and beat u guys on week 2 and the next time u set foot on PBS…….Who Dey!

  16. Not a Browns fan, but you have to be encouraged by his comment that he’s going to spend time listening and observing before making any drastic changes.

    The worst owners in sports are the ones that let their egos get in the way. All too often guys come in and clean house before even taking a look at what they’ve got. It’s obvious his association with the Steelers has taught him the value of stability and not making emotional decisions.

  17. How many more years of seeing Holmgren’s mediocrity will we have to endure before he finally loses the title of Football Genius?

  18. The only problem is that he is not getting it done fast enough. At Seattle it took a long time for him to build a very mediocre team just to have it later collapse. However, it doesn’t sound real good for Banner. Word probably got to Haslam that Banner’s sour personality clouds his management acumen. That said, Banner would likely bring them a winning team sooner than Holmgren even with a three year head start.

  19. if the new owner actually believes the browns are headed in the right direction he is delusional. his statement also proves that just because you may have lots of money does not mean you have common sense

  20. While I wouldn’t call Holmgren a football genius, I don’t really see where he’s made this team any worse. In fact I see improvement all across the board. All three of the other teams in the AFC north are playoff contenders and have been for a couple years (cinci) at least so it’s gonna take some time to be competitive in that division. I’m intrigued to see how well their offense can perform from here on out. O-line play should be solid and that’s something they haven’t been able to say for a while…

  21. Give it up Brown fans. I take one look at Heckert and can tell he was just a puppet. Holmgren made the calls and his deathnail was botching an EASY trade to get RG3. Case closed brother.

  22. Easy trade to get RG3? No player is worth 3 1st round picks. Peyton Manning was probably the closest player to be worth 3 1st round picks.

  23. What would been the point of trading everything to get RG3 when he would have no one to throw it to, hand it off to, or pass and run block for him? It was better to keep those picks to replace the lack of talent that is already on the team. H+H have drafted better than Clark, Davis, and Savage. They have focused mostly on defense up until this point and have done a good job improving it all around with some solid players. Hopefully they have done the same this year with the offense and so far throughout training camp the rookies look like they will become better players. I think it would be dumb to blow up the management again so soon. Hopefully Haslam will give H+H 2 more years before he fires them. That is of course assuming that Heckert doesn’t have a heart attack.

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